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Funny / How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

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  • Episode 1:
    • A shut-in NEET gamer awakens in the body of his overpowered game avatar, Diablo the Demon Lord, to find an elf and a Cat Girl kissing him on the cheek.
    • Diablo tries to remember the last time he talked to a girl, then wonders if he has ever talked to anyone else, and can only remember "soloing" his entire life.
    • While Shera and Rem are arguing, the perverted Diablo imagines both of them without clothes on.
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    • Diablo sick of hearing Shera and Rem's squabbling, orders them to smile and shake hands with one another. Both of them immediately do so with forced smiles on their faces before metal enslavement collars pop-up on their necks to everyone's shock (including Diablo's). Turns out the girls were trying to cast Enslavement Magic on Diablo, but due to an item he wore that reflects magic he ended up enslaving the girls instead.
    • At an inn, Shera happily chows down on all the food there, while her oversized boobs jiggle about.
    • Diablo's "gamer instinct" picks up an important story line regarding Rem and he is determined to find out what it is, hoisting Rem up on his shoulder and declares he would take her upstairs to be tortured. A shocked Shera answers that she would be downstairs with her food, while Rem orders the dumb elf to save her.
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    • Diablo's idea of torture is to stimulate Rem's cat ears by stroking them, blowing on them, and sucking on them.
  • Episode 2:
    • Diablo awakens in the same bed as Rem and Shera, only to find an unfamiliar sensation in his left hand. He looks and is shocked to find his left hand on Shera's oversized boob and groping it without any control. He attempts to use his right hand to wrestle his left hand away, only to discover his right hand is busy groping Rem's budding breasts. He then continues to grope both girls while thinking "Oppai are awesome!" in his head.
      • When Shera wakes up and sees what Diablo is doing, she pulls away before adding that Diablo should never do such a thing... until he picks her as master. Diablo is shocked to hear that she would allow it if he chose her.
      • Rem is awakened by the noise, only to see Diablo's hand on her chest causing her face to flush red. Diablo starts sweating profusely before he decides to roleplay the crude Demon Lord and orders Rem to hold her chest out proudly as her budding breasts were an asset too, Rem proceeds to scream.
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    • When Rem and Shera take Diablo to be registered as adventurers, Diablo is unable to read the language written on the form, so he feigns being too lazy to fill it in and asks Shera to do it for him, which she happily agrees to. To finish the contract, a blood seal must be placed on the scroll. Diablo has to motivate himself and comparing it to taking a shot, to which he grabs a knife and cuts his finger, only he cuts too deep and his finger sprays out blood in a giant spurt. He then plants his bloody finger on the scroll which splashes blood everywhere, to the horror of the guild recruiter.
    • Later, Shera believes Diablo is going to choose Rem as his master, and pounces on him about to break down in despair, all the while Diablo is immensely distracted by the giant boobs pushing onto him. Shera then asks if Diablo likes oppai as she caught him always looking at hers. Rem then walks in and goes all tsundere at being reminded of how small hers are.
  • Episode 3:
    • Emile, the guild's strongest warrior, uses a powerful skill with a lengthy charge time. Diablo punches him in the face. His deadpan expression really sells it.
    • Shera and Diablo come cross a stream and Shera wants to bathe in it. Diablo immediately has a nervous breakdown as he can't bring himself to bathe with a woman with his poor social skills, complete with his Imagine Spot of seeing Shera in a bikini. So he pretends to be angered due to finding bathing to be an uninteresting activity.
    • Shera presses her enormous boobs against Diablo's arm while citing she's not strong like he is, to which a flustered Diablo tries to get her to pullback by angrily telling her an adventurer shouldn't fear danger. This gives Shera more confidence and she thanks him by squeezing her boobs even harder against Diablo, while saying by being around him she can continue to grow, to which Diablo thinks if they grow anymore he would reach heaven.
  • Episode 4:
    • After both girls congratulate Diablo on his victory and each cling onto one of his arms, a dazed Diablo remarks that if Shera pushed those things against him he'd collapse. Sure enough Diablo (in chibi form) falls forwards and his head lands firmly into Shera's boobs where he's delighted he bounces right off them. He then flings in the other direction towards Rem, only to strike her chest with a resonating thud as he mutters "Hard."
  • Episode 5:
  • Episode 6:
    • Rem is shocked to be informed that she might be pregnant with a demon. Shera then ponders how this could have happened before remembering the night Diablo tortured her. Rem angrily declares that nothing of the sort happened that night, only for Shera to reveal she thought the act of sharing a bed with someone else was enough to make her pregnant.
  • Episode 8:
    • Sylvie offers Diablo some alcohol that can restore MP. However being a shut-in NEET, Diablo reveals he Can't Hold His Liquor and quickly gets drunk. In his drunken state he mistakes the rabbit girl as an anime body pillow to which he squeezes her into a hug, pulls her onto the bed, and rubs his face and hands against, while accidentally stripping her naked. He then passes out altogether on top of the naked Sylvie who can't get free to her clothes.
  • Episode 9:
    • Shera and Rem are complaining that each of them smell, so Shera suggests all of them (including Diablo) bathe together. Diablo's social anxiety at being a shut-in NEET resurfaces and he cannot bring himself to bathe with them, so he pretends that as a Demon Lord he didn't care for baths. While Shera and Rem are bathing, Shera decides to lick Rem, while Rem retaliates by pinching Shera's boobs and pulling them in opposite directions. All the while Diablo faces away behind a rock, conflicted over wanting to see this once in a lifetime opportunity and being emotionally incapable of the act.
  • Episode 10: When Diablo learns that the best method to summon Klem is through touching Rem down there, his internal thoughts sums things up perfectly.
    Diablo: No! No times No divided by No to the power of Oh Hell No!
  • Episode 12:
    • Diablo's solution to prevent Klem from being taken into custody is to use an Enslavement Collar, like what was done to Shera and Rem. Sylvie and Emile are in utter shock, but Emile quickly switches from astonishment to giving an approving thumbs-up.
    • Diablo has used up all of his magic points and is close to collapse, so Klem decides to help him recharge by taking off all her clothes and cuddling up to him. The rest of the girls: Alicia, Shera, Edelgard, and Rem all do the same and strip naked. Diablo is horrified as his harem of naked girls all approach him calling his name and he passes out from shock.

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