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Ho Yay / Karakuridouji Ultimo

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Geez, people just don't knock anymore, do they?

Karakuridouji Ultimo is known best for two things.

Being co-produced by Stan Lee, and its copious amounts of Ho Yay.

Then again, what else did you expect from a series with a minimal amount of female characters, and many, many pretty boys.

Expect some spoiler below.

  • Ultimo and Yamato. Takei really milked the whole master and page thing.
    • Starting right at the second chapter was the infamous "glass-breaking glomp" scene. Would have been tame enough, except for Ultimo's unfortunate use of dialogue. It's even lampshaded by Rune.
    • The entire ending of Chapter 3. Yamato stripping down to his boxers with Ultimo laying down on the bed. Comparing him to a fairytale princess and then deciding a kiss was the only way to wake him up. He doesn't kiss him in the end, but was still ended up in a compromising position. Ultimo woke up, and either, didn't see how suggestive the whole thing was, or didn't care.
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    • Chapter 4: Ultimo asking to wash Yamato's back. Hell the whole scene played out like a break-up if you get right down to it.
    • THE VOW. It's still is amazing how that got in a 13+ series.
    • When they are reunited the second time, their hug lasts a couple pages this time. Granted it was most likley due to the shock of Jealous transforming, but still.
    • Ultimo's general dislike towards Lady Gekko, and eventual murder, could be seen as this.
    • There was also this exchange:
      Yamato: How will I get back?
      Ultimo: A gate.
      Yamato: A date!?
      Ultimo: Gate. I will open up a temporary, space-time, gate.
    • Frankly, Ultimo is just touchy-feely with Yamato the whole series.

  • Rune and Yamato. More of a subversion though, since Rune actually does have feelings for Yamato. Also counts as Foe Yay.
    • Pretty much count anything after his confession in Chapter 10. Although it's more of a deconstruction, due to Rune's unsettling personality change.
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    • In the second bonus comic, Rune goes on a mini speech about how he'll always be by Yamato's side. Yamato is naturally oblivious to what Rune means.

  • Les Yay variant in one of the bonus comics. Oume was being hunted down by Akitsu because, well:
    Akitsu: She flipped up my skirt!
    Oume: Your legs are so pretty! I wanted to see more of them!

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