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Fridge / Highschool of the Dead

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Fridge Brilliance

Fridge Horror

  • Given Shidou's obvious intentions toward Shizuka in this scene and what eventually became of the students left in his care, if Hirano hadn't stepped in and saved her, Shizuka might've been gangraped.
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  • The credits at the end of each episode shows photos of all the victims and survivors. One shows the gym teacher with his infant, taken sometime before the outbreak. So you can't help wondering what's become of his newborn now that he's no longer there to protect them? Imagine a helpless infant, crying for its father, not knowing there were flesh eating zombies lurking around...
  • The "Drifters of the Dead", while lighthearted and comical, takes on a different light when you think about the trio of bikini-clad zombie girls at the end. Since zombies aren't known to swim, they had to have been on the island during the outbreak. Now imagine being the last survivor among them, knowing she was stranded there with two of "them" and having no one to save her, or no way to escape...
    • "Drifters" ends with them realizing there's a tunnel to the mainland that zombies are using to get onto the island.
      • That in itself is also a whole different kind of Fridge Horror, in that one wonders what exactly happened to other survivors that thought the island was a safe place. Considering what zombies do to humans, it's most likely NOT gonna be a pretty sight at all.

Fridge Logic

  • How exactly can Shidou get away with kicking a slightly injured guy in the face and leaving him for them, in full view of the bus everyone else is ready to escape on, and not be instantly branded as a monster by the 5+ or so people that would have had no excuse to not see him do it? You would imagine that with a group of survivors moving towards escape, someone would be paying attention to make sure they all got there safely.
    • Due to the confusion, it is not likely there is anyone paying particular attention on him. Even if someone glanced, it is not really possible to tell if that injured person is not one of "them". And it's not like they'd be able to check on everyone, since they were quite a distance away from Shidou, and they were preoccupied with things like killing any nearby zombies, or in Rei's case, arguing whether to let that monster get on the bus. But then again, almost everyone who isn't a main characters is a selfish, incompetent dumbass, so...
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    • Plus, they had no way of knowing if the student was infected or not. If they think he's infected, suddenly Shidou's decision looks like him trying to Shoot the Dog to create a distraction so the bus can get away.


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