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Funny / Karakuri Circus

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  • There's no way to get around this, but Narumi sucks at making people laugh even as his life literally depends on it.
    • His grandfather fared much better when the man was still alive. Then again, you can't help but laugh at the way a very serious-looking old man suddenly turns into a clown at the drop of a hat.
    • Anyone noticed the walls of Narumi's house are decorated with clown pictures?
  • Shirogane, upon hearing that Narumi has a disease, immediately disinfects Masaru with soap.
  • Zenji, after his whole experience with Masaru, has turned into a nervous wreck of a manchild. He immediately has a breakdown each time he hears about the kid that can only be soothed with sweets (namely pudding). And Masaru makes full use of it.

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