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Drinking Game / Yuri!!! on Ice

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Drinking game for Yuri!!! on Ice.

Take a sip whenever:

  • Katsudon is mentioned.
  • Yuri talks about his lack of confidence.
    • Two if Victor is encouraging him while he says this.
      • Take a shot if it involves an emotional reaction (e.g. crying).
  • Victor flirts with Yuri.
    • Two if Yuri gets flustered.
  • Two when Yuri flirts with Victor.
    • Take a shot if Victor blushes.
  • Two whenever Yuri and Victor are in physical contact.
    • Three if it’s a kiss.
      • Take a shot if it’s on the mouth.
  • Victor invites Yuri to drink.
    • Two if Yuri refuses.
  • Victor appears naked onscreen.
  • Spit Take along with Victor when Yuri says he doesn't remember the Grand Prix banquet.
  • Yurio’s eyes turn Super-Deformed.
    • Two if it’s his entire head.
  • Yurio makes a mean comment about someone unprovoked.
    • Two if it's to or about Yuri.
  • Christophe makes an innuendo.
    • Two if it’s on the ice.
  • J.J. screams his lines, e.g. “Because I’m the King!”
    • Two whenever J.J. does his signature pose and says “It’s J.J. style!”
      • Finish your drink when he does it at the Grand Prix Finals.
  • Minako is shown using her spin animation.
    • Two if she’s also holding a banner for Yuri.
  • Any character refers to Yuri as a piglet or Yurio as a kitten.
    • Two if it’s Victor.
  • The Nishigori triplets fangirl over figure skating or any of the skaters.
    • Two if Yuko joins them.
  • Michele is being overprotective for Sara.
    • Two if Sara rebukes him.
      • Take a shot when Michele finally lets go of his sister.
  • Emil tries to invite Sara out for dinner or drinks.
  • There's a shot of Christophe's ass.
    • Two if there's an ass shot that has nothing to do with Christophe.
  • Get as drunk as Yuri at the Episode 10 ending.
  • After the engagement in Episode 10, take a sip whenever you see a ring shining.
  • Down your drink after the last scene in Episode 11.
  • Take a small sip each time a character of some importance cries in Episode 12.
  • Drink an entire bottle for the last two minutes of Episode 12.
  • If you don’t skip the opening or the ending: whenever the opening says "born to make history" or whenever the ending says "you only live once."
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  • Phichit takes a selfie.


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