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Yu Yu Hakusho

Toguro would never have let the dark tournament execute Yusuke.

In particular, due to the corrupt rulings against Yusuke's team during bouts 2 & 3, Younger Toguro would have never allowed the spirit detective to die since he honored his end of the bargain. Toguro himself even remarked he didn't like the way Butajiri played dirty. The entire reason he pulled Yusuke into the tournament was to fight him one-on-one, so anything that prevented him from that goal (minus Yusuke losing legitimately against an opponent due to a lack of power, thus proving he'd be a waste of Toguro's time) would likely lead to Toguro's intervention.

So, had Yusuke launched an assault on the dark tournament after losing the third round due to Butajiri's corrupt rulings, Toguro would have stepped in to help or otherwise prevent/intimidate anyone powerful enough to stop Yusuke and Hiei from killing everyone, but likely continued the Dark Tournament with Sakio regardless, just with an entirely different committee (under Sakio's control maybe, but that's just details). Point is, Toguro would not have allowed petty politics to get in the way of his fight with Yusuke. Toguro wanted to bring Yusuke's true potential, was kindly enough not to kill Kuwabara to still bring out Yusuke's potential, and seemed to have great respect for life in general. All this points to Yusuke actually being much safer in the Dark Tournament than the atmosphere and narrative might have led us to initially believe.

Rule of Funny still made it more interesting to see Kuwabara win Round 3 for the team, however.

Sensui is as big of a Kinsey 6 as a Kinsey 6 can get.

First off, the Seven has no girls in a series filled with (by shounen standards) action girls and cool big sisters. Hell, there were even girls in both the Dark Tournament and the Demon World Tourmanent, fighting. You'd think that, in such a 'verse, they'd have a token female as part of that group, but NO.

And if Sensui is (or at least "Minoru") was heterosexual, then, knowing what sort of person he is, he wouldn't waste any chances to manipulate any girls on his team.

Also of note: Sensui is damned intelligent, plus he thinks Humans Are the Real Monsters. So, if he ever CONSIDERED having heterosexual sex, he'd know he was a hypocrite. (Leading from that, he might be a misogynist bastard as well.)

Also, he never turned Itsuki down - he just let him hang out with him after they found out they liked the same TV show. A straight man would consider such a crush a threat to his masculinity.

  • He didn't know Itsuki had a crush on him. He just knew Itsuki had been following him around, and demons followed him around all the time because he stuck out so much. He let Itsuki hang around because a demon making a joke about TV was so outside his preconceived idea of the way they thought that his operating principles didn't allow for it. Then Itsuki became his sidekick and watched patiently for his mind to shatter and pervert itself because he loves that kind of thing. Purity fetish.

  • Might have been sort of confirmed by Word of God that Sensui's a Straight Gay, even if some of the above logic doesn't follow.

Sensui's Seven represent the Seven Deadly Sins for these reasons

Seaman (Envy): Jealous of other people having "friends" and allies whereas he doesn't. In fact, before his Face Heel Turn, he attacks people whom he thinks are weaker than him, going by The Other Wiki.

Doctor (Wrath): Expresses the most hatred towards humanity, methods resolve around brutally slaugtering people and letting them slowly die from illness. In addition to being the first one to have engaged Team Urameshi (Yusuke) in a physical fight.

Gatekeeper (Lust): Obsessed with Sensui, openly admitted that he's in love with him.

Sniper (Pride): Very arrogant of his new-found powers, so arrogant that he only uses a firearm as a last resort weapon.

Gamemaster (Sloth): The only one not have fought the heroes at least once, powers revolve around playing video games and prefers to play them rather than playing sports like other kids.

Gourmet (Gluttony): Powers involved literally eating people alive, the only one actually seen eating onscreen (in this case, a burger).

Elder Toguro (Greed): Steals others' powers for himself via brutal means, very cunning.

Some of the characters from Hunter × Hunter are alternate-universe versions of some of the YYH characters.

Yep, they look and act similar. Gon and Yusuke, Leorio and Kuwabara, Kurapica and Kurama, Killua and Hiei. Illumi and Karasu. Hisoka may be, depending on the person you ask, Itsuki on steroids. But the creepiest resemblance is between Sensui and Chrollo. They're the same age, they have the same coloring, they have similar abilities (in level and in the way they use them- manipulative strategies that are a good defense- the best offense), and they even have almost identical body language. (If you read the manga of Hunter x Hunter, there are some panels of Chrollo that you swear were copied verbatim from panels of Sensui in YYH.)

  • Leorio and Kuwabara are both Tall, Fighting-World Dumb, The Only One With a Normal Future, and the Only Sane Man. Kurapika reads like...let's see...Kurama fused with Uchiha Sasuke? Killua's general psychic footprint is similar to Hiei's because Togashi has a four-man-team approach Because It Worked Before; aside from that, they are Mirror Universe counterparts. Gon and Yusuke, alas, can also be each other only on Mirror Universe principles...

Genkai and Yusuke are distantly related.

In theory, Raizen and the Lady Doctor hooking up could have produced MANY descendants in the present day. Some of these, while not having atavism, would still have formidable spiritual abilities. So, in theory, Genkai, as well as Yusuke, could be Raizen's descendant.

Why? Genkai has a lot of personality traits in common with both Yusuke and Raizen: her stubbornness, her fondness for cigarettes and booze, and her sheer kick-ass-ness. Plus she and Yusuke are both gamers, and they even look similar when Genkai is in her young form. She may be a LESS distant relative of Yusuke's, like a great-aunt, but it's more plausible that they're both descendants of Raizen.

  • So if she hadn't transferred her energy to Yusuke before being killed, demon-Genkai might have been a possibility? Alternate universe potential right there.

Mitarai/Seaman is But Not Too Foreign.

Note that few (Japanese) humans in YYH have blond hair and blue eyes. Also note that he became Sensui's Mook because he was bullied, and that Charlie Dogs tend to be the subject of a lot of bullying in Japan. So it is reasonable to assume he has a white mother. His embarrassing codename indicates that he was either half-German or still being bullied a little. (Seemann is the equivalent word in German, and it doesn't have the punny connotations of its English cognate. Though if Sensui knows both English and German, all bets are off.)

Chapter Black is Videodrome

They are the same in form and function. Why shouldn't they be the same?

  • Because Videodrome's runtime is only 87 minutes?

Demon World's gravity is higher than that of Earth.

Same thing with Dragon Ball Z could one reason that demons in the Makai be A LOT stronger than demons in Earth be because the Demon World's gravity is much greater. The manga and anime have proven that the Demon world is much much bigger than Earth and probably more durable too. Sensui said that he couldn't even use 1/5 of his full power on Earth otherwise it would put too much stress on the planet. He could only fight at full power in the Demon World which is another motivation for him to open up the tunnel.

  • Demon World isn't a planet. It's like that eternal dungeon dimension from primitive monster-slayage games like 'Fate,' only it has sky. And variety. And so on. At least, when Koenma explains it early in the Sensui arc, that's what he says.

Sensui's Code Name of "Dark/Black Angel" doesn't just describe his powers.

What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic? It's meant to invoke the worst of the Fallen Heroes, Satan, who literally is a fallen angel. It also may represent not only Sensui's Face–Heel Turn but also his humongous ego and extremism (for whatever side he is on).

Yu Yu Hakusho is a universe created by Haruhi
And who is she there? Koenma! Notice how their personalities can be eerily similar at times...
  • Oh, and Sensui is Kyon. *Runs away quickly*
    • And Sensui has a supporter named how Kyon has a supporter named Itsuki Koizumi. This puts new, potentially world ending-via-Haruhi spins on Kyon and Itsuki's relationship.

Yu Yu Hakusho is in the same universe as Bleach, and Yusuke and Kuwabara were extremely lucky to be called directly to there...
Or were reincarnated high-level shinigami to start with, Yusuke getting the help of being from youkai descendance, Kuwabara's family being somewhat related to the Kurosaki clan (Kurosaki = black flower, kuwabara = mulberry field, both have the black field theme going on; also, Kazuma looks one hell of a lot like Isshin). Kurama is a reincarnated youkai, and Hiei, Yukina, and the other youkai are drifters. Perhaps Chad's powerup would be similar to Toguro's...
  • And those who go hunt evil youkais in Hell are from the Special Division, commanded by the son of God himself. Yoruichi already forged her death (out of extreme boredom from that place) centuries before Botan knew Yusuke; but they probably were good friends and loved to drink tea at noon time. If you notice, there is a secondary, one-shot Shinigami girl who, unlike Botan, uses black clothes just like the Bleachverse shinigamis. Also, youkais could be a third faction in Bleach's Hell, who knows? And then, Raizen rhymes with Aizen... It's too obvious to let the joke pass. And Botan's paddle being her Zanpakutou in a disguise can't be implausible. Remember Urahara's Kurenaihime? It's disguised as a cane...

Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach are Alternate Continuity versions of the same universe
The universe has three dimensions: Spirit World, Human World, and Demon World. Humans and demons exist as living beings, openly acknowledging each other, and shinigami exist to manage the afterlife. The problem is that some demons eat humans. Sure, some humans are born with enough supernatural power to defend themselves, but the species as a whole seems to be screwed. The Spirit World has got to do something. This is where the universe splits:
  • In the YuYu Hakusho universe, the Spirit World decided to create a barrier between the Human and Demon worlds, keeping the strongest demons out. The shinigami worked strictly as guides of the dead, leaving humans to fight their own battles against the remaining demons. Spiritual power became more prevalent in the population due to natural selection, and a Masquerade was adopted by the demons, who became the stuff of myth for the humans.
  • In the Bleach 'verse, Spirit World militarized itself (becoming Soul Society as it is known today); the shinigami became fighters and drove the demons to extinction. However, because shinigami were expected to preform duties as both guides and soldiers, their productivity suffered - some human souls were left alone too long and became Hollows. These Hollows were driven (mostly) to the now empty Demon World, which became Hueco Mundo.
    • And the Quincy were the few people left with spiritual powers. With the demons gone, there was no longer a reason to select for spiritual power, and so genetic drift mostly weeded it out.
    • And the Demon World was cleaned out by Nuclear Power-Surge Of Horror, causing it to turn from a cloudy jungle to an endless desert of infinite aridity. Wow. Who the hell did that?
      • Remember, not all of YuYu Hakusho's demon world is forest. Remember the Yusuke/Sensui fight? After a while, Yusuke and Sensui decided to relocate their battle to a sandy part of the Demon World. Surely, considering the Demon World is much bigger than the Human World, there has to be a vast desert somewhere in there.
      • That, or someone just cut down most of the trees, or used the Shinigami equivlant of Agent Orange on them. Remove all the trees from the jungle, and you're likely to end up with a desert.
      • or that could just be what happens when a young, well-fed Raizen uses his full power

The short story "N." by Stephen King exists in the same universe as Yu Yu Hakusho.
Think about it. The story talks about a, for lack of a better word, portal, through which creatures that are obviously inhuman and monstrous can get into the human world and wreak havoc. Sure, the OCD and rocks don't have much to do with it, but isn't it possible that that's a portal to the Makai?

Yukina knows Hiei is her brother.
She seems more attached to him than she would be if he were just a stoic member of the group and keeps pestering him about her brother, not to mention all those hints she keeps dropping ("Hm...I wonder if I'll ever find my brother..." when she was standing right next to him for example). She just wants him to tell her since she's been open about his existance and he's the one hiding the connection.

Toguro and Genkai had an Arranged Marriage.

It would have been common in the time period, especially for two children of martial-arts families. It also splits the difference between the Japanese (where they are referred to as "friends") and English versions of the anime. Genkai decided to split up the arrangement the instant Toguro became a demon.

Hiei ends up with Mukuro.

Mukuro earned his trust remarkably quickly, and Hiei's non-sister-related dog petting involved her. Also, they mind-melded and Mukuro said "Yours was the first mind to mix so readily with mine own." They both were angry people with screwed up pasts they saved each other from. She stripped in front of him. Hiei expressed a good deal of happiness when she talked about what a chore patrolling would be. It'd be nice to give both of the least happy people in the show some happiness. And they'd make a cute couple. Mukuro "The neighbors wouldn't shut up last night." Hiei, "I'll bring you their hearts."

  • To be fair, Mukuro lifted Hiei's thoughts against his own will. Although they make it consensual in the anime, in the manga he is clearly dead and she takes his memories.
  • In the manga Hiei loathes patrolling and Mukuro makes a comment like "Oh? I think it's fun." rather than offering to help him bail out on it.
  • Since they're both apprehensive about physical contact and such, I don't think either of them would make the move.

Alternately, Mukuro is Hiei's maternal substitute.

After the Koorime exiled him from their island for being male, Hiei became quite hard-assed as he had to fend for himself at a young age. He found something in common with Mukuro (their pasts), and he finally found a replacement mother in Mukuro since Hina was gone and the rest of the Koorime rejected him. This is also a nicer way to let the Hiei/Mukuro ship down for Kurama/Hiei without resorting to character-bashing.

  • What about OT3?

The movie Sensui is watching in the cave is Predator.

Think about it. It'd make a really nice parallel not only to Chapter Black, but to Sensui's own story: humans go on mission, find out they were lied to, and then have to deal with a non-human who likes to hunt humans down. Plus it goes without saying that Sensui would have someone in the movie to root for.

Shishiwakamaru's in-universe Fangirls nursed him back to health after Genkai left him for dead.

Because those ladies are really, REALLY devoted, and would be extremely pissed if the object of their Squee were to die. So they went used the Power of squee to bring him back to life. This could also explain the out-of-universe Retcon of Shishi supposedly being dead but having enough fans for them to bring him back.

Hiei and Kurama are victims of Spirit World brainwashing.

Hiei's motivations early in the manga are simple and seem uncharacteristic: He wants world domination. Sure, he was only supposed to be a one-off character, but like Kurama, it seems like his motives for stealing the artifacts were completely unrelated to his actual motivation to get to the human world: In Hiei's case, finding Yukina. World domination would seriously hinder finding his sister until it was too late (i.e., until Torukane's torture became too much and she died). Kurama, on the other hand, may have been set up as a kind of villain by Spirit World much earlier. Remember, demons had been hearing boogeyman stories about him for centuries. That kind of stigma is usually attached only to the series' Big Bads.

  • When you consider that Koenma's dad actually WAS brainwashing a lot of the villains Yusuke faced throughout the manga's version of the series, this actually might make some sense, at least in Hiei's case. As for Kurama, he was hiding out in the human world in his red-haired form for years, so likely that wouldn't have happened to him.
  • Now THIS makes sense. Something I'd definitely want to read. Especially for Hiei considering after he was pissed at Yusuke and Kurama, he settled down and definitely stopped with the death threats. Perhaps the hypnotism had an effect on how he fought too, comparing the differences in how he fought Yusuke opposed to Seiryuu.
  • Alternately, Hiei and Goki were brainwashed by Spirit World, but Kurama was not. According to the manga extra "Two Shots," Hiei and Kurama met about a year before they met Yusuke. Hiei was a D-class demon at the time, which is perfect for Spirit World purposes. We also know that Hiei was the one who brought Kurama in on it. Perhaps the brainwashing gave him and Goki the desire to steal the artifacts, but backfired on Spirit World when Hiei remembered that, hey, he knew the greatest demon thief in history and enlisted his help. Kurama, who went through a lot of effort to avoid dying fifteen years before, is clearly stressed out and desperate if he's willing to sacrifice his life for his mother's, and didn't really spend too much time worrying about Hiei's personality change. Afterward, however, he would have realized it, and it may be that he's the one who convinced Koenma to parole Hiei as well as himself to help Yusuke and Kuwabara.

Yusuke's Demon Compass didn't explode because of Rando.

Instead, it was already reading his own growing power, and his slowly awakening demonic blood. Notice how the needle spins around, not focusing on one area before exploding. The compass can't pinpoint the energy because it's still growing inside Yusuke, not some human hunter.

Jesus Christ was a prodigy that mastered the Sacred Energy at a young age.

In the dub (not sure about the original) Sensui states that the Sacred energy was "in other times" used to seemingly make miracles. So perhaps Jesus was simply a man who mastered the sacred energy at a very young age, either through natural talent or because he had the same issues as Sensui. Also the sacred energy only works with a pure beings that wishes to change the world, which perfectly fits in as well.

Itsuki has a huge cuckolding fetish and this may have been the initial reason he started to hang around Sensui to corrupt him.

He wanted to get Sensui to the point that he could easily get him to invoke Depraved Homosexual, since Itsuki's into that sort of thing. Plus, at least in the dub, the way he leaves Sensui and Yusuke saying, "I'll leave the two of you...ALONE" (especially the way it's delivered) seems like he wanted some action other than fighting to go down. Add to that he generally wants to show others how awesome he thinks Sensui is by any means necessary, and how proud he seems to be of aiding and abetting the corruption of Sensui's Incorruptible Pure get this WMG.

In the anime, Shuuichi's body was a vanity project on Kurama's part, modeled after his favourite flower: A rose.
In the manga, Shuuichi has black hair and dark eyes, as is normal and expected for Japanese people. However, in the anime, his hair is very conspicuously rose-red, his eyes are very conspicuously leaf-green, and he overall looks nothing like his (much more classically Japanese-looking) mother. This WMG posits that anime!Shuuichi's bizarre phenotype was not, in fact, natural, but is instead from Kurama deliberately tinkering on his new body while it was in the womb. His genotype is probably still the same, however, so if you were to clone him, you'd end up with a normal, average-looking sort of dude instead.
  • Pretty sure the result of cloning Shuuichi Minamino would be some sort of Eldritch Abomination - his body isn't actually human. In Chapter 22 Kurama explains that he fled to the ningenkai in a 'spirit body' - abandoning his Youko body. Too weak to possess a normal human, he had to take control of a fetus. In the space of ten years his flesh - not just his spirit - became 'completely that of a demon's'. As evidence that he is completely demonic now - and didn't somehow stop the process after deciding not to leave Shiori, Kurama is never said to have reiki - only youki. He's arguably less human than, say, the Toguros, who also started out human. That implies that he's deliberately changing his body slightly over time - simulating puberty - so as not to worry his mother; though Hiei also apparently went through something analogous to puberty and we don't know how long it lasted (since Hiei's age itself is a Plot Hole). His Youko form isn't something stored inside him - most of the time it appears, he's under the effect of something like the Idunn Box or the Fruit of Past Lives that regresses your body through time. He's essentially doing something similar to Genkai - de-aging himself to when he was stronger (technically it's more correct to say that Genkai is temporarily de-aged as a side effect of using techniques that increase reiki flow through the body). Eventually he learns how to do it without needing external aids (and gets stronger in his present form every time he does it as it gets used to the energy of his previous self).

Koto was sympathetic to Team Urameshi because she had a crush on Kurama.
She's the only one (besides the team) who complains when they're getting a raw deal.
The show is going to be brought back
No new episodes, but every one will be played again, most likely by Nickelodeon, considering they seem to want to play nothing but old shows, such as DBZ.
  • alt Cartoon Network, will do it or Adult Swim, and upgrade it, like they did with Thunder Catz
  • The chance of Yu Yu Hakusho airing on a channel like Nickelodeon is very slim, due to the fact that it's got a lot of crude language in it. Even when it was originally aired, it was on very late at night, as I recall.

Hiei's involvement with the robbery in the beginning of the series was a reaction to Yukina being kidnapped.
It's shown that Yukina was held captive long before her introduction to the series, and indirectly stated that she was missing before Hiei was introduced. It's clear that Hiei cares about her more than anything, so her going missing and his being unable to find her would upset him. Likely searching and searching for her and coming up with nothing made him have a Freak Out and he decided to steal the items in a desperate attempt to find her. This might also explain why he acts more psychotic at the start of the series compared to how he acts later on.

The incurable disease Sensui has that was going to kill him in less than half a month is the Heart Virus that killed Son Goku in the alternate timeline
  • And like Sensui who has access to Sacred Energy (Seikoki), not even a Super Saiyan can overpower the virus and neither can the senzu beans.

Alternate explanations for Sensui's illness

  • He had a brain tumor. Brain tumors (specifically glioblastomas) are known to be slow-growing (even in normal people) and cause personality changes. This would have been very convenient if the tumor started about the same time as he flipped out during the Black Black Club incident, because it would have the possibility of making his Split Personality worse (meaning, if he hadn't had the tumor, he would only have one to two alters instead of six, due to the effect the tumor had on his brain). The reason he was going to die in half a month's time was that the tumor had crossed the blood-brain barrier (as is known to happen sometimes with glioblastomas) and had metastatised to some of his other organs. At that point, medical science could do nothing for him (even though, being ridiculously strong, he could still fight enough to commit Suicide by Cop).

  • He had an autoimmune disorder such as lupus. Not only could nothing be done for him outside of steroid treatment (which probably stopped working by that point), it would be an interesting allegory for his own Start of Darkness and self-loathing.

The sword Hiei steals in the beginning corrupts the mind of the wielder, making them act Drunk on the Dark Side.
Yet another theory on why, in-universe, Hiei acts so differently in his first appearance. The sword's already The Corruption to everything it cuts. Why wouldn't it have some sort of effect on its wielder, the one who's around it the most?

All kitsune have Hammerspace in YYH-verse
It's not just Kurama. Koto pulls a dancing ribbon out of hers at one point to drag Juri out of danger.

Demons are just humans with genetic mutations as a result of generations of Spiritual Energy
  • Raizen was able to have sex and impregnate a human woman, meaning that they are technically members of the same species. Two creatures can only be considered members of the same species if they can reproduce together, this proves that demons and humans are related in some distant manner explaining why most demons look human or at least look vaguely human (2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs, etc.) The reason why humans don't have as much spiritual power is because demons are an offset of humanity that had more spiritual power and over enough generations that power led to genetic alterations so that their bodies could more properly maintain and use that power (much like Torgoro could increase his muscle mass), humans have the ability to tap into spiritual power but their kind haven't used it in such a long time that it has become a genetic rarity.

Hiei was working with Sakyo to bring down Tarukane
The two had met when Sensui was sent to shut down the Black Book Club's demon kidnapping ring, with Hiei actually saving Sakyo from Sensui's homicidal rampage in the hope Sakyo would be able to tell him were Yukina was. As Tarukane had already spirited her away, Hiei was about to kill Sakyo (either personally or by throwing him at Sensui), but the billionaire managed to convince him to let him help. Fast forward ten years, the Reikai finds out were Yukina is, and Hiei, instead of going and murdering Tarukane on the spot, reminds Sakyo of his promise and demands the means to make Takuyane pay for what he did to Yukina. Is there anyone here who doesn't know what Sakyo did to Tarukane?

Kuwabara is Kuwabara-sensei of Hikaru no Go
That or related to him in some odd way, seen as to the fact that Kuwabara-sensei 'senses' Sai

Koenma uses his spirit energy stored in his pacifier every time he brings someone back to life.
  • It's hard to believe that the revival of Game Master could drain over 700 years worth of stored spirit energy. Koenma must have used his powers to revive Genkai after the Dark Tournament, and that doesn't count other resurrections he may have done in his lifetime.

Hiei and Yukina's father was a Three-Kings-Tier S-Class youkai

Hiei was absurdly powerful even as a fetus, fully aware and potentially capable of killing people while still in the womb if he had tried. The ice maidens sure seem to live in a lot of terror of the outside world for a race of absurdly powerful youkai. Ergo, daddy was probably some sort of fire god or something.

Yukina is a whole lot more powerful than she appears
Aside from her indomitable will and the extreme pain tolerance that she acquired during her years with Tarukane, there's the fact that when she tells Hiei near the end of the series that she wishes her brother would go and kill all the rest of the Ice Maidens, Hiei tells her she should do it herself. He wouldn't have said that unless he actually thought she could do it. Hiei would not have told her that unless he thought she could single-handedly wipe out the entire rest of her species, the vast majority of which are significantly older and more experienced than her.

Also, she is Hiei's sister, and Hiei has been a ludicrous powerhouse since literally before he was born.

Yusuke's father is a member of the Yakuza, and a fairly high ranking one at that.
It would explain why Yusuke's mother has Yakuza connections- she was the girlfriend of one of their ranking members.

Yukina's Healing Hands power is unique among Ice Maidens
Death is Cold and life is warm. Healing (restoring life), is a power more closely aligned with fire than ice, and is therefore not native to a Koorime (ice maiden) at all. Perhaps her red eyes aren't the only thing she got from her fire demon father.

Odd hair colors (at least in the anime) directly correlate to how demonic/spiritual humanoid organisms are.
Excluding the high possibility that Kuwabara bleaches/dyes his hair, all characters with strange hair colors aren't regular humans.
  • Botan and some of the SDF are, obviously, spirits.
  • Genkai is an incredibly gifted psychic, not an average human. Yusuke has black hair because he's essentially normal at the beginning of the series and Raizen's power wasn't yet awakened.
  • In the same vein as an above entry, Kurama's human genes were probably influenced/manipulated by raw demon energy before birth, thus giving him red hair and green eyes.
    • In Japanese mythology, a kitsune in human form is said to be a green-eyed redhead. Between this and his parents having black hair, it's pretty much a given.
  • Yukina's greenish hair is probably average for her kind. Hiei's hair is naturally vertical and has white streaks. All other characters with unnatural colors, like Toya, Shishiwakamaru, and Juri, are demons of various types.
  • Even if Kuwabara's hair isn't artificially bleached/dyed, it's still an orangey-red hue that, while uncommon, is plausible in humans. Kurama's red hair, on the other hand, is rose red, i.e. closer to purple than to orange, which is downright impossible to produce with the pigments humans can naturally have in their hair.

The Team Uraotogi really started with demons generated by the bitterness of the fairy tales' protagonists
Suzuki tracked down five of them and took his place as captain under the identity of Onji. Then they embarked to reach Hanging Neck Island, won the qualification match... And lost three of the original members when the members of the other teams ganged up on them, at which point Suzuki, Shishiwakamaru and Makintaro forced the two survivors of the other teams to join them under Kuro Momontaro and Ura Urashima's identities.

Bui became a servant of Mukuro at some point after the manga ends.
He has two new "must defeat" targets: Yusuke (for killing Younger Toguro before he could) and Hiei (for beating him). He starts serving Mukuro to keep a relatively close eye on Hiei, so he can see just how far he still needs to go. Even if he really has reached the peak of his power, he won't stop trying to get stronger, if only so he can challenge Hiei again and die in battle properly this time.

The reason the animation style changes so often.
The animation is fairly normal whenever nothing supernatural is happening. However, when there are a lot of demons around or when something is powering up (Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flame comes to mind) the animation changes. This is because the spirit or demon energy is messing with the Spirit World cameras that are being used to record Yusuke's life.

Koto is in actuality at least a B-class demon
I mean, she doesn't seem strong, right? I mean Bakken knocked her away quickly in the Dark Tournament arc. However, whenever a character in the arc used a power that would destroy the audience/anything in its path, it never went after her (or Juri for that matter). She's apparently skilled with a ribbon (who's to say that she never fought?). And the only time she was getting weak, was when Toguro was opening up his soul vacuums. I mean, she's probably not high-b like Toguro is, but she's gotta be at least a low-b class demon.

Mr. Iwamoto had dirt on Mr. Takanaka
Why else would he still stay employed, despite all the horrible things he did as a teacher?
  • Because he's a teacher in Japan. Short of catching them committing a crime it's next to impossible to fire them.
    • He stole from his students, tried to frame Yusuke for it, and assaulted him when he claimed innocence. Sounds pretty illegal to me.

Botan and Hiei are lovers
Because Hiei sees a bit of his sister (the one person he ever cared about for most of his life) in Botan (there's some resemblance after all), and Botan sees the physical and character resemblance between Hiei and Yusuke (on whom Botan seems to have a crush). Basically, a very twisted take on Loving a Shadow...

Yusuke has cousins family in Tokyo
Their family name is Tsukino.

Hiei has a fantasy about seeing Yukina as a child before rescuing her
Before he's about to rescue Yukina, he has a dream of looking out for Yukina when she's a young child, but he's the same height as he is in the series (so it's not too much of a stretch to imagine he's the same age as he is in the series, rather than also a child). Instead of this being a memory like it's suggested, perhaps this is a fantasy, something he wishes he could have done. At one point he admits "In truth I had seen her once before, but was too afraid to get close," when it doesn't make sense in the timeline. By the time he make it to the glacial village, which had had a hard time finding, she was long gone.
  • Someone also wondered how he knew what she looked like. Yukina looks just like their mother, who he saw before he was abandoned. It's not too far out of the question to think she would look like her before he ever saw her face.

Hiei is claustrophobic
Whenever he's in a room with a window he's either sitting on the windowsill or standing next to it. Whenever he's in a room without a window he gets increasingly upset.
  • While in the mansion he lashes out and says the taboo word, even knowing it's a taboo word. Also, later in the same mansion he says, "This stupidity is making me nauseous," referring to Yusuke's game. However, it could be due to the fact that he's been trapped indoors for several hours with no access to any windows, sun/moonlight, or fresh air.
  • While trapped in Gamemaster's territory he decides to take a nap after cutting himself out of the territory didn't work.
  • While trapped in the dark soul he become irate when seeing Sensui's power and he tries to cut himself out of it, knowing he's in another dimension and it'll do nothing.
  • When he first wakes up from surgery from getting his jagan eye he immediately leaves the windowless room he's in and goes outside.
  • After spending 6 months in Mukuro's basement he tries to kill himself.
  • He also finishes his fight against Seiryu rather quickly, and while climbing the narrow stairs through maze castle he's the one reminding everyone not to waste time.
  • On his way to Hanging Neck Island with the rest of the group he openly says how bored he is and instead of standing on deck with everyone else he stands on the railing. Standing so close to so many others clearly makes him uncomfortable.

Yukina is actually male
In real life there is a condition called CAIS, or Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. This is where the fertilized egg in the womb is genetically male, but the body rejects the male DNA (XY is male, XX is female) and genetically creating a female instead. It's said that if ice maidens are with a man they will always have a violent son, but Yukina is female. She clearly isn't an exact clone of her mother since she has red eyes. People with CIAS are quite docile (like Yukina) because they don't have any testosterone. It's possible she was supposed to be born male like what happens to ice maidens, but ended up female because of CAIS. Even if this is the case, her and Hiei would still be fraternal twins, not identical. If they were identical then Hiei would have ended up the same way or Yukina also would have been male.

The ice maiden village elder knew Hiei was there.
In the anime didn’t it strike anyone as odd that she “conveniently” had to leave just as Hiei arrived. So who’s to say she figured all hell was about to break lose, got out of dodge figuring they rest were dead weight. It doesn’t help that after words we hear no such idea of her returning to the village. Adding to it is that Yukina was certain he was alive and her whole goal of finding him was to bring him back to kill them all.