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  • The young trainer who challenges Ash and Pikachu to a battle near the beginning of the film has a Croconaw, and his name is Dundee.
  • It's obvious that Brock's flirting has hit rock bottom when Ash, Pikachu and Misty are all staring at him disapprovingly. They all have the same expression on their faces, too.
    Brock: Diana why don't you come with us and protect us?
    Misty: Then she'd need protection from you. (drags him by the ear, as usual)
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  • Celebi's giddy reaction to tasting some of the wild berries Ash and Sammy found.
  • Jessie, James and Meowth's attempt at retrieving a peach from a peach tree...only for a Pidgey to claim it. Bummer.
    James: Nice catch.
    Jessie: (sarcastically) It was peachy.
  • After waking up in the present, Sammy attacks Ash, still thinking the poacher is after Celebi. After he recovers from the time traveling ordeal and realises this isn't the case, he ponders aloud how he got to the future. Ash, still angry about Sammy's attack, shouts out, "I carried you here on my back!"
  • This line, about the Iron Masked Maurauder:
    • ...Okay, maybe it doesn't make TOTAL sense. The whole scene is just too bizarre to tell the difference.
  • As they watch Ash climb, Brock and Misty say he climbs like a Mankey. Later, when he gets knocked partway down and climbs back up at twice the speed he'd been using:
    Brock: I think he just evolved into Primeape.
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  • Ash and Sam call out Celebi to stop destroy the forest,in the moment:
    Ash: Celebi, you have to stop!
    Sam: You're supposed to protect the forest, not destroy it!
    Ash: CELEBI!
    (camera zooms in to Celebi overhears, before to stop attacking Suicune was stuck in the vine. beat, Celebi stares with one blink until...)
    Celebi: BI! Bi...


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