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  • The second episode has the following exchange between Hirano and Saya:
    Hirano: (busy shooting "them") Ya see the drill and the nails over there? Will you put them in a bag or something?
    Saya: (offended) Excuse ME?? You're nobody to me. What makes you think you can order ME around?
    (Hirano looks over his shoulder with Slasher Smile)
    Saya: (gasps)
    Hirano: (switches to warm smile and bubble background) Pretty please with sugar on top...?
    Saya: (sighing) ...alright.
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  • When Takashi rescues Alice, and ends up stranded on top of a wall, surrounded by "them", it seems that things can't possibly get worse, right? Wrong. Four little words, perfectly understandable given the situation, make things worse, and yet also hilarious: "I need to pee."
  • In Chapter 22, Takashi and Kohta hide their weapons in the womens' lingerie department of the mall, underneath a pile of bras. Each give the other credit for the idea while Kohta wears a bra on his head. Rei takes this opportunity to take a good-natured dig at Shizuka, saying "Only someone with TITANIC BREASTS would have any reason to look in there", while Alice exclaims with waving flags "Hooray For Perversion!"
  • The "Cosplay of the Dead" subchapter also qualifies, especially for Alice's choice of costume.
  • Also, the little "oh YEAH" sound effect when Shizuka appears stark naked except for a medicine bag in front of Hirano in Episode 7.
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  • The Nietzsche Wannabe mall survivor's attempt to "go out like a badass", which involves flailing around a knife that failed to scratch a single zombie.
  • Alice and Shizuka using a flashlight to scare Hirano. Except Shizuka aims the flashlight at her breasts instead of her face.
  • The extra chapter, a flashback of Takashi, Morita, and Imamura who got eaten in the first chapter talking about the girls in the school. At the end, it shows a now undead Morita with a zombie girl, still clutching his guitar.
  • The English dub has its moments.
    Takashi: [after finding Rika's weapons cache] So she (Shizuka) lives here with a friend of hers, isn't that right? Who is she, Sarah fucking Palin?
  • The ending of the OVA where Takashi somehow manages to keep four scantily clad female zombies at bay while still under the influence of the funky smoke. How he avoided getting bitten through the night is anyone's guess.
    • Takashi slaps Saya to get her off him! Then right as she looks like she's gonna flip out...
    • Kohta hallucinating some sexual fantasies whilst going at it with a broom.
  • Some of the Woolseyisms in Episode 6's English dub are hilarious.
    Kohta: [dazed and dumbstruck] I like turtles...
    Takashi: [seeing Saeko wearing a Naked Apron] Man, I love girls' apartments. Everything's so stacked... uh, stocked, I MEAN STOCKED!
    • And later:
      Saeko: Until I finish doing laundry, I'm wearing this, but I guess it's a little too revealing.
      Takashi: No, it's OK, I hadn't noticed a titty... A THING! We should be prepared, they could come atit- ATTACK!
  • Chapter 28 of the manga: After Takashi briefs the team on the plan to find Rei's mom and head to the elementary school, the rest of the group looks on with determination. It's a really serious moment that is immediately disrupted by Zeke suddenly deciding that Takashi's leg was close enough to a fire hydrant in general appearance to warrant a bathroom break.
  • At the beginning of Episode 10, Shizuka is rubbing medicine on Rei's back. After she leaves, Rei implies she wanted Takashi to be the one to do it, but obviously she doesn't tell him that. So she just points out that it's his fault in the first place.
    Rei: My boobs are killing me because you used them to BALANCE AN AK-47!
  • Watching Hirano struggle to explain what condoms are for and why he's never used one, when Alice asks him about it. In front of Saya, no less.
  • In Chapter 29, Saya finally fires a gun for the first time... but instead of the headshot she was trying for, the bullet hits a female zombie's breasts and punches clean through them. Her response:
    Saya: Stupid sexist bullet!
  • In chapter 21, Saeko suggests to Takashi that he should get some rest. Not wanting to be shown up, Rei offers Takashi a bottled beverage, saying he could use some nourishment. Takashi, however, points out that the beverage was actually a bottle of sexual stimulant, much to Rei's horror and embarrassment.

From ''Drifters Of The Dead''

  • It's a 15 min. Breather Episode featuring the most innuendo-laden Mushroom Samba ever, especially moments like:
    • Takashi (and likely the fan's) reaction to seeing Hirano posing in a girl's PE swimsuit.
    • Saya becomes a masochist under the influence.
    • Rei and Saeko frenching each other in the nude, while believing the other is Takashi and their reaction afterward.
    • Saya's reaction upon waking up to find Hirano humping a broomstick, while thinking it was her. Then her reaction to seeing Rei and Saeko drenching each other in the nude. It was all too much for Saya she let’s out a Big "NO!".
    • And of course, the ending where Takashi is surrounded by zombies and due to him being asleep and in an Erotic Dream, he thinks they're actually Rei, Saeko, Saya, And Shizuka making out with him. The rest of the gang saves him by shooting the zombies, though it causes quite an...interesting Groin Attack for Takashi.


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