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Nightmare Fuel / Blue Submarine No. 6

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  • The CGI effects, as dated as they are, do help make the Umigumos and Musucas seem otherworldly and frightening.
  • The interior of the Phantom Ship, from what we see, is very hazy. Most of the time, we only see shots of the faces of the hybrids in Verg's crew, but mostly the hideous ones.
  • The opening of the third episode, "Hearts", features a slideshow of catastrophic events throughout the world. These include riots, poverty, disease, flooding, and political unrest.
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  • The scene in episode 3 when Mutio's sisters all rise up from the ocean to attack Hayami. At first, their white faces and hair make them look like a flock of seagulls floating in the water. But then they start climbing en masse onto the wreckage of Blue Dome, making horrible yowling noises while crawling around and hissing like an army of Gollums. You can also see the glowing blue eyes of even more of the sisters in the water, hinting that the swarm on the wreckage is just the first wave.
  • Marcello from the PS1 game is a giant Angler fish hybrid with a big, toothy Slasher Smile.
  • When Red Spot is hit by Blue 6's torpedoes, he starts gushing out blood. Lots of it. To the point where all the water he's in turns a dark sanguine. And even worse, Hayami ends up swimming and almost drowning in the stuff.
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  • Here's one that overlaps with Tear Jerker: The dead sister that Mutio finds after the Battle of Tokyo. Her eyes are desaturated and glassy, she has an expression of pure terror, and there are even little fish swimming in and out of her open mouth (which, along with her nose, also has blood leaking out of it). And as Mutio looks at her corpse, she starts sobbing, then her face and hands contort in anguish, intercut with rapid flashbacks to the moment that Hayami saved her. Without a single line of dialogue, this scene manages to successfully capture both the horrors of war and the concept of Survivor Guilt, as Mutio is confused and horrified by the fact that she was spared while her sister was killed by the same people.
  • Towards the end of the third episode, when the crew of Blue 6 are preparing for their final battle, one can faintly hear a woman making a blood-curdling scream in the background. Fridge Horror sets in when you consider that this would be the exact moment when Mutio is captured by her fellow hybrids and tortured/beaten for saving Hayami. Could that have been her scream?
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  • In episode 2, Verg has a meltdown after speaking with Zorndyke. He goes berzerk and lashes out at Mutio and her sisters. First he grabs one of them while they're fleeing and forces his very long tongue into her mouth. And if that's not bad enough, he walks over to Mutio (who is still catatonic from the previous battle) while cackling like a lunatic, and begins creepily groping her and nibbling on her ear. Thankfully, the camera cuts away before we see what he does next.

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