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  • The very first fight of the second season, Baki vs. Artie Regan, a massive pro wrestler, as they're being introduced.
    Regan: I heard you are the champion. Poor thing! Do you know what's going to happen?
    Baki (in his head): I will kick you back into your mother's womb. * Gentle smile*
  • Baki and Yanagi getting into a literal slap fight in the 3rd season. Said slaps are strong enough to tear off skin, but that just somehow makes it more hilarious.
  • One that doubles as an awesome moment; soon after the initial meeting of the underground fighters and the death row inmates, Speck confronts Baki as he's enjoying a date - and kiss - with Kozue, and promptly finds himself on the receiving end of an epic Death Glare, Baki clearly telling him "Go ahead, just try and interrupt us".
    • Speck quickly gets over his initial shock and makes to attack, only for Hanayama to appear from out of nowhere and grab him by the face, before spiriting him away in perhaps the world's most extreme case of running interference.
    • Bonus points for Baki not breaking the kiss while glaring at Speck, and Kozue completely failing to notice everything that happens, despite the massive sizes of Speck and Hanayama, and it all taking place right behind her.
  • Dorian Algardos in an amusement park. Rather than kill the owner, he instead goes on the rides and looks like he is having an absolute blast. The dissonance between the hardened killer we’ve seen and the Manchild on the merry-go-round and spinning cups has to be seen to be properly appreciated.
  • When Sikorsky tries to fight Yujiro, only to be manhandled by Oliva, Yujiro has this to say:
    “You’re late, Unchained. I almost got bullied here.”
    • Then the two of them proceed to chat while Olivia keeps Sikorsky in a painful hold.
  • During his first fight in the Raitai Tournament Arc, it's to be expected that Old Master Kaku Kaioh would decimate his opponent as a demonstration of his phenomenal fighting ability, and sure enough, he dodges his opponent's opening move before taking him down with a single Groin Attack. That is, he suddenly appears behind the poor man, pulls down his shorts, and then flicks him between the legs.
    Kaku: Flick.
  • Baki taking out Shunsei Kaku with just three blows in a two-second exchange? Awesome. Him and Yujiro high-fiving immediately after? Darkly hilarious.
  • Yujiro calls the Prime Minister, tells him he's gonna come over and kick his ass in an hour, proceeds to go to his office, makes short work of the guards, walks into his office, and leaves. Almost all of the guards get fired because of this.
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  • In the climatic battle between Yujiro and Baki, Tokugawa makes sure the that Prime minister of Japan doesn't interfere just by slapping him across the face.
    Tokugawa: They told me this guy right here tried to interfere with both of you. So I used the legendary technique that puts rascals into their place The Bitchslap.
    Prime minister: (Nervously embarrassed) Heh! Not really...Just a slap.
  • Hillary Clinton reacts in horror while Yujiro is almost entirely naked with only wearing his speedo while his junk is sticking out.
    • As for Trump's reaction when facing the guy? Pissing himself and instantly surrendering to whatever terms Yujiro demands from him.
  • During his physical fitness test, Baki does terrible because he's too strong for such basic tests.
  • After a bunch of chapters about Baki explaining he uses his imagination to fight giant mantis and Mike Tyson and how his shadow boxing is so evolved he can feel the hits, you have Yujiro laughing his ass off after hearing his boy is pretty much playing pretend in the basement as preparation for his big fight.
  • In the same vein, Oliva and Che Guevara turns their fight into a game of who can keep the handkerchief in their hand with the loosest grip. When it escalates to both letting the cloth lie in their palm and fighting against wind Baki realizes he is watching two grown ups playing with a scarf instead of a fight and decides to force them to take it seriously by sleeping in Oliva's bed, groping his wife. Even funnier is that Oliva's wife plays along with it and cuddles with Baki saying it's not his fault the little boy was put to sleep by such lame display.
  • How does Shibukawa manage to get the inhumanly strong Biscuit to behave inside of the police station? Simple. By twisting his pinkie finger and dragging him along the hallways as the giant man begs to be released.
  • Takugawa having to explain to Mushashi what television, cavemen and dinosaurs are. The samurai's mind simply blocks out the vast majority of words spoken by the little man since concepts like meteors, satelites, radio-waves, nations formed after Feudal Japan and pre-historic animals are beyond his understanding.
    Mushashi: Di-No-Saurs? New Me-Xi-Co? Are you speaking in dialect?
  • Mushashi smacking Pickle in the face to wake him up, when that didn't work — he resorts to cutting Pickle's neck with the sword simulation technique only for Pickle to wake up when the blade didn't go through his flesh.

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