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  • When Taichi helps Yui get over her androphobia. They happen to be switched at the time, so he kicks Yui (in his own body) in the groin. They then switch back a matter of seconds later. He was in pain for at least the rest of the night.
  • When Yui reveals a huge cache of snack food, bought due to having a desire unleashed while she was shopping the club room devolves into one hilarious, desire fueled feeding frenzy.
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  • Inaba's telepathic confession to Taichi at the end of the anime, which has her thoughts say "I love you" again and again and again while her mouth keeps telling Taichi not to listen.
  • In the first episode of the anime, right after Taichi first finds himself in Iori's body in the empty classroom and, with disbelief, ends up fondling his own/her breasts, right when Fujishima appears at the door with a look of shock on her face. Ready to receive a sound disciplining from the strict and proper class president, Taichi is as surprised/horrified as the audience when Fujishima flashes what could only be described as a "rapist smile" and moves to his/Iori's side saying "It feels a lot better when someone else is fondling them for you." Que a hilarious struggle.
    Taichi/Iori: "We need to talk about this!"
    Fujishima: "Let's talk with our bodies!"
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  • Taichi's sister kisses him on the cheek after Valentine's Day, and his feeling of joy is transmitted to everyone else in the CRC... without any context.
    Taichi: "YES! I finally got a kiss on the cheek from my sister!"
    Inaba, Yui, Aoki: "Ew."
  • Episode 12 has two particular gems:
    • Not too long into the episode, the gang is walking around to buy supplies for an infant Iori when they are confronted by Anzu and Mihashi. Inaba grabs the 10 year old Aoki and runs, leaving a flustered Yui and Taichi to deal with them:
      Mihashi: "Hold on! You're not getting away. Start by explaining the baby."
      Yui: "What do you mean?
      Anzu: "Don't tell me you had a baby with him!?"
      Taichi (simultaneously with Yui): "No, you're wrong!"
      Yui (simultaneously with Taichi): "Of course not!"
      Anzu: "Then the person holding the baby was the mother?"
      Yui: "Nooooo!"
      Anzu: "Got it!" (turns to Taichi) "But I'm assuming you're the father?"
      Taichi: "Don't assume that!"
      Anzu: "Then how exactly do the two of you explain the love triangle that you guys seem to be having here?!"
      Taichi & Yue:: "THERE ISN'T A TRIANGLE!!!"
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    • Taichi and Aoki take a trip to visit the latter's ex-girlfriend, Nana. Though it's a very heartwarming moment, Nana still manages to slip in this:
      Aoki: "I really loved you a lot back then. But there's someone I love even more now."
      (Taichi and Nana look surprised)
      Nana: "Oh I see."
      Aoki: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have sprung this on you."
      Nana: "It's OK. Thanks for coming to see me anyway." (looks at Taichi) "Who is that guy? Wait, don't tell me that guy is the one who-"
      Aoki & Taichi: "NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!"

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