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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Fujimoto smacking down demons and making it look easy, and fighting off a possession from Satan himself to protect his son.
  • Seven epic words: "I'm gonna beat the shit outta Satan!"
  • Episode 5 has Bon trying to prove his seriousness by approaching a Reaper demon that's an Emotion Eater of sorts - it exploits strong emotions to strike at its prey. When Bon's insecurities about his goal to defeat Satan are opened, it lunges... only for Rin to dive between them and literally stare the Reaper down as he's going into its mouth.
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  • Konekomaru's epic dive to save Izumo's birthday cake in episode 19.
  • In chapter 5, it's downplayed but as soon as things get dangerous, it's Shiemi who takes control of the situation, tending to Paku and ordering Rin to buy her time.
  • Bon and Miwa using a Fatal Verse in Chapter 6. They knew that Fatal Verses for Ghouls usually came from the Book of John, and since they didn't know which, they instead recited the entire book. That's 21 chapters. And it worked too!
    • From the same portion, Shiemi's the one that bought them enough time by having her familiar put up a wall made from tree roots, blocking the demon from advancing too quickly.
  • Episode 14/Chapter 12: Bon creates and communicates an elaborate plan to cross a riverbed of demonic leeches while chanting. And before that, Konekomaru's formation for getting the lantern back to the base!
  • Chapter 17: Doubles as Heartwarming. Izumo is the one who calls out the Exwires for giving a Silent Treatment against Rin, despite the fact he saved their life at cost of revealing his true heritage as Son of Satan. It was cathartic:
    ‘’Izumo’’: I...I just...really hate cowards. Who says thing like “I’ll defeat Satan” or that “we’re friends!”, when all they know is to run away at the most crucial of time... after spouting some pretty words.
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  • Chapter 22: Rin, of all people manages to pull a Stealth Hi/Bye in the middle of a room filled with exorcists. Not even Shura or Tatsuma realizes that he had changes positions until he grabbed Tatsuma's robe and started getting on Bon's case. It's subtle but it shows just how badass Rin has the potential of becoming.
  • Chapter 30 has a lot of these...
    • Shima coming back for Konekomaru after leaving him behind to run for himself.
    • Shiemi finally showing us that she has developed a backbone and orders the missing Ni-chan to come out and do something.
    • Yukio has been having trouble with Toudou for the longest time. What does Juuzou do? Smack his ass with a rod. That's what he does.
  • Chapter 33: Rin manages to control his flames enough to burn only the Impure King and every particle of it, leaving everyone and everything else untouched.
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  • Chapter 38: Arthur—despite being a major tool—manages to take down the Impure Princess in a single shot.
  • Chapter 39: Mephisto Pheles reveals who he really is, while showing just how outclassed Rin was. so that he didn't get a big head after defeating the Impure King.
  • Chapter 41 has Izumo and Shiemi team up to take on a demon.
  • Chapter 43: Konekomaru grows a spine and calls everyone out on their flaws and advises them on what to do to defeat the family portrait shapeshifter.
  • Chapter 57: After a moment of near-suicidal despair and fear, Konekomaru manages to be the first to escape the Zombie Chimera. Yukio, realizing that the monsters appear to absorb anything that's in contact with an open wound when they regenerate, pins his down by shooting it so much that it bonds to the floor.
    • Remember sweet, shy Shiemi and her tiny, adorable Green Man familiar? They use a Chimera as a growth medium to raise a massive tree that ruptures the containment cell.
  • Chapter 61: Gedouin is ranting furiously about how Izumo chose to be part of the Nine-Tails experiment, and how Rin is not a worthy son to Satan. Rin makes it clear that he couldn't care less what Gedouin has to say, and after suffering through multiple chapters of Gedouin's ugly smirking face, it's delightful.
    "Tamamo asks of you to fulfill my prayers. Come back to me, I politely ask of you."
  • After everything Izumo has gone through, she still stands up and decides to which point Uke and Mike come back and she steps forward to chant a spell that manages to basically One-Hit KO the monster that Gedouine had become.
  • Chapter 77: Yukio's gambit to deal with Hachiro. It's also a little terrifying.
  • Chapter 83: Amaimon returns. And tries to start a fight with Rin - who is currently out of it due to being rejected by Shiemi. Shiemi's reaction reveals she's utterly terrified of him and retroactively reveals the entire progress exam incident with him was an And I Must Scream situation for her. But as scared as she is she pushes away Amaimon and declares she's going to be an exorcist and is fully prepared to take on Amaimon. At that point Rin shakes himself out of his heartbreak and ''catches Amaimon's punch aimed at Shiemi with his own. And takes the one hit he gets without flinching.
  • Chapter 98: Shiemi manages to block Rin's flames when they go wild by summoning an entire small forest's worth of trees.
  • Also 98, while Shiemi held him off in the real world, Rin was having a battle in his mind with his demon self. Once he understood what was happening, he won easily.
  • In Chapter 103 we get to see Yuri in action. She pacifies a rampaging golem in under a minute using no violence whatsoever, demonstrating exactly where Shiro learned it from.
  • Chapter 107-108: True Cross Town is under siege and the higher ranks of the Order only care about protecting Section 13, so Yuri decides to go to Satan herself to talk him down. It works, and she convinces him to end the hostage situation and run away with her. There's really no telling how things would've ended up if they'd gotten away, but it's very impressive that she got that far.
  • Chapter 113: Yukio mugged the Illuminati.
  • In a way, Rin taking on a literal army of the strongest exorcists in the Order mere seconds after being born and winning handily is one of these.
  • Chapter 116: Shiro Fujimoto accomplishes what all the rest of the Order's best and brightest could not, and defeats the newborn baby Rin.
  • Yuri's courage and effort all throughout labor and after.
  • While short lived, Shiro running away with Yuri.


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