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There's two more seasons planned of YOI.

Why two? Well this next season will explore the changing dynamic between Yuri and Victor now that they're competing against each other, and the third season? Fight for Olympic gold, baby. Pyeongchang is only slightly more than a year away now (as of 27 Dec 2016, the date this WMG was added). Yuri might not win Worlds, but I'm sure Olympic Gold would do just as well. Actually I'll revise that, he probably will win one worlds, plan to retire, only to remember he now qualifies for the Olympics.

  • So far, nothing regarding a second or third season, but Pyeongchang did have Yuri On Ice's music present. There's a movie in the works, which doesn't look like it's a recap...but no word on if it's a sequel to the first season.
  • A teaser trailer has confirmed that the movie will involve the Olympics in some way; Victor apparently made his Olympic debut in France at 17.

We'll see Yuri and Victor get married in the second season.

Yurio will be dealing with major physical changes in his body for season 2.

Victor will be dealing with physical pain and issues during Season 2.

Similar to Yurio, I believe that Victor will face pain and back aches similar to his real life inspiration. This might add to a Character Arc of him in which he has to face the fact he is getting old. Christophe might go through something alike.


Yuri or Yurio will get severely wounded during a skating competition/practice and be forced to retire and will go through a depression over it.

It IS a show about skating... and usually sports shows involve severe injury of some kind, that is NOT Played for Laughs.

There will be a wedding OVA, if the ceremony is not shown at the end of Season 2!

Yuri will become Minami's coach one day.
Because that'd be adorable, as well as a nice mirror to what happened with Victor.

Alternatively, Yuri will coach the Nishigori triplets one day.
It wouldn't be shocking if at least one of the triplets decided to become a figure skater herself, and since they're fans of Yuri it would be even more appropriate.

YOI started out as a Evgeni Plushenko/Yuzuru Hanyuu fic.
But, much like the author of Heart In Hand, they realized there was potential for more mainstream attention, so changed all the names and made it an anime.

The next season of YOI will reflect the change in ​the real-life skating scoring system in order to cause conflict in and between characters.
Instead of the difficulty of the move being scored, it'll be the quality of it (ie when Yuri would've lost to JJ even if he performed his jumps perfectly solely due to the base score of JJ's moves), thus characters contemplating what to do and how to improve their programs to beat other skaters. Coach/competitor dilemma Victor faces is over choreographing Yuri's program and helping Yuri perfect his moves if it mean he'll beat Victor, who wants to end his career with a win.

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