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Awesome Music / Shugo Chara!

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Think what you will about Shugo Chara!, but it has undoubtedly had some awesome songs throughout its run. So kick back, put on your Royal Cape, try to dismiss the rabid shippers/Ikuto lust, and listen.

  • Yume Oi Racer, which could easily function as Amu's theme, and perhaps the best song in the series. An excellent and extraordinarily memorable guitar melody, likeably mechanical percussion, Kanae Ito's empowered voice, and a short, but utterly majestic instrumental section all within one five-minute piece of awesome.
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  • Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! The best thing Buono! has ever done. Energetic and extroardinarily, unbreakably fun. It also is as excellent proof that J-pop needs more harmonica solos.
  • The Open Heart Theme. Best magical girl finisher ever. No contenders.
  • Smile, Rima. A perfect punctuation towards how sucky Rima's home and, before certain events, elsewhere life is.
  • And, soon afterwards, its gloriously triumphant variation that is My World, played during one scene during Episode 40 (and during the Rima-related portion of episode 52's recap) when Rima finally corrects her parents that she is a person, not an object to be mostly locked up inside a house.