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  • From the first episode, Rin comes up with a cover story for why he is injured:
    Shiro: Where did you get that cut on your face?
    Rin: [slight smartass tone] I tripped going downstairs.
    Shiro: Your clothes are a mess.
    Rin: It was a mother of a fall.
    Shiro: And that trace of a nosebleed?
    Shiro: WHAT?! LET'S GO AFTER HER! SHOW ME WHERE SHE IS, RIN! [realizes he's lying] Crap! [puts Rin in a headlock] MORON! You got into another fight, admit it! Why must you always brawl?!
    Rin: Let go of me, you old fart!
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  • In-Universe, Mephisto thinks that Rin becoming an exorcist is the funniest thing in ages.
  • Rin and Bon's dispute over who'd kill Satan... "YOU STOLE MY DREAM!" "NO I DIDN'T, MY DREAM'S ORIGINAL!"
  • Rin's analysis of Bon in Episode 5.
    Rin: "Two tone hair... piercings... he's got that rebellious look...damn he's cool."
    • The same episode has Rin repeatedly falling asleep in class, and leads to this exchange when the teacher calls on him to answer what the lowest-level demonic relative to Astaroth (the villain he'd faced in the second episode) was.
      Rin: Oh, uh, I've never seen one of those...
      Teacher: It's called a "Coal Tar"! One of them's flying past you now.
    • Shiemi is confident that she aced the quiz in the Pharmaceutics class (as she's from a family of pharmacists) - unfortunately, she knows the various required medicines by their nicknames, not official ones, calling aloe "Mr. Sancho" and turmeric as "Mr. Homiley", resulting in a 41 and Blank White Eyes on the test. Rin gets a 2.
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    • And the Phys Ed teacher decides to cancel class for the rest of the period halfway through because his wife gave him a bootycall. His students are quite annoyed by this fact.
  • Chapter 8: Kuro is going on a rampage and Rin opts for persuading the cat sith to stop since he can read his mind, assuring he will "use his head". Cue Rin stopping Kuro with a headbutt.
    Yukio: [in his head] Huh?! He actually used his head?!
  • In the Filler episode The Phantom Chef, there is the Running Gag of Rin reaching for his sword for various reasons; the food is ridiculously expensive in the cafeteria, Mephisto isn't giving them a proper allowance and finally when he finds out that Yukio makes more money than him. When he tries to take it out on Mephisto, the headmaster reasons that he likes a certain bill because it has a face of a famous person, or such.
    • 2000 Yen bills are considered really rare in Japan (tourists, on the other hand, can often get them when they change bills outside Japan).
    • Not to mention him going on about how the students need to experience culture and expensive food... then eats a ramen cup.
    • Mephisto's Demon-flavored Oatmeal and its effects on Rin.
    Rin: Here goes! (Picks up the bowl, downs it in one gulp and screams as smoke pours out of his mouth)
    Yukio: Rin, no! Are you okay?!
    Rin: (Dazed) I hear Grandma calling me...
    Yukio: Grandma?! We've never met our grandma! Whoever she is, don't follow her into the light!
    • Rin and Ukobach are both passed out by the time Yukio arrives, so Mephisto fills him in on the fact that they'd battled within an inch of their lives, pushing their skills to the limit. He, of course, is talking about cooking ability. Both sport massive balloon bellies from sampling the others' dishes.
      Yukio: That's my brother. Defying logic in all kinds of ways.
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    • Rin's hilariously deadpan reaction to finding out that Ukobach is cooking several students.
  • Mephisto's reaction when he finds out that Amaimon managed to get a certain "rare" yukata, with all these pictures of cute little girls printed all over it. Bonus points for this happening right on the heels of Mephisto reading him the riot act over using the Infinity Key for sightseeing.
    Mephisto: Now this is what you call soul of Japan, its Samurai spirit! Not to mention the heart of its culture, the fabulous spirit of moe! To have a brother as amazing as you is truly a blessing.
    • Not to mention the fact that when Amaimon was given the chance to go anywhere in Assiah, his first reaction is to act like a typical tourist on a vist to Japan. Judging from the amount of stuff he was able to buy Mephisto must have not only expected this sort of behavior from his little brother but had given him a much bigger allowance then what he gave Yukio and Rin when they asked for money. Apparently being able to get plenty of souvenirs is more important to Mephisto then the ability to pay for basic necessities like food.
    • The male students are gathered at "Mepphyland" (complete with gratuitous branding of Mephisto's image) complaining about being there... until they see Shimei running up and causing them all to be Distracted by the Sexy as she's wearing the school uniform for a change. They illustrate the resulting effect through a jiggly dessert.
  • Amaimon sheathing and unsheathing Rin's sword over and over, changing his appearance along with it.
  • Mephisto after receiving the student's Christmas/Birthday cake:
    Mephisto: A cake celebrating the birth of Christ for me, a demon? Hm... hm... (tastes some of the frosting) Wow! It's fantastic!
    • Earlier in the same episode, Rin brings in the cake. It had already been established that Rin and Yukio were born on December 27th, so they had always celebrated Christmas and their birthday together. When Rin brings the completed cake, decorated Christmas style, neither he nor Yukio think that there's a problem with the cake, much to the other students' exasperation.
      Rin: Oh my God. Birthday cakes and Christmas cakes are totally different!
      Yukio: And it took us 15 years to realize it!
      • The completed cake at the end of the episode even has a Freeze-Frame Bonus of having "Merry" crossed out before "Happy" was used, indicating that Rin had nearly made the same mistake.
    • Shiemi tries to conduct a meeting to plan for the party, only to confess that she doesn't know how a birthday party works. Everyone else pulls a seated Face Fault, but Rin's reaction is to skyrocket about the room in a puff of smoke.
    • The party was a surprise for Izumo, and Shima was assigned the task of getting the presents. Since he doesn't know what Izumo would like, he asks Paku for help. Izumo sees them talking together, thinks they're seeing each other, and decides to spy on their "date" to the mall. Hilarity Ensues, complete with Conspicuous Trenchcoat and Imagine Spots aplenty.
  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, at the end of the Impure King Arc, Rin's True Companions, save Sheimi, spell out "SATAN" for a photo with their bodies.
    • Furthermore, Juuzou formally proposing to Mamushi by asking for her dad's permission.
      • The entire incident above is hilarious, what with Yaozo going Oh, Crap! and Uwabami looking like he's going to blow. Considering the subtext to what prompted the proposal...
  • Shura explaining to the class that Rin is "allergic to holy water."
    Bon: "Allergic to holy water? I've never heard of that!"note 
  • This bit from the dubbed version of Episode 20 of the anime as Yukio corners Neuhaus.
    Yukio: That spider web on your shoulder, spun by demonic powers. The monastery's covered in it so there's no doubt that you're involved.
    • In the aftermath of the same dubbed episode, Rin shows off his newfound control of his powers to one of his friends from the monastery, whose jumpiness inspires this lighthearted remark.
    Rin: Aw, c'mon! Don't be such a pussy.
  • Rin's reaction to being friend-zoned by Shiemi. Built up by how flustered Shiemi is about it, like she actually was going to confess to him instead of declare friendship.
  • Chapter 40 has the cram students begin to deal with The Seven Mysteries of True Cross Academy, i.e. demons. The first one up is a Wedding Kimono Ghost... who turns out to be a Transvestite. And wants to kiss a guy to find his/her Mr. Right. Hilarity Ensues.
  • How Rin got past security blocks in episode 10: With a serious face like he belongs there.
    Rin: I'm Rin Okumura: Exwire, No class.
    Yukio: Uh-uh. You're not supposed to be here.
    Rin: Just making sure you don't break your second pair of glasses.
    Yukio: What are you, crazy?! I don't have time to play these games of yours right now! Go! Away!
    Rin: Tough shit. [sticks his tongue at Yukio]
  • When Das Stärkste Gefängnis starts making siren noises in episode 7 of season 2. With all the drama (Impure King is awake, Rin is sentenced to death by the Vatican and was dragged into DSG with a giant metal claw) going on, to hear the door suddenly start going "wee-woo wee-woo" is both unexpected and hilarious.
  • Chapter 41. Rin, Yukio, Bon, Shima, Konekomaru and Takara. Crossdressing. Rin and Shima pull it off, everyone else, including Yukio, manage to look like the worst gay stereotypes. Even Shiemi was laughing.
    • The bonus corner in the manga volume that has that chapter reveals that everyone but Rin and Shima felt "demaned" as well. No wonder Rin and Shima are the only ones who actually can pull it off!
  • The bonus chapter 23.5. Five words: Kinzo Shima's Death Metal Shamisen. Word of God says she did it because everyone thought Kinzo was a visual kei bandmember and she decided she needed to clear that up...
  • Chapter 42 is actually very serious....except for the background events around the Cram Students and especially Rin. The audience sees them dealing with a giant possessed statue and a possessed train. Or, rather, Rin dealing with them....
    • Earlier Shura (in a school uniform) asks if Yukio has any picture of him crossdressing in chapter 41. He replies with…
    Yukio: I see you're dressed like a woman too, Shura-San. Aren't you ashamed.
  • In chapter 43, Mephisto waltzes in, in his dog form. Izumo remarks that he is cute, and he promptly changes back into his normal form. Izumo's reaction was priceless.
    • Same chapter, but earlier: Rin casually admits to Godaiin that yep! he's a half demon. Priceless expressions from everyone in the background.
  • When Yukio is visiting the supply store, he instructs Rin to stay outside and not touch anything. Rin walks up to the garden gate and leans forward. The instant he touches it, there is a brilliant flash and the gate falls over.
  • Yukio and Rin get in an argument, and Rin breaks Yukio's glasses. Yukio really loses his composure, then is suddenly interrupted by a phone call. After calmly recieving an assignment, he pulls open a drawer containing at least ten pairs of glasses.
  • In chapter 51, Takara hands Yukio a bill for a doll he bought. This was his face when he saw the price.
  • From the bonus shorts on the second dvd:
    • Rin getting lectured by Yukio about hiding his tail because of a bunch of close calls involving Shiemi almost noticing, the scene cuts to Rin using his tail to make it seem like something is trying to burst out of his chest.
    • Mephisto and Amaimon sitting around playing videogames which ends with Amaimon eating Mephisto's custom made game controller.
  • Chapter 68: Naked Festival. Including Mephisto siccing demons on them for the lolz that have Rin and Renzo saying hilarious and very perverted things about the ladies and fighting. Naked.
  • Chapter 70-71: Lightning's obsession with wanting to touch Koumeken (which is Rin's Demon Heart), Ryuji wanting to be his apprentice, and the reaction to his list of demands after accepting Bon as his apprentice.
    Rin: My bad. I ended up punching your master.
    Bon: Don't worry. It's a big help. I just became his apprentice and even I was about to do it.
    • The fanslation has Rin use the term "pervert" repeatedly towards Lightning and, though it's also a bit creepy, it fits considering how Rin reacts to the idea of Lightning touching his koumaken. Lightning gives something of a pedophile-like vibe, some of his lines suggesting a bit of "molestation" is involved. Played for Laughs of course.
    • And, for bonus points, there is Shima's and Konekomaru's reaction to finding out Ryuji wants to be Lightning's apprentice. The Viz translation has Ryuji use "man-crush" to describe how he feels about Lightning, while a fanslation uses the term "fallen for him" since the origianl Japanese word used can be admiration or love.
  • Chapter 72: Shima's wailing over Ryuji's Expository Hairstyle Change and the running comments on how Ryuji's more Lightning's manager than apprentice.
    • In context it's not funny but how the fandom reacts to Yukio jumping off a building is.
  • Chapter 74: Yukio and Rin being Mistaken for Gay by the Innkeeper constantly. Rin is completely clueless the entire time while Yukio flips out as usual. Seems like Kato knows about the fandom's favourite pairing.
  • The English dub outtakes. Everyone in the main seven gets in the act, as well as a large number of supporting characters.
  • Chapter 82:
    • Pakku and Izumo overhearing Rin and Shiemi talking about Rin's recent confession to her. Immediately picking up on the fact that Shiemi is way out of her depth, Izumo proposes a "study date" but actually brings over stacks and stacks of Shoujo manga — to teach Shiemi about love.
    Izumo: Is the manga making her overheat?
    • When Shiemi goes to give Rin her answer, Shima, Konekomaru, and Bon also overhear, and their reactions (amusement, bemusement, and sympathy, respectively) are almost as funny as Rin's (Blue with Shock and blowing away in the wind).
    • And then Amaimon shows up wearing a school uniform.
  • Chapter 83 brings back Rin being unable to remember Amaimon's name.
  • After chapters of intense exposition as Rin finds out his origins and the past of his mother that led to his and Yukio being born, we reach the actual birth. Is it dramatic, horrifying? Nope. Baby Rin shoots out like a cannonball and turns out to be more dangerous as a baby than he is right now! He's likely 6 seconds old and he's kicking the ass of an entire army!note 
  • In the movie:
    • Mephisto is petting Hamster!Amaimon, and talking to Rin and Yukio. Amaimon randomly bites him, and he skips a beat in pain before continuing.
    • Yukio tries to pop candy into his mouth from the dispenser, only to hit himself in the face with it.
    • Shura sneaks up on Rin to put him in a headlock, motioning to Shiemi to be quiet.
    • Usa biting Rin's tail, causing him to scream girlishly.
    • The boys have to give Usa a bath. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Usa tries to look up Izumo's skirt.
    • The trio gets covered in Water Balloon monster goo, three times.
    • Usamaru hits everyone with Cuteness Proximity, including Izumo.
    • Shima is so tired that he forgets that he's supposed to be scared of bugs. Bon and Konekomaru freak out.
  • In the time travel arc of the manga we see Osceola has been bodily lifting people his entire career.
  • In that same arc, Shiro and Yuri become friends, but only after he agrees to apologize to her friend Rick for being a jerk earlier. Shiro does so, and as he walks away Rick comments that Yuri really can Tame anything. Shiro is not amused.
  • The look on 20yo Shiro's face when he gets his first apartment and decides what to do with his new freedom must be seen to be believed.
  • On a related note, the expression Mephisto gives as he and Rin witness the results of Shiro's bar crawling is one of his best to date.
  • Really the expressions in general during this arc. Young Shiro and Yuri give Rin a run for his money in terms of expressiveness.
  • Chapter 113: Konekomaru has consulted with Tatsuma about the sword and is about to go back to True Cross, when suddenly Mephisto is there eating snacks. He tells Koneko the open drawer behind him will probably take him where he needs to go and Konekomaru steps right in without any argument.
  • Rin starts to lose it while watching his own birth, so Mephisto sends him somewhere to cool off. Where did he end up? In Shiemi's bathroom.
  • In that same scene, Shiemi's surprise at seeing Rin there, and her lie about taking a big poop in order to keep the Grigori Agency people from barging in. Also serves as a reference to the spinoff, Salaryman Exorcist.
  • While the circumstances were tragic, there's something oddly hilarious about how the questions of "why were we allowed to survive" and "why did Father Fujimoto raise us" were answered with "just because" and "my boss made me after I lost a bet I made when I was 11".


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