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Nightmare Fuel / Blue Exorcist

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Demonic Possession at it's worst.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

    Manga & Anime 
  • Fujimoto Shiro as he's possessed by Satan (pictured), he gets a demonic appearance and starts disintegrating because Satan is too powerful for him. Cue a bleeding, horribly disfigured face. Then he rips his fingers off. The anime toned it down.
    • The Fingore isn't shown on screen; there's a cut to Rin's expression of horror and the sounds of them being torn off.
  • Ghouls. They look like they crawled right out of something like Amnesia, being horrible, stitched-together, bleeding rotting things.
  • Rin as his face is literally punched off by Amaimon. Again, anime toned it down considerably.
  • The Impure King is a giant fungus, not unlike the mostly harmless Coal tars often seen floating around. It spreads disease by making a gigantic "building" of its spores which grows over time and makes boils on the skin of anyone who touches them.
  • To say nothing of resident traitor Saburota Toudou regenerating while being shot by Yukio, always regenerating his mouth first to talk to Yukio about how "nice" it is to be a demon, and that Yukio is already like a demon.

    Anime Only 
  • In Episode 24, an army of eyeless baby Yukios latched onto him as he tried to fight Satan's possession.

    Manga Only 
  • Recent chapters introduced us to a "ghost" in the girls' washroom. Aside from looking really, really horrible, there is what it actually is all the pent up frustrations of various teenage girls and what it says.
  • Chapter 43: the shapeshifter. Its true form looks like an Eldritch Abomination and can take the form of your worst fears if you look at it.
  • Chapter 48: Shima shows up to help Izumo and fights Takara, who appears to be the Illuminati spy. Then, at the very end, he stabs Izumo, and Takara calls him The Mole.
  • Chapter 51: Izumo's mother after all the experimentation done. She is bound to a wheelchair and rapidly deteriorating and the only thing she can say is requests for her daughter's help. Equal parts this trope and Tear Jerker.
  • Zombie Chimeras are lurching, snarling, slavering masses of Body Horror—huge, twisted abominations that have way, way too many eyes, mouths, ears, limbs... they make ghouls look like swimsuit models by comparison. They're the horrific results of immortality/regenerative experimentation derived from studying Izumo's mother, and they used to be people. Some of them can still think and talk, enough to react with surprise to Shiemi screaming, or utter a desperate plea to be allowed to go home...
  • Yukio in chapters 71 and 72 of the manga. He's trying to get his Eye power to work, but as it apparently only kicks in when he's feeling an intense emotion, he repeatedly makes attempts on his life, like trying to drown himself to experience true fear. It doesn't work. Chapter 72 ends with him jumping off a building and utterly terrified,and as he falls, thinking that he doesn't want to die.
    • It then gets even worse in ch73: upon finding out that a) he survived and b) his power only briefly flared up and still isn't stable he puts a fucking gun to his head and demands that the "monster" comes out.
  • Chapter 76 ends with the strong implication that Hachiro is going to force Shura and Yukio to conceive a child through Mind Manipulation against their wills. Keep in mind that he's underage, they've essentially had the same adoptive father, and Shura realizes that he may have done this to the other women who came after her ancestor.
  • Chapter 77 starts with the above implication nearly happening. If Rin hadn't shown up, it would have gotten much worse. And even so what Yukio suggests and says is incredibly freaky even if he's acting, he didn't have to shoot Rin - he's too calm about it too!Followed by Hachiro losing it and going berserk. Hachiro is immortal and the previous Paladin was ultimately powerless against him. And now he's planning on killing them all...and Yukio's "successful" plan also weakened Shura.
  • Chapter 93: Yukio being Driven to Suicide after learning Father Fujimoto's true origins. It fails because his demonic blood finally awakens... and we are treated to a lovely shot of Yukio's eye disgorging blue flames, while SATAN is taunting him about how he will not be allowed to die.
  • Chapter 98 begins with Rin's body being overwhelmed with the power of his demon heart now that Kurikara is no longer sealing it away. The end result is Rin being reduced to a blackened corpse in mid-scream which then breaks apart. He got better but still.
  • Section 13 is this through and through. Inhumane experiments? Check. Copious Body Horror? Check. Harm to minors? To an unbelievable degree. Satan's birthplace? Check.
  • Everything about how they treated Yuri during her pregnancy. Unethical doesn't even begin to cover it, and many fans speculate the Order was trying to kill her and her children indirectly since the Cradle Barrier prevented more direct methods. Either way she's visibly in so much pain.
  • Rin was terrifying at birth. He already had his demon powers and immediately started burning nearby exorcists to death within seconds of being born.
  • Satan's form as seen in Gehenna is horrifying, a pillar of bodies and body parts that seem to be consuming themselves with a flame filled with eyes at the top.
  • It turns out the Toudou family did not die by Satan's fire. Actually, Saburota murdered them all (save for Homare) during the chaos of the Blue Night and then set fire to the bodies himself.