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Music is an important part of figure skating, and there are quite a few standout songs in this anime, most of which are composed by Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba.

Short Program

  • Yuri's short program music, "In Regards to Love: Eros" is a vibrant and energetic piece that's sure to get some hips wiggling. The other arrangement accompanying Yurio's short program, "In Regards to Love: Agape", is an angelic-sounding piece, with tender vocals and an orchestra and organ accompaniment. The Yuri!!! on Concert program gave the fandom an extended version that's even more awesome.
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  • "Still Alive", the song Leo skates to for his short program routine, is a catchy rap number about seeing beauty in the world around us as well as expressing a love of music in general.
  • "Shall We Skate?", Phichit's short program music, is also quite catchy.
  • Guang-Hong's "Le Parfum de Fleurs" is a sweet and romantic violin piece.
  • "Theme of King J.J." is a song that embodies J.J.'s narcissism and self-love, and is an upbeat and catchy rock piece that you can't ignore once you've heard it.
  • "L'homme Arme" is an epic medieval theme used in Michele's short program.


Free Program

  • Victor's free skate theme "Stammi Vicino"/"Stay Close to Me" is a sweeping Italian tenor aria that serves as Foreshadowing for Victor's and Yuri's relationship.
    Do not go
    I'm afraid of losing you
    Your hands, your legs
    My hands, my legs
    Our heartbeats
    Blend together
    We leave together
    Now I'm ready
  • "Yuri on Ice", a beautiful piano piece that Yuri uses for his free program routine and names himself in Episode 4. It was also used for the anime's first PV.
  • "Minami's Boogie", an upbeat jazz number that Kenjiro Minami skates to and manages to capture his excitable personality very well.
  • "Terra Incognita", Phichit's song for his free skate, is a beautiful folk piece that strongly evokes his pride for his home country.
  • Guang-Hong's free-skate program "The Inferno" is much more action-oriented in contrast to "Le Parfum de Fleurs", and wouldn't be out of place if played in a blockbuster.
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  • "Tales of a Sleeping Prince", the song in Georgi's free program, is a touching song used to represent not only Georgi's longing for his ex, but also how Victor will be there for Yuri in his darkest moments.
  • "Allegro Appassionato in B Minor", the music used for Yurio's free skate routine and for the anime's second PV, is an orchestral piece that's both beautiful and intense and wouldn't sound out of place in a Russian ballet.
  • "Partizan Hope" is so beautiful it may drive you to tears.
  • "Serenade for Two", the wistful ballad that provides the backdrop for Michele's free skate.


  • The opening "History Maker" by Dean Fujioka, a passionate song with a Dare to Be Badass tone, of which awesomeness is multiplied by the beauty of the opening animation.
    Dancing on the blades
    You set my heart on fire
    Don't stop us now, the moment of truth
    We were born to make history
  • The ending theme "You Only Live Once", sung by Wataru Hatano, a song with a catchy electronic beat and lyrics about living in the moment.
  • The soft, beautiful melody of "At The Airport", which plays during Victor and Yuri's heartwarming reunion. It's also an incredible Tear Jerker, considering the scene it plays in.
  • The beautiful choral rendition of "The Rocking Carol" which is sung when Victor and Yuri exchange engagement rings in Episode 10 helps to make a heartwarming moment even more so.
  • "Yeah Yeah Yeah", a short but very catchy rock number that plays during the ending credits for Episode 10.
  • The release of the official soundtrack finally gives us the duet version of "Stammi Vicino/Stay Close To Me" that was listed at the bottom of the list and it is just as glorious and beautiful as the tenor solo rendition. It is also Yuri's song for the exhibition gala, which he and Victor ice dance to.
  • "Welcome to the Madness", the song that would have been used for Yurio's exhibition in the Grand Prix gala, is a wild metal guitar piece that's sure to get you all electrified and pumped up.
  • Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, 2. Movement "Advent" -Genesis edition-, Otabek's free skate. Already a majestic piece on its own, the rearrangement (adding electric guitars, bass guitars, and heavy percussion alongside an orchestra) and rousing Dare to Be Badass lyrics turned it into concentrated, organic awesome.


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