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Heartwarming / Karakuridouji Ultimo

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  • Yamato, Makato, and Mushashi attending Eko's furenal.
  • Chapter 48. Yamato encounters Rune while in the past, which quickly escalates into a fight. Rune tries to use Jealousy's usual emotion-reading ability to predict Yamato's moves and give him the upper hand, but this time it not only doesn't work, but actually drains his and Jealousy's power. Why is this? Because Rune was looking into Yamato's heart with the assumption that Yamato hates him, which he doesn't in the slightest. Even though he may not be attracted to Rune, Yamato proves in this fight that he does, without a doubt and with tears streaming down his face, love Rune from the bottom of his heart.

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