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Homoerotic tension aside, a sports anime isn't a sports anime if it doesn't deliver a few good laughs.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Episode 1 
  • Yurio trying to intimidate Yuri into retiring is not a good thing, but the fact that he had to stand up on his toes to be on eye-level with Yuri while screaming at him is laughable.
  • After Yuri arrives at the train station in Hasetsu, he tries to avoid shaking hands with people who recognize him. Minako reprimands him for it, saying that Victor is always nice to his fans, and then essentially forces him to shake hands with a little boy. The flat and expressionless way Yuri says he appreciates the support (both in Japanese and in English) is what really makes it funny, especially with the forced smile he makes afterwards.
  • The very nonchalant way one of the customers at Yu-topia dodges Minako's attempts to grab the remote when he changes the channel while she's watching figure skating.
  • Yuri's reaction when he finds out that a video of him reenacting Victor's program was uploaded online; in the original Japanese version his shocked "Ehh?!" is funny enough, but the English dub takes it further with him emitting a scream of sheer horror. Even funnier is how he decides to deal with this revelation by going to sleep, right before Minako bursts in on him to demand an explanation about the video.
  • When Yuko is scolding the triplets for using her account to upload the viral video without her permission, Lutz immediately stops crying to tell her that all the skating otaku will love the video, suggesting that she was only pretending to cry. Meanwhile, Loop continues to cry and Axel is happily watching the video with no shame whatsoever.
  • As shown in the page image, Victor announces to Yuri he will be his coach from now on while sitting in Yuri's family hot springs. And completely naked to boot. Saying Yuri was shocked is an understatement.

    Episode 2 
  • When Victor leaves for Japan, Yakov is livid. Victor hugs him and apologizes, saying he can't do what Yakov asks this time. Cut to Yakov screaming from the airport window, "You can't say that when you've never done as I asked!" while Victor goofily waves Yakov goodbye from the plane.
    • Victor's departure scene, full stop. Dramatic Russian orchestral music? Check. Flat, tense delivery of lines meant to emulate movies like Casablanca? Check. Strategically inserted Russian? Check. Mood Whiplash? Double check.
  • The episode starts with Yuri recapping what happened at the end of the previous episode. The dub makes it better for making Yuri focus exactly on the fact that Victor is standing in front of him in all his nude glory.
    Yuri: He's naked. So very naked.
    • During the recap, Yuri expresses his disbelief at the fact that Victor is in his home, and the freaked-out tone in his voice completely contrasts with the hilariously nonchalant expression he makes. The expression itself even became somewhat of a meme in the fandom.
  • The way Victor chides Yuri about his weight in a brutally honest manner, smiling cheerfully all the while. Yuri's reaction is even funnier.
    Yuri: I feel like I should be offended...
  • Yuri freaking out and moving ten feet backwards when Victor inches way too close to him. After Episode 10, this scene becomes even more hilarious. Talk about a reunion...
  • Victor reminding Yuri that he isn't allowed to skate until he loses weight, leading to Yuri exasperatedly wondering if he's serious in helping him win. What helps is the background music slowly coming to a halt when this happens.
  • Yurio, having come to Hasetsu to track down Victor, notes that he can't post pictures with his phone or Yakov will find out where he is. But a moment later he sees a sweatshirt with a tiger on it that he declares to be "awesome fashion" and posts a selfie with it anyway, and soon enough Yakov knows that Yurio, like Victor, has left Russia without his permission.
  • When Yurio is still looking for Victor in Hasetsu and realizes he's gotten lost, he screams Victor's name at the ocean as though Victor will hear him if he's loud enough. A random passerby informs him that Victor (a legendary skater who is now coaching another professional skater) is probably at the skating rink.
  • After Yurio arrives at Ice Castle, Yuri gets there shortly after him, saying that Victor will finally let him skate now that he's gotten back in shape. The Nishigori triplets try to tell him that Yurio is right behind him, but Yuri is too happy about being able to start skating again to notice. Yurio then angrily kicks Yuri right through the door.
  • The expression (and growl) Yurio makes when Victor asks why he's in Japan, followed by Victor's comment (specifically in the English dub), which makes him sound like a father having fun dealing with his brat of a child.
    Victor: Uh-oh, that's not a happy face.
  • Later, when Yurio insists that he's staying at Yuri's house, Yuri only sighs that Yurio doesn't care what he thinks anyway. But the English dub changes his reply, and his words just ooze with sass:
  • Victor's Brutal Honesty coming back into play when he points out that Yuri and Yurio have a long, long way to go. Their frozen and shook reactions just drive it home.

    Episode 3 
  • Yuko getting a nosebleed and passing out after Victor sends a smolder her way when he demonstrates the eros program. Yuri and Yurio's reactions help, with Yurio immediately asking her if she's alright.
  • Yuri's inner commentary on how Victor's performance of the On Love: Eros program is filled with such eros that it could possibly even impregnate him. While both versions also include how hot Yuri thinks Victor is, in the English dub he describes Victor as being "sex on ice". It all certainly explains why Yuri struggles to find an answer to when Victor asks his thoughts on the routine.
  • Minako and the Nishigori triplets doing a Happy Dance since they're excited about Yuri's figure skating comeback, with Loop somehow managing to do a sit spin without skates.
  • Yuri going out jogging in humiliation (with Makkachin accompanying him) after declaring that pork cutlet bowls are his inspiration for eros. It's already funny in the Japanese version with Yuri ranting about how embarrassing that was, but the English dub takes it even further:
    Yuri: Really?! Pork cutlet bowls?! Did I actually say that?! I'm gonna go crawl under a ROCK and DIE!!!
    • Also, Yurio's semi-deadpan response in both the original and the English dub:
      Yurio: Seriously?
    • Victor going out drinking the whole night after the aforementioned declaration. At first those two things don't seem related, but it makes a lot more sense once you've watched Episode 10. He might have considered Yuri's declaration of pork cutlet bowl as his eros to be laughably stupid at best, a slap in the face at worst.
  • After going there once, Yurio does not want to go back to the temple, since when Victor suggests it again after practice, Yurio frantically asks Victor to just tell him what he did wrong.
  • Victor promoting tourism.
  • Yuko having another nosebleed when she sees Yurio in Victor's old costume, much to the latter's worry.
    Yurio: You're gushing all kinds of fluids again.
  • Victor going on a Motor Mouth while criticizing Yuri's performance, with Yuri falling stiffly on the ice in exhaustion.
  • The preview for Episode 4 (crosses into Ho Yay):
    Yuri: Who'd even be happy to see me naked on ice?
    Victor: At the very least, I would be.

    Episode 4 
  • Makkachin is a walking Funny Background Event in most episodes, but he deserves special mention here. Where is he when the episode opens? Snuggled up in bed with Yuri, under the covers no less. You can't help but wonder if Makkachin is trolling his master, given Victor's determined campaign to get closer to Yuri. Victor only wishes he had his pooch's skills.
    • Makkachin is also watching, bemused, as Yuri does a panicked pirouette out of his sleeping gear and sprints to the Ice Castle, before giving a little whine as a belated farewell.
  • When Yuri arrives late to morning practice, Victor tells him that only Aeroflot has kept him waiting as long as he has. It gets a whole new meaning and becomes even funnier after Episode 10...
  • "Oh! Japanese dogeza!"
  • During the scene in the hot springs where Victor is helping Yuri stretch (which naturally results in a lot of Ship Tease, especially since they're naked), we cut to a group of men watching them from the indoor bathing area. One man is covering his little boy's eyes, and an elderly man is thanking God for what he's witnessing.
  • Victor looming over Yuri while berating him for not telling him that he had some songs for his free program, starting with a calm but scolding, "Yuri..."
  • Yurio finding out that Yakov and Lilia were once married, his reaction rife with deadpan disbelief.
  • The way Yuri jumps about a foot in the air when Victor asks if he wants him as a lover, followed by a Rapid-Fire "No!".
  • Victor turning gloomy when Yuri pokes his hairline, along with Yuri's attempts to apologize.
  • When the assignments for the Grand Prix are posted online, the Nishigori triplets are predictably very excited about it. Yuko starts to scold them for staying up so late, but when they tell her the assignments are posted, she immediately starts getting excited along with them.
  • The preview for Episode 5: in the Japanese dub, we hear Victor asking Yuri what he should wear for his debut as a coach, and Yuri tells him to just wear his usual/normal attire. The English dub tweaks it a bit and delivers this gem:
    Victor: Yuri, what would you like me to wear?
    • This exchange gets even funnier in light of Victor's half-naked stint in episode 6 - his international debut as Yuri's coach - and his fully-naked-on-top-of-Hasetsu-Castle shenanigans in the semi-canon Yuri!!! on Stage event.

    Episode 5 
  • Minami actually being aware of all the sexual tension going on between Victor and Yuri, considering his reaction when Victor places balm on Yuri's lips before embracing him. In the English dub, he's screeching at the sight.
  • After Yuri's performance in the free skate, Victor opens his arms towards Yuri, offering a hug. But right before Yuri could hug him, Victor casually steps aside (and Yuri ends up falling on the floor) since Yuri's nose was still bleeding.
  • Victor hugging and cuddling and nuzzling Yuri while providing insanely backhanded compliments after the score for his free program is announced. Passive-aggressive affection at its finest.
    • A subtle one, but when Minami interrupts the moment by congratulating Yuri and asking for his autograph (with the other skaters joining in for the latter), Victor is looking on with either a blank or an annoyed expression.
  • Yurio making a tantrum when he sees a photo of Yuri and Victor about to share a hug.
  • Victor's reaction to Yuri giving what's essentially a Love Confession on live television? He comments on burning Yuri's necktie when the latter gets back home, since he finds it completely unfashionable. Granted, he may not have understood what Yuri had said at the time, but still.
    • Probably an unintentional one, but back then, most fans thought that Victor was just being picky, given that Yuri wore a plain light blue tie, which generally isn't unfashionable by any means. However, by the time screenshots of the improved version of the episode were leaked, they immediately understood why Victor wanted to burn his tie.
    • The Nishigoris and Minako are a bit miffed at Yuri seeming to give Victor all the credit for his talent, relegating their own years of support to "abstract."

    Episode 6 
  • Leo and Guang-Hong's visibly unnerved reactions when Victor — who is insanely drunk at the time — strips off his pants and his underwear, which land on top of their heads.
    Guang-Hong: This is getting R-rated...
    • The English dub makes this line even funnier:
    Guang-Hong: Are we even old enough to be watching this?
  • Celestino, meanwhile, couldn't keep up with Victor's drinking and has passed out completely, with Phichit not being very supportive by telling Celestino to get a grip while taking a picture of him.
  • Yuri's squeak when Christophe grabs his butt as a greeting.
    • After watching Episode 10, this scene makes a lot more sense and gets even funnier. Their pole dance together back at the banquet might have made Christophe remember sweet memories.
  • Georgi himself, what with his makeup, his Large Ham tendencies, and especially his monologue. He gets a little too passionate with his performance due to his heartbreak issues, to the point that even Milla and Yurio (who are watching him on TV) easily pick up on his emotions and are consequently disconcerted.
    Milla: I can almost hear her terrified voice...
  • Whether or not you're put off by him after watching it, the fact that Christophe gets turned on by ice-skating would surely bring out a few laughs from you, especially if you didn't see it coming.
    Phichit: The ice looks soaking wet...
  • Christophe's comment on his ranking in the short program in the English dub. In the Japanese dub, he states he's good at catching up. But here...
    Christophe: I'm confident in my free program. Plus, I'm good at coming from behind.
  • The announcer stuttering after Yuri licks his lips seductively at the start of his short program. "N-Nippon no Katsuki Yuri -".

    Episode 7 
  • Yuri being more worried about whether Victor set an alarm or not rather than the fact that Victor's sleeping on top of him.
  • Victor noticing that Yuri is still rattled even after resting, and ordering him with a big and nearly-threatening smile to not do any jumps during the warm-up. Of course, Yuri does so anyway and ends up flubbing his jumps.
  • Christophe getting turned on again while skating his free program.
  • Victor's reaction when he inadvertently hurts Yuri's feelings and drives him to tears — despite the emotional nature of the scene — is undeniably comical. Even Yuri (who was in anything but a good mood at the time) also found it priceless.
  • Some of Yuri's thoughts during his free skate can be chuckle-worthy, particularly about how he was amused at Victor's reaction to accidentally making him cry, and how Victor is foolish for not knowing how to deal with him when he was in a slump. It's the pouty way he says it that sells the moment.
    Yuri: (thinking) Victor is such an idiot!
  • The reaction of both Yuri's family and the Nishigori family when they see him and Victor kiss. Almost everyone is either shocked or flustered, but Mari's expression is one of exasperation. Meanwhile, Hiroko looks like she's ready to start planning a wedding.
  • As the boys tumble to the ground after The Big Damn Kiss, a sign saying "Got it," can be seen behind them, quite possibly what some viewers were cheering.
  • It depends on the viewer, but Yurio's reaction can be a little funny, given that he's so angry he breaks his spoon in half, making a mess of his borscht in the process.
  • In the preview for Episode 8, Victor challenges Yuri to say "Sheremetyevo" ten times fast. Naturally, Yuri fails.

    Episode 8 
  • Yurio is really happy to see his grandfather again, so much that he runs and jumps on him with a hug. He hurts his back.
  • Phichit being so nervous about the possibility of being kicked out of the Grand Prix Final that he's trembling while trying to take a selfie.
  • After Yurio finishes his short program, the audience throws in bouquets, cat dolls, and a cat-ear headband — the last of which perfectly and conveniently lands on Yurio's head. Needless to say, he's not amused... yet he doesn't even bother to take it off, since he's still wearing it while his score is being announced.
  • Really, the moments leading up to and right after Yurio's short program are a goldmine of hilarity, from his reaction at Yuri and Victor acting like proud parents to his very real anger towards J.J. for calling him a lady.
    Yurio: I forgot there was someone even more annoying than those two: J.J.!
  • J.J. has such a huge ego, it's borderline hilarious and very entertaining to watch. It's like Gaston all over again.

    Episode 9 
  • Yuri's successful attempt to look composed while being interviewed before the free skate.
  • Yurio's expression after he tastes one of his grandfather's pirozhki (which turns out to have the ingredients for pork cutlet bowls in it) is both hilarious and adorable.
  • Before the free program begins, Sara tells Michele that he needs to stop being so overprotective of her and they need to spend time apart. Later, Michele's free program moves her to tears, and she goes to hug him and tell him she's sorry for all the mean things she said... before smiling and saying she's glad she said them anyway, since they'll be better off without being so codependent. The look on Michele's face after she says that is what sells it, as well as the hilariously goofy Freeze-Frame Bonus of Sara taking off to watch Seung-gil's performance.
  • While Michele is reeling from his conversation with his twin, he internally asks if his sister is into Czech men who are nothing but cheer (Emil) or moody Japanese men who look like closet perverts (Yuri). The English dub didn't even bother to change the line.
  • Yurio recalling being beaten by J.J. during Skate Canada, causing him to loudly yell "That shithead!!!" in anger while landing a spin. His facial expression as he does so is what really sells it, especially if you take the time to play the scene frame by frame.
  • Yuri is now so used to getting hugged by/hugging Victor that in Victor's absence, he goes around hugging almost everyone else. And their reactions are priceless. note 
  • Yurio greeting Yuri with a flying kick, followed by Yuri landing flatly on the ground with barely any reaction besides mild surprise.

    Episode 10 
  • Victor's face after sneezing from the cold is adorably funny, with him making his usual dot-eyed stare while snot runs down from his nose.
  • While Victor briefly talks about J.J., we see flashbacks of J.J. placing on the podium in both Skate Canada and the Rostelecom Cup... with Yurio scowling and/or glaring daggers at J.J both times. And in both pictures, J.J. looks exactly the same (minus the costume).
  • The picture of Victor and Christophe's ridiculous pose by the pool.
  • After a cold dip in the pool, Victor and Christophe decide that the best way to warm themselves up is to glomp Yuri. Yuri's reaction is hilarious, with him exclaiming how cold they are and telling them to get off him, and he's practically shrieking at them about it in the English dub.
    • Even better? There's the good possibility that Christophe wasn't wearing anything down there at the time, given how Yuri's head just perfectly censors Christophe's lower body...
  • Probably unintentional, but in the English dub, the tone in Yuri's voice when he tells Victor to take him sightseeing around Barcelona is rather demanding, especially when compared to the original audio where his voice sounds a lot softer, as if he's only suggesting or requesting. There's a reason why the fans call the dubbed version of Yuri a diva in this scene.
  • When Victor takes Yuri out for shopping, he comments on how they should burn the necktie Yuri wore during the conference in Episode 5.
  • Victor doing a Spit Take when Yuri reveals that he doesn't remember interacting with Victor during the banquet held after the previous Grand Prix Final. The face that he makes right before he spits out his drink is just as hilarious.
    • Yuri's reaction when he's told that he went nuts in the banquet — again, in both languages. As one user on Tumblr had nicely put it, in the Japanese dub Yuri simply makes terrified whimpers, whereas in the English dub, he screams like a pterodactyl.
  • Also heartwarming; Phichit’s reaction when he realizes that Yuri and Victor are engaged.
    Victor: Yeah, don't get the wrong idea. This is an engagement ring.
  • While almost everyone is rejoicing at first at Victor and Yuri’s engagement, the mood suddenly turns tense when Victor announces that they’ll get married once Yuri wins the gold medal. Key word: gold medal. Then when J.J. breaks the tension by announcing that he’s the one who’ll win the gold medal and get married, all hostility is gone and the group immediately leaves, much to J.J.’s chagrin.
  • While Victor is looking out at the ocean, Yurio kicks him in the back, but Victor doesn't react. Yurio then starts kicking Victor several times more, obviously hoping to get some kind of reaction out of him, but Victor still doesn't react.
  • Kenjiro and the Nishigori triplets forming an ouendan to cheer for Yuri during the Grand Prix Final, even going so far as to wear typical ouendan outfits.
  • Yurio actually having a dance-off with Yuri during the Sochi Grand Prix banquet. Yurio was most probably stone-cold sober, too, considering he's only fifteen. And earlier, Yurio claims he was forced into it, but looking at some of the pictures during the credits, he actually took on Yuri's challenge willingly and even seemed to be enjoying himself.
  • The fact that Yuri is actually good at pole-dancing, since in a drunken stupor, he did just that. With Christophe.
    • Judging by Yuri's various states of undress throughout the pictures, Yurio's disheveled clothes and Christophe's lack of shirt and undone pants during his drunken request for Victor to be his coach, it seems the dance-off Yuri was talking about was the pole-dancing one.
  • Pole-dancing aside, there's just... Yuri when he’s drunk. That’s all. The cherry on top is when he clings onto Victor while grinding on him, with Victor looking confused, Christophe making googoo eyes, and Yurio shaking in horror.
    • Even before participating in the dance-off, Victor was already a Funny Background Event, clearly having a blast in watching Yuri trounce Yurio in a break-dance competition.
  • Generally, Episode 10 makes a whole lot of things Hilarious in Hindsight. But this might be the clincher: Victor finding out that Yuri remembered nothing about the banquet or him coming on to Victor first. Imagine how Victor must have felt realizing that the entire time he flirted with Yuri — which he would naturally see as continuing where they left off — Yuri has zero recollection about their first encounter, and therefore wouldn't understand why he was acting in such a manner, making him feel like a complete idiot in the process.
    • Another example of something Hilarious in Hindsight. In Episode 3, Victor says that "No one in the whole wide world knows your true eros, Yuri." until you realize that a ballroom full of people know full well the extent of Yuri's eros after witnessing what he can do on a pole and on the dance floor.
    • Although a bit sad, but also funny, in Episode 2 Yuri vehemently rejects Victor's proposal of sleeping together/a slumber party, then we see Victor sleeping in his own bed with Makkachin in his arms and tears in his eyes. Safe to say, this was not how he imagined his night ending.
  • Drunk!Yuri in the English dub. Listen for yourself and compare with the Japanese dub.

    Episode 11 
  • It varies from person to person due to how emotionally-charged the scene is, but J.J.'s mental image of the other skaters as villains can come off as funny to some viewers, particularly because Yuri is portrayed in a pose similar to a vampy dark villainess.
    • Gets even funnier upon rewatchings of episodes prior to 11 - Victor is sometimes seen doing that hand-on-cheek pose in the background. Minako also does it, but J.J. couldn't have seen her... so his brain must have copied Victor's catty expression and pasted it on Yuri with an extra dose of vamp.
  • Isabella's completely off-key singing while cheering on J.J. in his short program. Granted, she was crying, but it's a little funny; although she's a little more on key in the dub.
  • The last moments of the episode are a combination of Tearjerker and Heartwarming Moments, but the cut to Yurio's thrashing around while yelling at the audience to shut up is a little funny. The faces of the characters in the background just sell it, particularly Michele's.
    • Despite his fall from grace, J.J. still seems to win the hearts of the audience and his fans, another point for the Canadian and a losing point for the Russian. Yurio just can't win against him, can he?

    Episode 12 
  • The humor is pitch black, but Yuri's first reaction to Victor in tears? Simply push aside his hair just so that he can see him cry more closely, and flatly say "I'm surprised to see you cry".
  • Phichit's Imagine Spot during his free skate about skating in his own ice show, which depicts the other skaters performing with him in colorful costumes and hamster hats. What makes it funny is how Otabek is also included, and how he wears the costume with his usual straight face. What might make it funnier is that J.J. and Yurio aren't there.
  • After we're left thinking that it won't happen anymore, Christophe climaxes again on the ice as he finishes his free program. Sure, he doesn't say anything; but that grunt he makes is unmistakably from a certain feeling...
  • For some reason, Michele looks annoyed while watching Yurio's free program.
    • The bonus manga hints that it's because Michele dislikes his personality, even lampshading that Yurio can't say anything without making it sound like a threat.
  • Yuri gulping down hard when Victor asks if he has any suggestions that would excite him as compensation for winning only the silver medal. It makes you wonder what exactly Victor was implying, and what Yuri may have caught on from that statement...

  • For a long while, fans have been wondering what would happen this time in the Barcelona Grand Prix banquet. As it turns out, this happens.
  • Speaking of banquets, Word of God said Victor got really drunk at the post-Cup of China celebrations, and Yuri had to babysit him. Again. Of course Victor would celebrate that his love is finally reciprocated after multiple rejections from Yuri.
  • It's stated also by Word of God that Yurio didn't like Lilia's intended choreography for his exhibition skate and instead went into more rocking and not to mention raunchy choreography. One might wonder Yakov's reaction when he was once again being dismissed by Yurio.
  • The stage event is nearly non-stop hilarity. The best part may be Victor's Crazy Jealous Guy escapade that involves a shachihoko, a statue of a Japanese mythical creature whom he had thought was Yuri's previous lover. It's like fanfiction being semi-canonized.
    • The way Yuri's voice cracks when he exasperatedly asks Victor who "Chihoko" is.
    • There's also something about the Mood Whiplash between drunk Yuri saying, "It's strip poker, of course!" and sober Yuri's utter mortification the morning after that's pretty funny as well.
    • HE-N-TA-I. Or as a fansub has it, K-I-N-K.
    • A meta bit from the Vietnamese fansub of Yuri!!! on Stage: ("Passacaille in Barcelona" plays so that Victor can Wangst about this.)
    • Drunk clingy Yuri still wants Victor to look only at him, apparently.
    • During the Yuri!!! on Festival live reading, which takes place a day after said incident, Victor is anything but over the "Chihoko" bit, that the mere mention of it makes him descend into a cold, murderous rage.
  • The stage event also has Yuri summing up 90% of Yurio's character in a half-deadpan, half-exasperated tone.
    Yuri: Jeez, puberty must be tough for you. Why are you so mad all morning?
  • This English fandub gets in a few good cracks.
  • In the bonus manga, Otabek asks for Yurio's age when the latter expresses interest in going to the club where Otabek works as a DJ. Upon hearing that he's only 15, Otabek immediately drives away while telling Yurio that he can't come with him.
  • From the Yuri!!! on Festival event, the whole plot of Yuri becoming possessed by a squid monster, with Victor exorcising him through The Power of Love is rather silly, if you think about it.


  • The reactions of Yuri and Victor's voice actors when they watch the scene where their characters kiss.
  • Fans are joking that they're being overwhelmed by the creators because they are pretty much giving said fans everything and anything they want in order to further fuel the Victor/Yuri ship.
  • According to Kubo, she drew Yuri's design with the intent of making him look as ordinary as possible. And boy did she succeed.
  • Pole dancers actually critiqued Yuri and Christophe's dancing. The verdict: all accurate and doable moves, if a tad implausible on Christophe's part since his moves are more advanced, with one person saying they could have a career in it after skating.
  • A helpful Tumblr user pointed out that Christophe looks like Kirk Lazarus... it cannot be unseen.
  • A few fans pointed out how Victor has a passing resemblance to Hannibal Lecter. And then this happens. It eventually became a meme.
  • Emil looks like Pewdiepie; the man himself even commented about it on his Twitter.
  • A younger J.J. is shown wearing an outfit similar to Eric Cartman's. This came after South Park had done their own Shout-Out by having Yuri!!! on Ice appear in the search history of Ike's computer.
  • Given how friendly the Yuri!!! on Ice and Check, Please! fandom is, and the fact that they have both been jokingly called stories about "two gays on ice", a bit of meta humor can be found when Episode 12 saw Tumblr crashing... preventing the creator of Check, Please! from posting her scheduled update.
  • A fan offhandedly mentioned how Victor's "Really?" sounds almost exactly like the way Scooby-Doo says it. Try to unhear it; you can't.
  • Doesn't Christophe's possibly significant other, or assistant coach, look suspiciously like Sam Winchester?
  • In an interview with the staff that worked on the anime, one of the members had claimed that "[the director] said that skaters have muscular butts, so pronounced you could place and balance things on them." Obviously enough, it gave fans some ideas, like this one.
  • USA skater Joe Johnson suggesting and performing the iconic "It's J.J. style!" pose at a real life sports event, which eventually got the attention of series writer Mitsurō Kubo.
  • Voice actor Kenichi Suzumura getting into the anime solely because of Makkachin, as he's a huge fan of dogs.
  • Yuri's skate routine in episode 3 synchs surprisingly well with the Shakira song "Hips Don't Lie".
  • There's some casting overlap between YOI and Sailor Moon Crystal, which includes Nojima Kenji as Chiba Mamoru/Lee Seung-gil, and Miyano Mamoru as Prince Dimande/JJ Leroy. So, naturally, this ensued. In the Name of the Moon... it's JJ STYLE!!!


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