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YMMV / Kokoro Connect

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  • Moe: 4 year old Inaba from episode 11.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: Almost any discussion concerning Kokoro Connect will be about the Mitsuhiro Ichiki prank incident. Because of the treatment of Ichiki (namely, that he was called in to do an audition for a character that didn't even exist, and not only didn't get the part, but was relegated to a PR manager who got humiliated and electrocuted in one incident), otaku were furious and planned to boycott the anime. See here for all of the relevant information.
  • Wangst: Inaba's confession about her trust issues in episode 4 is supposed to be genuine, but comes off like something an emo teenager would write in their diary.
    • Arguably the point of the entire scene; considering how little the rest of the cast seemed to care about her confession, the show made it seem like she was worrying over something pointless.


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