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Characters / Karakuridouji Ultimo

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Karakuridouji Ultimo has quite a large cast of characters. So large, multiple pages were made to hold them all. Especially since quite a few of these characters are verging on Troperiffic.

This page has tropes relating to all the doji in general. For tropes relating to the humans, and individual doji, look at the following pages:

General Tropes For The Karakuridouji

The Karakuridouji - "Mechanical Boys" - are robots created by Dr. Dustan. They're "robots designed to learn", meaning that they must choose a master to guide them into finding out what is truly good or evil (This will probably lead to a few Face–Heel Turn & Heel–Face Turn in the future). Besides from what they've learned, the robots have no human emotions.

These are tropes that every (or most) Karakuridoji has. Tropes that only some (as in, three or less) of the doji have should be moved to them only.


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