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Trivia / Blue Submarine No. 6

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  • Bad Export for You: Discotek's DVD/Blu-ray release only contains the English dub with censored lines of dialogue as they appeared on Toonami and NOT the uncut audio from Bandai's original release. However, they are correcting this, with an improved DVD release in the works. Nothing on the Blu-Ray yet, though.
  • Colbert Bump: In early September 2019, due to a combination of clickbait thumbnails, misleading titles, and the site's infamous algorithm for video recommendations acting up, four Blue Submarine No. 6 videos posted by the anime-focused Youtube channel RetroCrush received hundreds of thousands of views in the span of a few hours, with one of them gaining over a million views (the most of any video related to the show) in just a couple of days. Needless to say, this brought a significant amount of attention to the OVA, more than twenty years after its original airing.
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  • Development Hell: The live-action film adaptation directed by Masahiko Ōkura. Announced in 2005, and never mentioned again afterwards.
  • Fan Nickname: The Cat Girl that recites poetry for Zorndyke is often referred to by fans as "Amonyushuu". This is because of a Mondegreen stemming from a scene where Zorndyke asks her about "The Manyoshu", which is the poem that the girl reads throughout the anime. Officially, the cat-girl's name is "Daughter of the Beast".
  • No Export for You: The very obscure prequel and sequel video games.
    • To a lesser extent, a R2 UK release, or, to better put it, the lack of such (before the Blu-Ray release that is).
    • The very manga that BS6 is based on hasn't seen a single release overseas, or even an English translation.

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