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All of these will be related to the anime/filler episodes. All manga spoilers will be tagged under here, but for the all the ones below this, manga spoilers are tagged from chapter 100 onward. Everything else will be left unmarked.

In the Anime, Amaimon didn't die, he just had his body in Assiah Destroyed
That Hamster...
  • Confirmed as of episode 23.

The Anime adaptation of the Impure King Arc will start with a recap
It will begin at Rin's trial after getting exposed as a demon, which gives him (and the writers) an excuse to recap the series up to that point.

Yukio is next in line to be possessed.
Satan targeted Fujimoto (the person closest to Rin) for fifteen years - who's to say he isn't going to go after Yukio, who is probably the person closest to Rin now? It would work with the 'Yukio will turn to the dark side' theory (albeit, it'll be involuntary). Alternatively, he'll go after Shiemi.
  • Confirmed as of episode 24 of the anime.


Any speculations that primarily focus on one character.

Mephisto Pheles has Minored in Ass-Kicking and will have to get dangerous at some point in the story.
Because, really, the guy was able to hold back both Rin and Amaimon at the same time without looking strained at all. Sure, Amaimon punched him in the face to get him to let go, but it probably just caught Mephisto off-guard. He practically laughed it off afterwards, calmly captured Amaimon, and then went and did this as if it were just a walk in the park for him. Keep in mind that, before he got punched in the face by Amaimon, Mephisto was trying to explain that there was an "overwhelming difference in" Amaimon and Rin's abilities. Presumably, he meant that Rin was potentially more powerful than Amaimon. Amaimon. The badass whose mere poke can
break bone. He is said to be pretty much impossible for any exorcist to beat. Rin is supposedly stronger than this guy, when berserk. Mephisto was able to drag Rin, hold his arm in place, and sheath the Koumaken sword while holding casual conversation. Let's just say that, if Mephisto doesn't get the chance to really show off his power, it would be severely disappointing.
  • It's later revealed how he has the ability to do such incredible feats with nearly no effort. He's a Time Stopper. That's his major demon power, and he uses it to hold back a black hole to Gehenna when some scientists create a gate that won't stop expanding. Temporarily, to this point at least, it's being held in check by Mephisto.

Todou is Yukio from the future.
Toudo is Yukio from the future. Yukio seems like he doesn't have any demon powers yet, right? And Satan doesn't seem that focused on him unlike the way he is on Rin. So maybe it's all ann Evil Plan by Satan for Yukio's powers to develop later on than Rin's and become a demon. And plus, the way Toudo talked about not being able to be like his brother and father seems a lot like foreshadowing Yukio's eventual transformation. Plus, Shura even says that he's at risk of becoming a demon. Plus, after Todou absorbed Karura, he looked a lot younger. I kind of see a resemblance between him and Yukio.
  • A funnily related (yet probably unintentional) fact - when Fukuyama Jun, Yukio's seiyuu was asked to act out one of the lines during Yukio and Todou's confrontation(when Yukio says "I'm different from you!") in a series of interview videos posted on nicovideo, he was oddly insistent upon playing the part of Todou as well - only speaking Yukio's one line after much egging from Okamoto Nobuhiko.
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  • Jossed, Todou's siblings are seen in a single panel flashback early on in his second fight with Yukio, with the same white striped hair as him.

Mephisto is genuinely on the side of the exorcists and wants to kill Satan
Fujimoto clearly trusted him completely, having intended to send Rin to him for some time. Add that to the fact that Mephisto being evil just seems too easy. The demon that betrayed hell didn't really betray it?
  • He has already stated, in a private moment where he would have no need to lie about it, that he plans to never return to Gehenna. Assiah is too much fun for him, in many ways. He seems to genuinely enjoy Assiah things such as Moe and candy and Otakudom in general. Why would he ever want his father to destroy all of that?
  • This could also indicate that Mephisto getting Amaimon to learn about Assiah (starting with Japan) could be a move to get Amaimon on his side.

Noriko Paku is at least partially Korean.
The kanji for Paku is 朴, which is also the kanji used by Romi Park in her last name. Romi Park is of Korean descent and her last name can be read as Paku, but is more accurately Park. So maybe Noriko is the same and her name is more accurately Noriko Park.

Izumo is also a Half-Breed
All summoners have at least some demon genes in them. Most of the people in the series are summoners seem to have a trait that is off. Even Shiemi's naturally blond hair could be a sign of her having a demonic lineage because most of the other character with non-dark colored hair have been shown to use hair dye.
  • Confirmed, in a sense since her family's summoner abilities all stem from how they are distant descendants of a kitsune. Though because her bloodline has become so diluted over the generations Izumo is much less than a half-breed.

Rin is somewhat Dyslexic...
...or something in his demonic heritage gives him something much like it.

Watching the episodes and reading the manga, Rin's inability to read anything but manga is ridiculous. In all honesty, he's actually of average intelligence – he's smart enough in the Boot Camp to immediately think of the lights and when he's doing the candle training he does eventually figure something out to help him do it by himself in the manga. Most of his “dumb” moments come from his ignorance – he was kept in the dark practically all his life after all. So, perhaps his book issues have another thing as it's root – ie, Dyslexia.

Now, before I start, I'll say that most of this WMG comes from the idea that if Satan is the “God of Gehenna” that probably means he was the first demon and thus Rin's “bloodline” is “purer” in that regard.

First, the manga. He obviously can read them – but there are actually somethings that can explain it. For starters, I looked through some characteristics of Dyslexia on The Other Wiki and found some that I think might fit.

One, Dyslexia does effect people who read Chinese/Japanese style characters – the problems are just slightly different in nature.

Two, one of the problems I think applies in Rin's case is: Difficulty associating individual words with their correct meanings. Japanese Kanji is somewhat (in)famous for having alternate character readings. And, if we go by the anime, he seems to be somewhat okay with Hiragana. Confusion with combinations of words is another problem – suggesting that the more words he has to deal with, the more trouble he has.

And third, having a larger font has been proven to help Dyslexia sufferers. He reads manga and, as a general rule, the font is large and it is mostly made up of pictures. So, just by having more pictures than words in the end than normal books, Rin finds it easier to read them. And even if he reads manga, it doesn't mean he's a fast reader. We don't really see him do it on screen except maybe once or twice, so we have no idea how fast he goes through manga. He could be rather slow – which would somewhat explain why Yukio is irritated by him stealing his Jump Square (aside from the fact his brother isn't doing his work): he won't get it back until much later if he waits for his brother to finish.

Now, there are two theories for this. The first suggests that he does have pure Dyslexia. The second suggests it's more of a heritage thing – aka he's the Son of Satan and that screws with his reading/writing when it comes to Japanese.

1. Oral Tradition Theory: one of the theories for the cause of Dyslexia is the Evolution Theory. This theory considers that reading is an unnatural act carried out for a very brief period in human evolutionary history. It has only been in the last hundred years that reading a visual form of speech has been promoted as a major form of communication, and subsequently a lack of time for reading behaviors to evolve. In many societies around the world the majority of the population do not use the visual notation of speech as a form of communication, and do not use reading skills, and therefore have no dyslexia. So if we say that demons, being spirit creatures and not material, don't have a need for reading/writing, and since Rin's the son of their “god”....he's a bit regressed in that regard.

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Theory: In the Percy Jackson series, in the beginning the titular character is said to have Dyslexia. It is later revealed though that since he is a Half-Blood (aka the son of a Greek God) his brain automatically wants to read Ancient Greek (and is awesome at it too) but flounders when it comes to Modern English. If we borrow that idea, Rin's brain automatically wants to read the demon tongue by merely being the Son of Satan. Japanese has nothing in common with it, so he has to struggle with it. (This gives an interesting idea of someone, maybe Yukio, struggling to decipher a demon scroll and Rin looks over his shoulder and automatically translates it without thinking about it.)

Now we come to the final round: why, if Rin is Dyslexic, does no one notice?

First, he's the elder, healthy brother. Yukio was the one who was born sickly and needs glasses. Rin has this demonic heritage – even when most of his powers are sealed away, he's tougher and stronger than the average human. Him having any kind of health problems would be...weird to think of thus.

Second, personality wise, he's not suited for book work. He's too active and so would have originally have been forced or bribed to sit down and learn how to read. It's very easy for a kid to learn to hate something they have to do if they find it boring and on top of it it's very hard for them to do. Things learned young tend to stick and can even become bad habits in certain cases.

Finally, he was considered the monster/demon child by those outside the Monastery/Church or whatever he grew up in. With all the misconceptions in place, it makes it easy for people to overlook the problems someone has.

None of this means that Rin would never be a book person – it just means if he does have Dyslexia, an intervention in that regard would smooth some of the difficulties he has down. No instant genius, his younger brother is always going to be the smart one, but it will help his grades a bit and means the only real problem they would have when it comes to Rin and books would be convincing him to do it.

Rin is Satan's Heir
Because all the other sons, the Demon Kings/Princes, don't have Satan's blue flames. Another WMG suggests Rin actually being Satan reborn, not just his son, but if he isn't he still has to have the flames for a damn reason.If this is so, things will get REALLY, REALLY complicated and dangerous for everyone when this fact comes out. Because there's no way the demons would be happy to have a half-human as their possible future king and the True Cross Order will freak.

Manga!Yuri Egin is like Margaret Dresden
In the manga, Demons are Always Chaotic Evil if not Neutral. Why would Satan of all demons notice her but why would she choose not to have an abortion. Perhaps like with Margaret, the sons of Satan she was carrying was the last straw and she ran; but didn't have anywhere to run to. She chose to not kill the unborn children for one reason or another.
  • Jossed she turns out to have been an All-Loving Hero and very much like Rin in character.

Manga!Yuri Egin was Neuhaus's wife
First off, Neuhaus was possessed by Satan on the Blue Night and lived. Second, if you noticed, Neuhaus has the same hair and eye color as Yukio. Third, "Igor" and "Yuri" are both Russian names. It's possible that Satan could have possessed Neuhaus before while he impregnated Yuri.
  • Neuhaus being Rin and Yukio's father is Jossed as of Chapter 86. Their biological father is a clone of Azazel. We also see Neuhaus’s wife appear in chapters 106 and 115. Her name is Michela and she has a very similar design to her anime counterpart.

Shiemi's father is a Lucifer Clone
The real reason she quit being an Exwire was that she learned it from her mother. The first hint is that they both have blond hair and green eyes, both traits that her mother and grandmother lack. The second hint was when she was able to withstand Rin's flames when she gave him a Cooldown Hug in the Impure King Arc. The third hint is that her and the Okumura twins' birthday's aren't that far apart from each other for a potential experiment to take place.

Arthur Auguste Angel is a Lucifer clone.
In chapter 86, Lewin and Ryuji can be seen going through various files on the clones the order created. Inside of one of these files is the Lucifer clone list. Clone number 011, is named "Arstur". While it may seem like a stretch, the file itself is labelled, "Lucifel" and not "Lucifer". Could "Arstur" just be a slight mistranslation of "Arthur" ? Furthermore, the picture seen of clone 011, does bear a lot of resemblance to Arthur. Since Arthur's canon age is 30, and the Blue Night took place 16 years ago, he looks to be the right age of clone 011 (who appears to be a teenager) as well. Arthur and Lucifer also do look somewhat similar.
  • Confirmed in chapters 111, 118 and 119. In chapter 111, Mephisto vouches for the credibility of Lewin's report, including the "claims about you, Angel". Arthur reacts very aggressively to it, and is later shown really shaken by the thought of being a demon clone even if he's in denial. This is also the chapter where the Uzai clan explains how they supposedly adopted Arthur. In chapter 118, we can see clone 011 being shielded by Rick, surviving Lucifer's light blast. Finally in chapter 119, it is shown how the Uzai clan 'actually' took Arthur in, as they celebrate clone 011(Arthur) surviving.

The Okumura brothers have two separate fathers
Sometime offscreen Yuri conceived Yukio with Father Fujimoto, and then later conceived Rin with Satan, while possessing Goro. As a result of the very rare phenomenon of heteropaternal superfecundation, Yuri managed to get pregnant from two separate fathers, Satan and Shiro.
  • Most likely jossed based on what we know of Shiro and Yuri’s relationship during the past arc. While it’s true they shared romantic feelings for one another, neither acted upon said feelings. Considering what is known about both their personalities and the lack of an official romantic relationships, the two of them having sex randomly seems rather out of character, for Yuri especially. Not to mention there isn’t really a logical place in the timeline this theory could work. So while this theory isn’t completely denied, it’s pretty unlikely.


Any predictions or speculation for events that will happen at the very end of the series, or post-series.

Rin will take over Fujimoto's church at the end of the series
The only evidence here is Fujimoto randomly asking Rin to take over the church if he's gone. Then Rin says "Hell no!" Considering all the other times this has happened to the hero (in other series)... Hm... wild mass irony?

Neither Rin nor Bon will kill Satan
Yukio will deliver the final blow. It will be after a Heel–Face Turn, since many speculate (and its been hinted) that Yukio will turn evil at some point.

Rin will open the Gehenna Gate
Even though Satan admitted that only he can do it, Rin inherited all of Satan's powers. How else is he going to face the old man in the end?

Yukio will have a Face–Heel Turn
This had to be put eventually. There have been quite a few signs and hints pointing to this direction. Shura pointing out that he's at risk of becoming a demon, and Toudou's Breaking Speech to him, and their slight similarities being two that stick out.
  • Confirmed in chapter 96, when he shoots Rin and leaves for the Illuminati. However, in chapter 113, Yukio later betrays the Illuminati, by sending two demons to destroy their airship. Yukio, Lewin and Renzou were all working on the plan. Thus making Yukio's current status go from a Heel–Face Turn, to a Heel–Face Revolving Door.

Mephisto will use Rin to defeat Satan and take his place as king of Gehenna
Mephisto has made it clear that he wants to raise Rin to become a weapon against Satan, but it's easy to tell that he's not exactly "good." It confused me for a while, before it hit me: Mephisto does want Satan out of the picture, but not because Satan is evil, but because he wants to rule Gehenna himself. Mephisto either believes that he will never be able to defeat Satan and Rin will, or he's just a Magnificent Bastard and doesn't want to sully his hands. If you think about it, it makes sense and a lot of things fall into place that way.
  • It's further supported by the fact that Mephisto is the eldest son of Satan that we've seen so far. He'd probably be next in line, since his father still seems to think that Mephisto is loyal to him. If there's one thing that's clear, it's that Mephisto wants to take down Satan. Why that is, we'll have to find out. The one problem with the the theory of Mephisto wanting to take over Gehenna though, is that he himself has said in an aside (with no one around for him to lie to) that he never wants to go back to Gehenna and that Assiah is too much fun. To rule Gehenna, wouldn't he have to return to it?

Rin and Yukio's Mother will become important in some way later on in the series and Father Fujimoto will return just long enough for Rin to properly finish things off with him
Rin would've wanted him to see how far he managed to come.

Confirmed Yuri does get a role in the spotlight during the flashback arc.

Confirmed to a degree. In chapter 120, Rin gets to talk to Father Fujimoto again, and thank him for everything. However, whether or not Shiro did in fact recognize him as Rin is a bit more subject to debate.

Shima will be killed as a result of his backstabbing antics, possibly by Yukio.


This section is for speculations about the plot. Things like predictions for future chapters, theories on potential plot twists, and so on.

Mephisto Pheles has been manipulating Todou Saburota all along.
The awakening of the Impure King is part of Mephisto's plan to force Rin to use his flames to defeat the Sealed Evil in a Can. Mephisto may or may have not personally told Todou exactly what to do in the first place. Tatsuma's apparent death, as planned by Mephisto, will only increase Rin's power against the Impure King. With that power, Rin will be able to destroy the monster, which will greatly impress the rest of the Order. As such, they will give Rin and Shura the necessary time for Rin to master his flames enough to make him a powerful exorcist to fight against Satan. Todou's recent increase of power as result of forcing Kurara to possess him will be of no consequence to Mephisto, who will simply have him eliminated when the time is right - either personally or by ordering someone else to do the deed. Possibly Amaimon.

This is backed up by some evidence in that Mephisto Pheles has been noted as being one of the few people who knew where both Demon Eyes were. Also, Mephisto seemed just a little too cheerful on this page. He didn't really seem like he had "lost" at all. In fact, he looked like everything was going exactly as he expected it to. Plus, if Mephisto really is the Guile Hero (or Magnificent Bastard?) he's been shaping up as, there's no way he'd let his enemies trick him so easily. If this WMG is right, he's been planning everything since the theft of the genuine "Left Eye." Todou, Shura, and Yukio have all been his pawns, which Shura herself has even implied here. Let's just hope he's a Guile Hero.

Fujimoto was Satan all the time
Every time he appeared, it was actually a decoy.
  • Jossed Fujimoto and Satan have been proven to be two separate beings.

Yukio is next in line to be possessed.
Satan targeted Fujimoto (the person closest to Rin) for fifteen years - who's to say he isn't going to go after Yukio, who is probably the person closest to Rin now? It would work with the 'Yukio will turn to the dark side' theory (albeit, it'll be involuntary). Alternatively, he'll go after Shiemi.
  • Confirmed as of episode 24 of the anime. The manga still has yet to put in any hints about Yukio having Satan's powers at all.

Takara's pink bunny puppet is a parasitic demon or Takara himself is demonic.
We know the other random "why are they even there" character turned out to be Shura, who was working for the exorcists, so why wouldn't the demons have put in their own mole to make sure everything is going okay and try to keep an eye out to make sure Mephisto isn't going to go off on his own set of plans which could clash with Satan's. We also know he's strong enough to have finished the lantern trial on his own and while Izumo did it on her own as well she had the help of her two familiars, while Takara doesn't have access to familiars. I'm leaning toward the parasitic demon theory more since that may be something easier to get past the radar than him being a demon.
  • Confirmed, The bunny puppet is a demon who is controlling Nemu's body since the boy is actually asleep.

Just as Amaimon is the "Earth King" and certain demons are described as his kin, there are demons who are 'kin' to Rin.
Both are Sons of Satan, after all, and this could include Mephisto who simply abandoned his. Rin's kin might intend to drag him to Gehenna or are simply waiting for him to grow stronger before directly appearing to him. Whether their loyalty is to Satan or Rin first may be an issue of contention within their numbers already, now that they have a 'King'.

Rin is Satan.
Okay, so we know that Rin has inherited Satan's powers, but imagine what if it was more than just Satan's powers Rin inherited? What if Satan had planned to create a vessel for him to exist in Assiah but the process resulted in him being born in Rin's body but no memory of before? After all, how much indication do we have that in the manga canon Satan has been directly involved with most of the events occurring after Rin and Yukio were born? Yes, I know we have Satan showing up in the opening chapter... but the theory I have deals with that, too. If this crack theory was correct the fact that Satan would essentially be missing would probably be something that would get covered up by the few that know, either out of loyalty or to manipulate the situation to their benefit (or both, after all, they are demons).

Now, it's implied that Satan did have other kids as some of what Amaimon says indicates he is one, and possible all of the Princes of Hell may be as well (that's assuming he's not speaking symbolically and that the title of Prince of Hell has to do with parentage instead of power), so why wouldn't any of Satan's other kids have any of his power while one of the kids he had with a human woman wind up with it? Everyone assumes that Rin and Yukio are fraternal twins instead of identical ones, but what if Satan had a plan to create a body that could allow him to exist in Assiah by getting a human woman pregnant and in the process of development the plan was to create identical twins but manipulate it so one was mostly human and the other being mostly demon, with that one being the one that would become his vessel.

Plans like that tend to be a bit more complicated than they seem however, and somehow Rin didn't wind up with any of the memories of his existence as Satan. Perhaps something about being shoved into the existence of a fetus had to do with it or the sealing of the blue flames after being born. Maybe it was even some other odd factor or a combination of factors, but somehow that happened. It's almost certain that Mephisto had a hand in sealing Rin's blue flames and we know he's a tricky, manipulative one, so what if he guessed what Satan's plan was as well. He's the type who would like to create a figurehead leader who he could manipulate so maybe he had an active hand in those memories not transferring, intentionally sealing them away in the Kurikara along with the blue flames.

And as for the whole incident where Satan possessed Shiro Fujimoto, perhaps the whole thing had as much to do with the seal on the sword weakening as much as it had and Rin's state of mind having found out he wasn't fully human as Shiro's reaction to Rin's words and the power and memories sealed in the Kurikara possessed him in their attempt to make the original plan work and awaken Rin/himself properly. And perhaps something in how the power was sealed in the Kurikara made Rin releasing it himself cause only the physical awakening without any of the memories awakening as well. Again, this could be by Mephisto's design, betting on the humanity he'd gained living without any knowledge of his past existence would cause him to draw the sword himself rather than have his awakening be forced by another power.

And as for Rin, there's the question on his personality in the case he was unknowingly Satan. Is his personality simply the result of living 15 years as a human or is there some of his original personality as Satan involved as well. If you go with the Satan as a fallen angel belief you could guess perhaps some of Rin's personality comes from how Satan was before his pride got the better of him and he was punished for it. And the question begs to be asked, if he ever gets his memories as Satan back which personality would be the most dominant one, the one of Satan, subduing the personality of Rin, or would his current personality be enough to affect his old one for the better.

Now there's the multiple possibilities in Mephisto's role in the whole thing. Did he know Satan's plans from the start? If so did Satan let him know or did he find out enough to make him guess what was going on. Does he want to create a Satan 2.0 to manipulate to his own whims, does he want to work it out so Satan is going to owe him one, or does he like Assiah enough to want to set it up so Gehenna is lead by someone who would be better at keeping demons in line (while being able to manipulate them to his own whims).

Jossed in the manga, Satan is seen again possessing Yukio’s eye. Rin also has his own demon half. Satan can be seen in the past arc of the manga, long before Rin was even born. Satan also is revealed to be communicating with Fujimoto the entire time Rin and Yukio grew up as well.

Satan fathered Rin and Yukio through Fujimoto Shiro
He possessed Fujimoto and impregnated Yuri, making the twins Fujimoto's children as well as Satan's.

Jossed by chapter 86. Rin and Yukio were fathered by an Azazel clone named Goro (005), that Satan possessed.

The Anime adaptation of the Impure King Arc will start with a recap
It will begin at Rin's trial after getting exposed as a demon, which gives him (and the writers) an excuse to recap the series up to that point.

Season 2 will have a Discontinuity Nod to the anime
When Rin is on trial, maybe somebody like Angel will make a smart ass comment about Satan being in love with Rin's mother, only for Rin to dismiss that as a stupid idea.

Yukio will be the Final Boss of the manga
After his Heel–Face Turn, he's turned into a nasty Wild Card who selfishly pursues power and discards people when they are not of use to him. He also picked up guns that drive people mad. Considering his and Rin's relationship, it would be appropriate for the final enemy for Rin to deal with to be his own brother as the emotional climax would be more fitting. Satan, in comparison, has barely done anything and though You Killed My Father is a valid reason to make him the last enemy, there is a lot more at stake for a full on brutal fight between the twins as part of the climax.

Just for fun

Anything under this category, is pretty light-hearted and not meant to be taken too seriously. Because of the nature of these theories, they will not be confirmed or jossed.

Mephisto is a Time Lord
In chapter 39, it is revealed that his real name is Samael, the King of Time

Satan has dork genes
Just look at Rin, Mephisto, and Amaimon; they all have traits that could be called adorkable. Then there's Satan while he's possessing Shiro Fujimoto and how he acts then. It's obvious, Satan has dork genes and Rin, Mephisto, and Amaimon inherited them. Even Yukio has dorky aspects to him. You can conceivably read Satan's lines from the manga in a dorky!evil headvoice and have it work pretty well. And it also has to do with the line choice; just because someone is an evil villain doesn't mean they can't have dorky factors to them. It's highly likely a villain with dorky leanings would go for an overblown generic villain-type actions.

Azazel’s descendants all have a Cousin Itt gene.
Starting with Azazel, himself, he can be seen crystallized. Crystallized Azazel can be spot with a pretty impressive beard. In the manga it is also confirmed that Shiro Fujimoto is a clone of Azazel, and Satan possessed an Azazel clone to father the twins. While possessing the clone, Satan had to hide out in the sewers, and returned to section 13 with a some very long hair. Later on too, we see Shiro come back to Mephisto after Yuri died holding two baby twins. It looks like only a day or two has passed at most since Shiro initially ran away, but he is already growing stubble. Lastly, Yukio can be seen with some stubble, waking up in the Illuminati’s airship. Once more, only a day or two has passed at maximum. So in conclusion, all of Azazel’s descendants must have some gene that causes them to grow hair really fast. The only exception to this is is, Rin, who clearly inherited his mother’s baby face traits.

Impossible crossovers

Shura is Kamina and Yoko's daughter
Badassery, large physical endowment, lack of modesty, where do you think she got it all from? Spiral energy from her conception created a rip in time and space and that's why she was raised by Fujimoto.

Shura is a distant descendant of Yoruichi
Similar temperaments, similar story roles, both voiced by Wendee Lee.

Anime!Satan is Karkat Vantas.
He has enough pent-up anger and cursing to be him.

Mephisto's mother is Fem!Italy
His ahoge makes it obvious.

Rin and Black★Rock Shooter are related
  • The twist here is that Black Rock Shooter was also Satan's past 'project' in creating a vessel, but she somehow couldn't return to the human world, so Satan left her for dead. She now traverses Gehenna, seeking to kick his ass and a way to go home.

Rin and Kazuto Kirigaya are cousins
Very similar physical appearances, both possess great power far in excess of most other people, both voiced by Bryce Papenbrook...

Satan's Fatal Verse is Ezekiel 25:17.

Rin is Azor Ahai, come again.
Only this time the Sword of Heroes burns blue instead of red, and here he might be the one to vanquish the Darkness (Satan) for good. At some point in the story he may be forced to stab Shiemi/Izumo/Bon/Yukio...

Yohei from the anime is Ryoga Hibiki's son
Yohei is somewhat directionally challenged and says his dad is even worse. After all, Ryoga once lost his way to the empty lot adjacent to his house!

The reason Rin's pupils turn red when in demon mode is because of his [[Video Game/Undertale determination.
The eyes are the windows to the SOUL after all, and I think we all can agree that Rin's SOUL would be red.

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