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The series takes place in a world (or at least a community) where lesbianism is the norm.
I mean, think about it, was the word "lesbian" flat-out mentioned anywhere in the actual show? Everyone seems quite cool with the girls seeming like they all have a crush on each other. Either that, or they all came out of the closet a long time ago, or off-screen.
  • Chinatsu does question her sexuality acceptance though. And the marriage certificate has husband on it. Lesbianism must be so common due to the absence of males around that saying lesbian will be as "Well duh" as saying "I'm straight" in real life.
  • Correction, perhaps lesbianism is slowly becoming the norm, which is why Chinatsu questions "Is it really okay for girls to love girls?" which of course is, but considering same-sex-relationships were a huge deal sometime in the past.
  • Pseudo-Romantic Friendship. It's fairly common and accepted... it's just also assumed that it's a phase and the individuals will grow out of it. So it may be that she's questioning the idea of adult lesbian relationships.
A male gendercide event happened before the series began.
Long enough that they don't talk about it much anymore. Evidence? There were no males shown at all in the scene of hundreds when Chitose was at Comiket. A few males still exist; as seen in the Christmas episodes, they are required by law to donate sperm. (No, not in any dystopia-esque porn way.)
  • This is the truest statement I've ever seen.
Males are made, not born.
The specific way that the gendercide occurred is most likely this. Why? No one has a brother, (Anymore thanks to retcon) the convention had no guys in it, and all the few males are basically the same mostly off screen guys. Apparently, no males could be born. However, somehow, Homosexual Reproduction technology was so advanced that the human race could survive. This means that everyone is born female and only a certain amount end up male, the exact people women would approve of. Thus rendering Anime to be childish or for women since only being approved could someone become male. That's why there were no boys at the playground, or any mention that the school is an all girls school. It's a given!
Males and females live in seperate communities.
It's simple enough to explain. In this world, humans evolved as creatures whose males and females live independently of one another in their own tribes, coming together only to mate. These days it is more organized than that.
  • Males live in completely different cities from females, possibly even in a different region of Japan. They have their own governing body and their own rules. On the federal level, it's strongly possible that the National Diet in this world composes of two houses: Males and Females.
  • Unmarried men are allowed to stay in their Distaff Counterpart cities two weeks a year in order to locate a mate, or vice-versa with women staying in male cities (it rotates from year to year).
  • Additionally, the two sexes visit their mates, sons visit their mothers, and daughters visit their fathers, on holidays and special occasions.
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  • Of course, there are also those who have no interest in the seldom-seen opposite gender, far more than in our own world. It's also possible that having a girlfriend in addition to a husband for women, or a boyfriend in addition to a wife for men, is common practice.
How humans discovered Homosexual Reproduction and the origin of Kurumi/Mirakurun
After the gendercide (see the WMG's above), scientists in the whole world worked frenetically to find a way for humanity to reproduce and survive as a species despite the lack of men. One of the scientists had a daughter named Kurumi, who came upon a certain cat-shaped being, who went by the name "Kyubey" and offered her a deal: get one wish and become a magical girl who fights certain destructive beings (not witches, wraiths, it happened after Madoka's salvation of all magical girls of the past, present and future). She wished for her mother to find a solution to the current problem of the survival of the human race and since she had a quite the magic potential, her mother not only found a way for women to reproduce without men, her method even made the birth of male children possible and thus ensured not only the survival of the human race, but also an eventual return to normalcy. Kurumi lived and fought as a magical girl for a relatively long time (she had even a few children AND was killing monsters at the same time!) and after her death (she died after her last battle, which was on the moon, near the base, where her mother made the most important scientific discovery of all times), her mother found out, how her daughter saved the whole human race and produced a magical girl animé with the protagonist named after her daughter to honor her sacrifice.

This method is, of course, not without it's kinks; sometimes, minor genetic defects occur (such as the disinhibiting effect of chocolate on Chitose. The Ikeda sisters are genetically speaking, despite what everyone thinks, not identical twins).


The characters are the reincarnations of the senshi and co after Crystal Tokyo fell.
In addition, a side effect was the gendercide. Usagi did the same thing as her mom did and sent the ones she cared about to the future, 2012 years after the fall. Just think about it...
  • (Maybe Mirakurun is Sailor Moon, especially considering her resemblance to Chinatsu who is supposedly Chibiusa.)
  • Akari~n is Naru, obviously. Red hair, went from very noticeable to disappearing.
  • Kyoko is Venus. Just look at them!
  • Yui is Earth's new Senshi, due to the absence of most males.
  • Chinatsu is Chibiusa, the new Sailor Moon. Who loves Yui...
  • Ayano is Mars. Well, at least anime Mars. With the manga's possible sexual orientation...
  • Rise is Saturn. Heck, she's SILENT!
  • Nana sensei is obviously the scientist father of past Saturn. (Which proves that lesbianism solves all life's problems)
  • Himawari is Neptune. Who is still with...
  • Uranus, Sakurako. The reason why they fight is that their souls are sick of each other after 3 lifetimes... yet they still are attracted to each other.
  • Chitose is Mercury, smart, and a hidden pervert.
  • Her twin Chizuru, is Jupiter, strong, and with Mercury...
  • Pluto hasn't appeared yet, due to surviving the fall.
If YuruYuri gains enough popularity, an actual Mirakurun manga might be created
As in official, most likely by Namori herself? The genre of "parody/magical girl" might be what would fit best for an actual "Mirakurun" series.
Mikarurun series is based on the memories of Sailor Moon.
Apparently, the anime writers heard these stories about these magic girls in the distant past that they wrote about it, fixing the Clark Kenting.

Why Rise Matsumoto is mute
Rise tried to resurrect someone dear to her by means of human transmutation and her sacrifice was her ability to speak on the frequency humans could hear. Nishigaki embarked on many dangerous experiments to help her beloved Rise, one of them gave her a limited form of telepathy and allowed her to understand Rise directly and collect some dirt on the principal to blackmail him to keep her relationship with Rise hidden and provide school resources for her experiments.
  • And she also acquired the power to absorb the blast of explosions, or she'd have been killed by some of the experiments she described.

Rise is really a ghost
She was killed by Nishigaki in an explosion. Some day in the future, Nishigaki's desperation will surpass her sense of morals and she will use a human sacrifice to bring back Rise in an alchemic-magical ritual.

Rise is a ghost
Kyouko was absolutely right: She died within the school, a long time ago, but her feelings (for a certain someone) remained with her, and she wouldn't leave. And there was another red-eyed girl, who wouldn't leave either. The sorrowful story of how Nishigaki decided to enter the field of mad science, that she pretended was made up, was actually about her despair over Rise's death, and her determination to resurrect her. Rise was her childhood friend, her only companion in times of loneliness. They were 'blast buddies' since a very long time ago, untill Matsumoto died in an explosion. Nishigaki swore to study the resurrection sciences to bring Rise back to life. At the moment, Rise is (for now) incompletely resurrected, with a human body that can enjoy beaches, watermelons and affection, but without a human aura, leaving her unable to attract human attention (except by direct action), and without an audible voice (connecting with Nishigaki telepathically). Her ghostly energies, however are so strong as to be easily visible (when the protagonists finally noticed her presence). Her resurrection was achieved not by science, alchemy or magitech, but by means of an Intimate Healing from Nishigaki (cue their embarrassment when Ayano asks what experiments they do together).This is why Nishigaki can test new medicines on her without danger, but becomes concerned when she's affected by the student council room blast... it brings back memories of her death.

The series takes place in the same world of Strawberry Panic!
Which is another anime featuring no males whatsoever (save for a mention of them existing in the past), futher hinting at this world being one where there's only women left and somehow they've found a way of reproduction.

Sakurako is autistic
As someone with asbergers and several autistic friends I can safely say Sakurako displays several traits associated with autism, asbergers and ADHD in particular.
  • No way, Sakurako has a strong ability to perceive and read emotion.
  • If anything, Kyouko's the one with autistic/Aspergian attributes. Think about it: Her enjoyment of Mirakurun extends to the point where she can watch the same installment in the franchise over and over again, even though other characters have pointed out she's seen it before or owns the Blu-Ray and DVD. She also doesn't seem to catch on to how Chinatsu and Chizuru reject her advances. She’s also notably proficient at art and craftwork: She's able to make her cosplay outfits; draws well enough to make and sell her own doujin manga, even making actual anime out of it, all by herself. And if one looks closely, every time the Amusement Club takes on something of the sort (for example, modeling with clay or baking pancakes in a playful artistic way) her results are ridiculously good compared to the other girls. One of the more noticeable components of being on the Autistic Spectrum is impaired social interaction while excelling in one's field of interest. In Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!, Yui even outright says to Kyouko that she's amazing only in things that interest her. To be exact, I'd say she has a mild form of Asperger's.

Akari and Chiyo are somehow related
Both's buns are detachable and serve as Power Limiter for their lesbomagnetic field

Judging by the end of episode #5 from the first season
Chinatsu is a space vampire from Valvrape the Penetrator.

Nana and Deidara
Are somehow connected. They both love explosions and have the same hairstyle (although, of course, Nana is not a terrorist, but a nice person and causes explosions not for any nefarious reasons as Deidara does).