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Season 1

  • Episode 5: Sakurako wants Himawari to give her some answers to her homework. When the latter refuses, the former runs out of the room. Some sounds of a struggle later, Sakurako comes back with Himawari's little sister tucked under her arm, threatening the pinch her cheeks and tickle her. Just when the situation seems like it couldn't get any funnier, in comes a heartwarming, self sacrificing speech from said little sibling, that leaves her captor on her knees, apologizing.
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  • From the same episode, Chitose getting a massive nosebleed after spotting a table of yuri doujinshi while cosplaying as Ganbo at Comuket. The surrounding convention-goers don't know what to make of the big plastic orb making muffled sounds and spewing a stream of blood.
  • Episode 12: Mirakurun's death scene. "Look after everyone for me. Oh, and finish my Japanese and math homework. Oh, and could you get me some juice and yakisoba bread?" Also, sex-crazed Chitose.
  • The opening of S2 manages to achieve a CMOF, with Kyouko dancing like a crazy person and playing Air Guitar with a huge grin next to Yui just swaying her arms with a completely neutral facial expression.

Season 2

  • S2-Episode 1:
    • The first half is all about Akari and her massive popularity. We're treated to numerous scenes of the rest of the cast stepping over each other to earn her favor... and at the very end it's revealed that it was All Just a Dream.
    • During the ping-pong game a ball lands in one of Chinatsu's pigtails. The hairs wrap around it and consume it as we hear a horrific scream.
  • S2-Episode 2: Kyouko keeps trying to turn hand-gargling into a meme. Yui keeps telling her to knock it off.
  • S2-Episode 3: Chitose's chocolate-induced kissing spree returns.
  • S2-Episode 4: When asked about how she was inspired to make experiments, Nana tells them about when she had a pet robotic dog named Choco. One day, he stopped working and that influences her into trying out experiments in order to fix him. She then stated that she lied.
    • At the end of the episode, everyone is walking home in the rain and Kyoko is walking in front of Akari so both of them can fit entirely under one umbrella, but this also blocks Akari from the viewers' perspective. Then a car drives by and splashes them all with water... except Akari doesn't get wet because she was technically off-screen! Kyoko's thoughts about all this: Akari, you're terrifying!
  • S2 episode 7: Sakurako suggesting that Himawari removes her boobs to become more powerful.
    • Later, Sakurako's soulless eyes when she overhears that Himawari's bust has grown again, while her waist hasn't changed.
    • Akane (Akari's older sister) enjoying some nice tea, classical music, and manga...all with an Akari body pillow next to her, and Akari's panties on her head.
  • S2 episode 8: The others refusing to let Chinatsu help with the art for her manga, and coming up with excuses to prevent her from helping. Poor Chinatsu ends up dancing in the background with a bored expression.
  • S2-Episode 12:
    • Kyouko spends a segment pranking the other club members with a toy snake. When it comes to Akari's turn, she steps on the snake, and when she hears it squeak she turns Blue with Shock and tears up. The others are worried that Akari's deathly afraid of snakes, but Akari was actually worried that the snake was in a lot in pain after she stepped on it. Kyouko and Chinatsu reel back from the brightness of Akari's purity.
    • Chizuru (as the huntsman) trying to shoot Kyoko (as Snow White) with dual-weld submachine guns during the play.
    • Chinatsu's reaction to Yui accidentally kissing Snow Kyoko.


  • Nachuyachumi!+ episode 1: When the club members decide to take group pictures. Yui and Akari get close together, only for Chinatsu to absolutely lose it, screaming hysterically as she grabs Akari by her Odango Hair in a fit of jealousy.

Season 3

  • S3 episode 3: Ayano is worn out after Sakurako spends an afternoon imitating her every action. At the end of the day, Kyouko comes in for one last request, and Sakurako is ready to handle this one too... until Himawari tackles her out of the way, allowing Ayano to get at least one act in.
  • S3 episode 4:
    • While Chinatsu, Sakurako, and Himawari are sleeping over at Akari's place, they decide to pull a prank on Akari, and pose as if they're frozen in time. When Akari enters the scene, she tries to shake the three, including showing Chinatsu a picture of Yui in a sexy pose. The kicker comes right after they drop the act, and Chinatsu gives Akari a psychotic look while asking that Akari tell her more about the picture.
    • Sakurako singing a silly song while tracing her way down the lottery game she created. Even when Himawari tells her to knock it off with the song twice, she persists.
  • S3 episode 5: Himawari has trouble performing back hip circles, something that Sakurako relentlessly teases her over. In the end, it's Sakurako that finally gets Himawari to pull one off, after Sakurako says that it's probably because of Himawari's breasts. The kicker happens to be a literal kicker, because Sakurako is kicked in the chin while Himawari does the back hip circle.
  • S3 episode 9: Kyouko, Yui, Ayano, Chitose, Himawari, Sakurako, and some supporting characters all have a role at some point. After the credits roll, The Stinger shows Akari and Chinatsu sitting on a swingset, lamenting their lack of screentime.



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