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Funny / Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

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In General

  • In Chapter 46, Yuuna woke up in Kogharashi bed again, she did not poltergeist him like every morning. Yuuna thought about it and wonder if he will hug her like last time on the school trip, causing her to freak out and blush. When Kogarashi awake he finds Yuuna tied herself up like a fruitcake, believing it was the only way.
    • Despite having a solid body from Koyuzu leaf, nobody besides Kogarashi, notice the difference, causing her to be depressed.
  • In Chapter 55, all the girls (Yuuna, Hibari, and Chisaki) we’re getting tense and excited over who would get Kogarashi secret Santa Gift...only to be revealed that Chitose got the gift instead
    • When Koyuzu got the Landlady magical Christmas Card gift that makes any wish come to true for one day, Koyuzu put it to good use before a warning from Chitose. That wish being, to bathe with everyone naked in a giant cake and sweets
  • In Chapter 73, the fact that Kogarashi White Day sweet gift can mimic the scenes from Shokugeki no Soma is plain insane.
    • The fact that the lewdest thing Yuuna could come up with her mind when trying the blanket is an image of Kogarashi holding her naked.
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    • Despite not eating it like the other girls, Chisaki still somehow had a lewd fantasy.
  • In Chapter 85, Chisaki had a lewd dream where she was Kogarashi girlfriend and beg him to go all out...which she screamed as she woke up.
    • Wanting to control her dream better, Chisaki asked Harumu to make her dream feel real like world trip. And so far it works...until in real life, she imagined herself naked in school and it feels real.
    • Things turn for the worse when she started to see everyone naked, including a full view of Kogarashi body.

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