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Fridge Logic

  • In Episode 10, we learn that Yuri got very drunk at the Grand Prix Final banquet, then danced with Yurio, pole-danced with Chris, and tangoed/flirted with Victor. He doesn't remember any of it when Phichit brings it up at the next Final. However, other partygoers took several photos of Yuri's drunken activities. Given how quickly other activities by the skaters are shown to spread across the Internet (there's an entire group of obsessive fangirls dedicated to stalking Yurio, and Victor's relocation to Hasetsu is noticed almost instantly), how did Yuri go nearly a year without seeing any of those photos?
    • It's likely that given how badly he failed, Yuri intentionally steered clear of any kind of social media for fear of seeing dozens of posts mocking him.
    • Given that Phichit and the girls had no idea either, it seems the others didn't post the pictures or videos online for others to see.
    • The ISU might have cracked down and made people sign NDAs, or resorted to some method to hide it. They've covered up scandals in Real Life so there's precedence for this.

Fridge Brilliance

  • In the first episode, Hasetsu is hit by sudden snow flurries in April; Yuri mentions there was no weather alert, something that would normally be unlikely in Real Life. But think of the expression "it might even snow tomorrow", meaning something seemingly-impossible may happen. So what does happen the day the snowfall starts? Victor arrives at the hot springs and offers to be Yuri's coach. Also, speaking of expressions, there's a Russian phrase "kak sneg na golovu" ("like snow [dropping] on your head"), which one can say about something unexpected suddenly happening to them.
  • Victor's bangs, weird as it may seem, are used to indicate his state of mind. If he's being insincere or is hiding something, his bangs fully cover his left eye, while conversely, if he's being honest — to Yuri especially — shots of him will have his bangs parted so his left eye is visible. Scenes where he's emotionally vulnerable and/or showing his growing affection for Yuri usually use shots of his right, the side with no bangs, and show his face completely, like during the The Big Damn Kiss in Episode 7 or when he and Yuri exchange rings in Episode 10.
  • After Victor comes to stay in Hasetsu to be Yuri's coach, his flirty behavior towards Yuri may seem overly forward considering how they only interacted very briefly after the last Grand Prix Finals. However, Episode 10 reveals that Yuri actually flirted with Victor first, after getting drunk at last year's Grand Prix Finals banquet, and it's strongly implied that this was when Victor first became attracted to Yuri. This puts all of Victor's touchy-feely behavior in a whole new light; it's no wonder that Victor would flirt back when they met again, though he doesn't realize that Yuri was so drunk that night he doesn't remember anything that happened.
    • Taking the above into account, Victor's free program involving the song "Stay Close to Me" and its lyrics start to take on a more meaningful form. Since the singer is describing their love for whom has "abandoned" him, and is specifically singing about a male lover, then it is likely the intent of his performance was to catch Yuri's attention. Likewise, seeing Yuri perfectly replicate his dance might have lead Victor to believe Yuri was calling back.
  • Victor's decision to assign Yuri the eros program doesn't make much sense at first, given that Yuri is a Shrinking Violet whose skating is very vanilla, to say the least. But it couldn't make any more sense after Episode 10 reveals that Victor had already seen Yuri break dance, strip down to his tie, underwear, and socks to pole dance like a pro and tango with Victor in a very seductive manner. Victor knew about that side of Yuri beforehand, and it was all while Yuri was drunk out of his mind; imagine what he could do if he was sober and wanted to.
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  • To a lesser degree, Christophe's touchy-feely nature with Yuri also makes sense, as they had already stripped down and pole-danced together. Yuri had actually stood on Chris' thighs for a period. It makes even more sense as Christophe thought all along that Yuri remembered about that; nobody was actually aware that he had no recollection of what happened at the party.
  • Michele calling Yuri a "closeted pervert" in Episode 9 may seem confusing at first, and it's easy to assume he called him this as a spiteful insult considering his sister's warm attitude towards Yuri. After Episode 10, his statement makes a lot more sense in light of Yuri's drunken antics at last year's Grand Prix banquet, which Michele attended since he was one of the finalists.
  • When Yuri puts the gold ring on Victor's finger, he does so on the right one as opposed to the left as normally expected with a proposal and Victor does the same with him. However, in Russia engagement/wedding rings are normally worn on the right ring finger, so this could very likely be Yuri respecting Victor's culture.
    • It's worth noting that JJ's fiancee, Isabella Yang, wears her engagement ring on her right as well, even though both of them were presumably born and raised in Canada where, like most North American countries, wedding and engagement rings are traditionally worn on the left hand.
    • Also worth noting that in some parts of the US and Canada, as well as some religions like Catholicism, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand so that the left hand is free for the wedding ring and both can be worn at the same time.
  • In Episode 10, a different ending is used instead of the usual "You Only Live Once", which is sung by Wataru Hatano, Georgi Popovich's VA and has lyrics that one would sing to their lover (e.g. "You're so beautiful" and "Take my breath away"). In the same episode, it is revealed that Georgi started dating again. The change in endings shows that Georgi is finally over Anya.
  • After The Reveal in Episode 10, as well as the fact that Victor thought that Yuri remembered about their actual first encounter the entire time, it may seem confusing as to why he never brought it up even once. But remember Yuri's embarrassed reactions towards Victor's advances in the previous episodes, and Victor must have assumed that while Yuri remembered, he is terribly bashful about it now that he's sober and with a clear head. Therefore he never mentions it, no matter the circumstances, to spare Yuri's feelings. This also foreshadows their main stumbling block as a couple: their difficulty to be open with each other.
  • On the first listen, the lyrics to "Theme of King J.J." seem narcissistic, but they take on a new meaning about self-confidence and become empowering after Episode 11, when J.J.'s fiancée and all his fans sing along to encourage J.J. while he is having an anxiety attack and messing up his jumps.
  • Little moments in the earlier episodes have to be tallied up and evaluated in light of Episode 10:
    • In the beginning of episode 2, Victor wakes himself up by sneezing. Considering that it's nearly impossible to sneeze during sleep, it makes it far more likely that Victor is faking sleep; probably to pose in front of Yuri, considering that the robe he's wearing looks like it's been arranged to expose about half of his chest. And considering that Victor exposes his nape, which is considered erotic in Japanese sexuality, it's fairly obvious that Yuri would get flustered over it. It's also likely that he managed to eavesdropped Yuri and Minako's conversation as well.
    • After Yuri refuses to have a sleepover with Victor, the Russian can be seen hugging Makkachin, his eyes wet - apparently he cried himself to sleep, which was funny (in the sense of Victor being overdramatic) before Episode 10 in which it becomes a Tear Jerker with the reveal about the banquet. Victor dropped his career, inciting wrath/shock from his coach, his rinkmates, the media, his fans, and the skating community, and fly all the way from Russia to this little town in Japan in pursuit of the man he fell in love with and pretty much draped himself all over him, only to be aggressively rebutted and rejected. Victor must have felt horrible when Yuri reacts to his efforts to be physically and emotionally intimate with outright revulsion and fear. He's been neglecting life and love in favor of skating, and the moment he finds someone who might be able to give him those things, he gets the deer in the headlights reaction from Yuri. Victor faced heartbreak at his first night at Hasetsu and it would really sour his mood.
    • Victor's expression when Mari tells him that Yuri has probably run off to Minako's place is glum/dismayed — which makes sense, as he may have assumed that Yuri might be spoken for. He even goes so far as to double-check that Yuri isn't dating Minako, by asking him outright if he has feelings for her.
    • Victor's cheerfulness when Yuri says that he doesn't have a lover (or even an ex) initially comes across as odd, and perhaps even egotistical since Victor appears to be using it as an excuse to launch into his own romantic history. Yuri seems to think he's doing so to mock Yuri's own inexperience in relationships, judging by his irritated reaction to the questioning. However, once you learn that this whole conversation was not a case of getting to know a student, but was instead Victor scoping out the availability of a man he was keen on dating, it's far less narcissistic: Victor's establishing that Yuri's single, and he might consider detailing his own romantic past as fair trade...or a clear signal to Yuri about his sexuality and therefore interest in a relationship with him. He also looks rather pleased, rather than mocking, that Yuri hasn't had a relationship before.
    • In Episode 4, Victor asks Yuri if he wants him as a lover, before casually stating that he'll do his best if that's the case. At first, this seems like a joke or a halfhearted comment, but it turns out that it's actually a serious offer, since that is what he wants to be to Yuri.
    • Victor's an oddball, true, but he's also a bit of a clothes horse — he's very concerned about how he appears for his first appearance as a coach, and he's certainly aware of his public image. It therefore seems a little strange that he spends so much of his time slobbing around in a bathrobe in an inn full of strangers: even relative seclusion doesn't protect him there, the media still find him. For someone who likes to dazzle people, it doesn't make much sense... but it makes perfect sense for someone who's preening like a peacock in front of a potential partner, particularly if they have reason to believe that said partner will appreciate the "full on sex-appeal" approach. Victor might enjoy impressing crowds, but that's not his main goal when he turns up at the inn — it's Yuri's attention he wants, and therefore he's probably keener on showing off his body than his wardrobe.
    • In Episode 5, Victor expresses both annoyance and confusion when he notices that Yuri's movements are rather stiff while skating the part of his routine that expresses when Victor came to his life and offered to be his coach, and wonders if Yuri is actually unhappy about it. Like with his inquiry about Yuri's love life, it may seem like a rather self-absorbed remark, although it's actually because Yuri is the one who asked him to be his coach in the first place, therefore it's only natural that Victor would be puzzled if he sees Yuri acting like he doesn't appreciate him actually accepting his request.
    • Victor is late to Yuri and Yurio's practice due to getting smashed the previous night. At first it looks like yet another sign of his irresponsibility as a coach...but it happened not out of the blue, but after Yuri stated that katsudon was his eros. Victor has experienced Yuri's actual eros firsthand, and thus his night out can be easily seen as I Need a Freaking Drink.
  • Lilia's "the strongest people are the ones who can be reborn many times" speech has special significance to Yurio, and while Lilia usually comes across as harsh or demanding there's a heartwarming note hidden beneath the stern comments. Yurio's already aware that his body will soon undergo changes that will probably make it impossible for him to skate the way he does in Season 1. Lilia's probably seen or observed similar problems in the world of ballet, where an athlete's growing body has robbed them of skills or abilities that were hard won. Her "rebirth" line is a reminder to Yurio that there may be some things that you can't get back, but that doesn't mean you can't adapt and change yourself into something even more magnificent. In Season 1, the remark is mainly meant to inspire him to take Lilia's advice on board to improve his skating... but eventually, it might be the impetus he needs to persevere in the face of a body that is no longer as lithe or as flexible as he would want it to be.
    • Not just seen or observed: experienced herself. Lilia is a retired Bolshoi prima ballerina. She knows firsthand the heartbreak of losing the abilities that made her famous due to inevitable, age-related physical changes; especially in the Bolshoi, where students are chosen at a young age based on physical aptitude rather than initial skill. She has had to undergo her own "rebirth" as a teacher/trainer, and likely several times during her ballet career to keep up with the aggressive pace of Russian style ballet.
  • Yurio actually looking up to Yuri is foreshadowed in Episode 5. The music playing when Minami angrily tells Yuri that he's demeaning the younger skater by calling his Lohengrin program his "dark past" is the same one as when Yurio confronted Yuri in the bathroom, and Minami is a younger skater who greatly admires Yuri.
  • While Yurio isn't the nicest guy around, to put it mildly, it's likely that he didn't know that Yuri's dog had died — which Yuri was informed about some time before his performance at the Grand Prix Finals, consequently causing him to mess up his performance, and it all leads to the moment when Yurio hears Yuri cry afterwards — you know the rest. Without knowing those circumstances, to him it appeared that Yuri was crying from self-pity rather than from an accumulation of stress, and it's definitely possible that if he knew about it, he wouldn't have talked Yuri down the way he did. While he may be a jerk, he wouldn't stoop that low.
    • Semi-confirmed in Episode 12. We get Yurio's point of view: he watched and was intrigued by Yuri's performance, wondering what kind of person he is, then was disappointed to see Yuri crying in the stalls apparently because of his failure, which Yurio deems pathetic.
  • The other skaters not posting Yuri's escapades from the banquet shows the changing approach to social media that has happened in a year. It's likely that the skaters only later would post on a whim when it became a more ingrained behavior, like Yurio taking a picture of himself wearing a shirt he likes or Phichit posting a photo of himself and Yuri and Victor.
  • If there's such a thing as Funny Fridge Brilliance: apparently, Victor and Yurio's home rink is only fifteen minutes on foot away from a Japanese restaurant with good katsudon.
  • Georgi's curse of being permanently overshadowed by Victor is reflected both in their birthdays and musical themes. Victor was born on Christmas Day; Georgi gets the far more sedate December 26th, which is Boxing Day in some parts of the world, but the start of the post-Christmas blues in others (although this isn't quite as relevant for two Russians). Then, in a more meta sense, Victor hijacks Georgi's Free Skate music: Georgi may have skated to "Tales of a Sleeping Prince," but not only do its lyrics more appropriately reflect Victor and Yuri, but (a) as it plays, attention is diverted away from Georgi's performance, and towards the main couple at a very emotional point in their relationship, and (b) a triumphant reprise of the song plays when Phichit announces Victor and Yuri's engagement to a restaurant in Barcelona.
    • In an even more meta sense, Viktor's FS theme in his Juniors was The Lilac Fairy from Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty ballet. Only years later would Georgi dance to Carabosse - AKA the wicked fairy.
  • If you listen more closely, you'll notice that in the earlier episodes, there are instances when Victor seems to speak in a funny tone/accent, and you might think that he's only being goofy. But keep in mind that at the time, he's still new to living in Japan, and at best his knowledge of their language is rudimentary. Combine this with the fact that canonically, he and Yuri speak English to each other, but within the limitations of the show they speak Japanese for a Japanese audience. Therefore, when he suddenly speaks strangely (like in Episode 2 when he greets a fisherman, and in Episode 3 where he's promoting tourism for Hasetsu), it means that he's genuinely speaking Japanese and the show isn't just using it as a stand-in for English, and he's slightly struggling to speak it properly.

Fridge Horror

  • Yurio's No Social Skills are Played for Laughs, but one wonders where he got it from, if it's from Yakov or his harsh upbringing. Why does he yell at people as a means of motivating them? Why is he so physically violent? Dark and Troubled Past is entirely not out of option for the Russian's past.
    • Yakov's an unlikely candidate given how well-adjusted the rest of his skaters seem to be, but consider the fact that Yurio takes days to think of someone who loves him, and the rest of his family – for whom he is the sole breadwinner how expensive figure skating is – seem to be utterly out of the picture...what HAPPENED?
  • Yurio doesn't know that Yuri was already planning to retire before this season due to his age and due to Victor "not staying". For all he knows, he caused Yuri to consider retirement by treating him so nastily. Choose better words if your intention all along is for your idol not to retire. A non-fatal example of Parting Words Regret and Jerkass Realization will be all set had Yuri won gold and thus retired.
  • Yuri went to school in Detroit, finishing his degree before the series. In the light of 2016-17's political climate, and given who is in power, how much homophobia would he have faced if he were still completing college while dating Victor? How much is he facing off-screen in social media?
    • That aside, even though the anime is set in a universe where — as Word of God confirmed — homophobia does not exist, it doesn't mean that Yuri is free from another form of fan hate, given that he basically ruined every other fan's chances of even being with Victor. Episode 6 and 8 showed him receiving the subtle yet very obvious disdain of the public due to being the reason Victor left his career, but we never get to see if he ever faced the ire of Victor's fans from being the latter's boyfriend-turned-fiance — and knowing how that's usually portrayed in other media, and taking the Real Life examples into consideration...
  • Both Yuri and Victor are very worried about Makkachin when he gets sick. While we know he gets better, he should be about 15 years old already. Right now Makkachin might still be fairly energetic, but with old animals it can go very down hill very quickly, so it's only a matter of time until Victor has to rush to a vet, this time to say good bye forever...


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