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Funny / Shugo Chara!

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  • Kukai's sentai homage in which he makes Amu, Tadase, Rima and Yaya say "GUARDIAN FIVE!"
  • Rapping Yoru. That is all.
  • When Amu copied "Yaranaika?" upon seeing Tadase in a skirt. And the anime somehow makes that scene even funnier.
  • When Amu and El transform, and Amu tries to fight using El's power. She gets stuck with a flag of surrender.
  • Amu and the gang dressing up in Christmas themed costumes!
  • Amulet Devil!
  • During the athletics competition, a competitor gets injured. Amu looks around for someone who can replace her. One bombastic reaction later we're treated to the sight of Rima wearing comically oversized sunglasses, sipping a drink and being waited on by her entourage of fanboys. Rima's demeanor just says "Like A Boss!"
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  • Episode 21. Oh sweet Heart's Egg. At one point during the episode, while Amu tends towards the house while her parents and Ami are outside, a package arrives. They take it towards a kitchen table, open it... And see that it contains a live crab. After some cautious behavioral experiments with it, it captures Miki in it's claw. What happens next is an Imagine Spot which is essentially sort of like a childish version of Excel Saga: The crab becomes extraordinarily large, with Miki, at her usual size, still in it's grasp. As well as this, rather than residing within a box on a table, it is currently seemingly assaulting a city. Ran, in a typical "broadcaster's" suit, reports on the incident towards a camera, while Amu and Su, in standard military camo, pilot a tank trying to take the crab down. It, much like much of Excel Saga, is so bizarre it's hilarious. They eventually rescue her through use of a plunger, although they "offend her artistic sense" in the process. Also, Funny Aneurysm, as Miki, as well as all of Amu's current Chara, are captured by something much more harmful, Nikaidou, later in the episode.
  • Anything involving El/Eru.
    • "SHATTAPPU!"
    • Another moment that especially stands out is El forcing an Amulet Angel character transformation.
    El: Amu-chan no kokoro: Unlock!
  • Anytime Utau sees Ikuto. Expect jumping, hugging, whining, kissing and overly sweet behavior that some characters consider disturbing. Especially when Utau de-transforms in the middle of the fight just to scream "Ikuuuuutoooo!" and hug him.
  • Shugo Chara! Party Episode 7. Minus the purification of the X-Egg..the ENTIRE episode where 'Nadeshiko' returns.
    • It turns out that a poster of Nadeshiko's performance was earlier release and Nagihiko, Amu and Rima just realize it.
    • KusuKusu nearly reveal Nadeshiko's identity but was saved thanks to Dia.
    • This Expression by Rima when Amu hugs Nadeshiko for a minute.
      • Lets just say it's a combination of jealousy, pissed mode, "I-Want-Amu-To-Do-That-On-Me" and Nagihiko manage to pull off well as a girl.
    • Not too happy, Rima decides to tease him by calling out Nagihiko and Nadeshiko despite Nagihiko's quick change attempt.
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  • Yaya, whenever she chara-changes, and her "gigantic rattle attack" fails...
    "WAAAAAAAAAAH! It hurts!!"