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  • After Jyu torched the whole field to ashes, Monoko and the animals discovered that fire can be used to cook food. They asked Tarouza to make more fire despite what just happened.
  • When Capri first meets Tarouza, she quickly becomes attracted to him. An older female lion she was with explains what she's feeling to her and then claims that she can make Tarouza listen to her wish for them to be together through "charm" and gives her a "battle outfit," which is a frilly dress. The next time they meet up she has her adopted siblings fan her with leaves in order to flip up the frilly dress while she strikes silly poses in an attempt to seduce Tarouza.
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  • Tarouza is such a hot catch that Gorilla females fight each other over him.
  • While they are in a middle of a fight, Kuou still has time to comment how beautiful Elaine is (despite the very same person just shot him in half), Jyu is not amused.

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