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Karakuridouji Ultimo isn't all about girly Humongous Mecha fighting.

Spoilers unmarked!

  • The running gag that whenever Ultimo comes to Yamato, he breaks glass, that usually flies into Yamato's body and face.
  • The quite infamous Not What It Looks Like / Mistaken for Gay scene in chapter 3. Even Dunstan was laughing.
    • Ultimo being too innocent to understand what Yamato's so upset about.
      Ultimo: Be strong Yamato-sama!
  • Yamato's thoughts and reactions anytime he sees Sayama.
  • The introduction of Orgullo's master, Akira Hidaka, in Chapter 12. A handsome, eighteen-year-old... Evil. Pro. Golfer. Narm indeed.
  • Rune scaring Yamato to the point he climbs up a telephone pole in Chapter 13.
    • Akitsu delivered a line that made it even funnier.
    Akitsu: What's with the electric pole? Pretending it's Sayama?
    • Oume punching Yamato in the crouch....WHILE RIDING A BICYCLE!
    • All of the girls in the class swarming Murayama after he introduces himself.
      • ...And then we see Rune, not doing anything but looking back and blushing at Yamato.
    • WcDonald's.
  • While the chapter quickly got worse after it, Yamato's reaction to the painting Rune made of him in Chapter 21 was something that the fandom had long awaited.
  • Why is Miyoshi stepping out of her car in Chapter 23? Is she going to kill herself? Is she going to jump down to run to Desir? No... Miyoshi slapping God Service on the face.
  • We get an out of character reaction from Yamato when he see the Yakuza. Instead of freaking out and asking 20 questions, he calmly shuts the door without a sound.
  • K in chapter 31, all bandaged up and sleeping. In a tree.
  • Yamato taking a Shower of Angst in chapter 4 because his crush Sayama mistook him for a child molester.

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