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A rough timeline of events in Ao no Exorcist. Due to lack of manga canon dates for events, everything is organized in relation to the first chapter/episode, and the 1995 birthdate from the anime will be ignored. Due to the nature of a timeline page, all of the spoilers will remain untagged. Read at your own risk.

100+ years ago

  • The Ba'al have a meeting. Lucifer declares his intention to end his existence and take human kind with him. Mephisto convinces him to give human science a chance.

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  • Section 13 is formed, cloning experiments begin.

Sometime later

  • The lab changes focus to production of clones only of the hosts of the top three Demon Kings; Lucifer, Samael, and Azazel.

  • Cloning is found to be an imperfect solution. Despite being genetically identical, personalities still vary enough to make most clones useless as hosts.

  • Section 13 again changes focus to elixir development.

50 years before the series begins

  • Shirou Fujimoto is born.

45 years pre series

  • Yuri Egin is born, abandoned in a junkyard, found by retired exorcist Oku-san, and adopted by him and his friends.

39 years pre series

  • Shirou runs away from Section 13.
  • Yuri encounters Rinka for the first time.
  • Yuri's family dies in a fire.
  • Yuri encounters Shiro.
  • Shirou gets caught by Section 13 guards, and he and Yuri are both brought back to the Order.
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  • Yuri is put into Asylum, meets Rick for the first time, and decides she wants to become an exorcist.
  • Shirou demands to become an exwire and agrees to make a deal with Mephisto.

34 years pre series

  • Shirou is an Exwire.
  • Yuri is a Page.
  • Shirou and Yuri meet for the second time.

28 years pre series

  • Section 13 lets Shirou go.
  • Shirou and Yuri are both made full exorcists.
  • Abel Franken is Paladin.
  • Yuri and Shirou manage to become friends.

19 years pre series

  • Satan incarnates fully in Assiah for the first time.
  • Yuri is recruited into Section 13 to handle Satan.

18 years pre series

  • Satan starts calling himself Satan, develops beyond his initial childlike persona.
  • Satan breaks out of Section 13 and disappears.

16 years pre series

  • Satan returns, takes over Section 13.
  • The Siege of True Cross happens.
  • Yuri goes to Satan.
  • Yuri gets pregnant.
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  • Jenny dies.
  • Yuri convinces Satan to end the siege and run away with her.
  • Yuri and Satan are caught and imprisoned.

15 years pre series

  • Rin and Yukio are born.
  • Satan's host dies.
  • Drac has his big breakthrough.
  • The Blue Night takes place.
  • Rin is sealed.
  • Paladin Abel Franken is killed by Satan.
  • Shirou Fujimoto is possessed by Satan for the first time.
  • Yuri Egin dies.
  • Rick dies.
  • Many people die.
  • Saburota Todou kills his family.
  • Shirou is promoted to Paladin.
  • Mephisto and Lucifer both promise Satan a new body.
  • The Illuminati begins to take shape.
  • Arthur is taken in by the Uzai.
  • Shirou Fujimoto takes up residence in Southern Cross Boys Home, ends up gathering several fellow Blue Night survivors to live there too.

8 years pre series

  • Yukio begins exorcist training.

Series Beginning

  • Rin awakens his powers.
  • Shirou Fujimoto is possessed by Satan and dies.
  • Rin is approached by Mephisto and volunteers to become an exorcist.
  • Both regular and Cram school classes begin.

Kyoto Arc

  • Rin is still alienated from the rest of the class.
  • The exwires go to Kyoto.
  • Rin gets arrested.
  • Toudou is revealed to be the traitor.
  • The Impure King is revived.
  • The exwires break Rin out.
  • Karura is stolen and eaten by Toudou.
  • The Impure King is defeated.

Kraken Arc

  • There is a Kraken.
  • Character development happens.

Festival Arc

  • Time for the school festival.
  • The Illuminati attacks True Cross and kidnap Izumo.
  • Shima is revealed to be a traitor.

Inari Arc

  • Zombies

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