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Funny / Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

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  • The theme song, which really sums up the series.
  • Dokuro-chan falling asleep mid-resurrection, turning Sakura into Commodore Perry.
  • Anything that has to do with "Sensitive Salaryman Binkan".
  • Dokuro-chan trying to start a "watching glue dry" school club.
  • Sakura answering Dokuro's cellphone amid a movie, causing a gigantic hologram of Zansu's face to appear in front of the entire audience.
    • Sabato's subsequent appearance during the movie, and her obnoxious screaming and shouting causing the entire crowd to leave frustrated.
  • The fact that everybody easily accepts the fact that Dokuro's an angel with no questionings.
  • Dokuro turning students who get paired up with her into animals just so she can be with Sakura.
    • The fact that no one questions or is scandalized by the fact that she transformed one of their classmates into an animal.
  • Sakura's being almost lynched by his classmates just because he turned up in class accompanied by a cute girl.
  • The "dreadful pioneering dodgeball game" played with an extremely heavy basketball.
  • Sakura's, err, reaction to Shizuki saying she has a crush on Miyamoto.


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