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Awesome Music / Yu Yu Hakusho

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  • Running in a crowd, in a faceless town, I need to feel the touch of a friend... The original Japanese version isn't bad either, and both are hella earwormy.
  • The first ending (The homework doesn't end) is an upbeat tone that really screams The '90s. Especially its Japanese counterpart. A great introduction to the series.
  • The fourth ending (The Sun Will Shine Again), especially when you see photos of Yusuke and Keiko, foreshadowing that they'll be together by the time the series ends with a heartwarming and upbeat tune.
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  • Sensui's Terriority Sensui's Leitmotif. The sound of the end of the world, a creepy and dissonant soundscape mixing into a catchy beat half-way through.
  • Yusuke's Power Up, a.k.a. Demon Yusuke's Leitmotif. This is what it sounds like when a nobody becomes something larger than life!
  • Time Limit, a.k.a. Younger Toguro's One-Winged Angel theme. Oddly punchy, not sinister but tragic, yet suggestive of power all the same. Yes, that's perfect for the Younger Toguro brother.
  • Struggle of Sadness, an unreleased track that inspires hope even in the darkest of times.
  • Tatakai no Hate. The build-up is immense, and the pay-off fitting. Its debut is in Episode 89, when Kuwabara manages to master the power of his dimensional sword so he, Hiei and Kurama escape from Itsuki's territory and help Yusuku defeat Sensui... too bad Yusuke gets killed right after said escape. That this track was later used in the final battle is just the cherry on top at this point.
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  • Battle Time could just as well be the series' fight scene anthem, building up heavy suspense in the heat of the moment.
  • Monster Suit works in the more frantic moments, with the last minute being perfect for fast paced battles.
  • Kurama's theme is quite fitting for his Cunning Like a Fox personality. Sadly it only plays a few times in the show itself.
  • "Inochi O Kakete" only plays a few times, but always manages to leave an impact.


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