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  • Episode 3: Fiona and Van are exploring an old war ruin and Van starts checking lockers set to a tune that would be present in a horror movie. Cue opening a locker that Zeke had accidentally locked himself inside and the two freaking each other out.
  • Episode 4: Without consulting with Van, Fiona tosses all of their water because it's gone stagnant. As he starts to get dehydrated he hallucinates a ton of Super-Deformed Fionas run up to him laughing all carrying water... before dumping it all on the ground in front of him.
  • Episode 8:
    • Irvine and Van get into a fist fight so Fiona cheers on for both of them to beat the crap out of the other.
    • While riding on their way in Moonbay's Gustav to the Republic capital and discussing their next move, Fiona was trying to get Irvine's feet off the sides of her headrest (the latter was sitting in the back, reclining his feet).
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    • In a scene only exclusive to the original Japanese dub, there's also the time when Fiona and Moonbay are taking a shower, and Moonbay tells Fiona to go tell Van they'll go shopping later. Fiona complies... getting out of the shower without drying herself or getting dressed, and she runs into Van right outside the room. Van freaks out and tells her to Please Put Some Clothes On.
    • Poor Irvine getting dragged along by Fiona trying various foods at the marketplace whilst carrying the shopping with him. There's also Fiona's reaction of tasting a chili pepper (with predictable results)! Which leads Irvine to pay for the lot.
    • While being chased by Bull, Welda, Nero and Bianco of Desert Arcobaleno Gang, Van and Moonbay crash through a window of an old couple having tea, followed by said members, with the couple themselves just ignoring the scene even when their table was knocked over.
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    • Fiona's "rescue" of Van and Moonbay who are tied to the Liger's leg:
      Fiona: (Waltzes past the gang) Van, Moonbay, I'm here to untie you! (Immediately gets grabbed).
      Van: Fiona...
      Moonbay: She's unbelievable.
      Irvine: What was she thinking? (Having used the distraction to get past the gang himself).
  • Episode 10:
    • The introduction of Fiona's salted coffee.
    • What is the first thing Dr. D does after getting thawed out of the ice (due to an experiment gone wrong)? Go on a run in Irvine's Command Wolf, much to the latter's displeasure!
      Dr. D: (having just gotten out of the cockpit) What a good Zoid. What fun!
      Irvine: (pissed) Now look! Don't you ever touch my Zoid again!
      (Dr. D smirks, then...)
      Dr. D: I'M TOUCHING IT, I'M TOUCHING IT! (pantomimes touching the Command Wolf's leg)
    • Dr. D becoming the only other person to enjoy Fiona's coffee. Much to Van's disgust.
      Dr. D: Nice and salty, just the way I like it.
    • During one of Van's rants while forced to do chores for Dr. D (like repairing the roof of the latter's house), it practically gives way, causing the boy to fall through... followed by a yelping Zeke with it.
    • In a moment of Black Comedy Dr. D orders Irvine and Van to get into their Zoids due to an enemy attack. The so-called enemy? A young man riding a bicycle towards them, and Irvine was unwilling to fire on an unarmed civilian. Dr. D (who was riding along) causes Irvine to accidentally open fire... which miraculously sent the dude flying with only minor injuries. All to the a rock cover of the William Tell Overture.
      Dr. D: (nonchalantly picking his ear) How cruel, shooting an unarmed man like that.
      Irvine: (incredulous) Pardon me!?
    • What's just as funny was when the man woke up seeing Zeke, he screamed and rode off in terror (of course, Zeke was covering his audio receptors in response to his scream)! Turns out the young man was Dr. D's grandson (Kelly in supplementary materials).
    • Turns out it finally did snow near Dr. D's mountainside home... but not due to his snow rocket being a dud.
  • Episode 13: Fiona tries to talk Van out of fighting with Raven by enticing him with a chicken drumstick tied to Zeke's tail and hooking him like a fish. Van mocks the situation as if he'd really fall for it... and then hooks onto it mouth first, dangling at the end of the line.
    Moonbay: (deadpan) Hook, line, and sinker.
  • Episode 14: In probably the only funny moment Raven has, he shows remarkable Genre Savvy when he refers to Irvine as Van's Sidekick. Irvine is, of course, livid.
  • Episode 18: Two times Fiona had to knock out Colonel Krueger (preventing him from needlessly risking his life) with a frying pan!
  • Episode 19: When the Desert Alcovolino Gang gets attacked by some assassins, it's revealed that they escaped by all cramming into the cockpit of a single Zoid (Bianco's Molga). The gang then launches an airstrike in retaliation with a different Zoid (Viola's Redler)... with all of them crammed in the cockpit so they can watch.
    Viola: (smirking) Did you catch the looks on their faces or was I flying too fast?
  • Episode 22: Van attempts to teach Rudolph how to pilot his Shield Liger. Said Zoid ends ends up roaring erratically, while its legs go into a max speed Motion Blur. They're able to stop right before going off the edge of a cliff. As both boys breath a sigh of relief, the cliff edge breaks due to the weight, sending them screaming to the bottom.
  • Episode 27: Fiona was quite a bit of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander, but there was one time where the group had to somehow sneak their Zoids by some guards without suspicion. Their strategy? Have Moonbay and Fiona pretend they're off to Moonbay's wedding. The only thing Fiona says throughout the entire exchange between the guards is "My sister's getting married today!" with varying degrees of emotion. Amazingly enough, it all makes sense in context.
  • Episode 30:
    • When the group meets Moonbay's old boyfriend McMann. Every time he smiles his teeth give off a gleam, to which Fiona and Rudolph keep asking if anyone else saw it.
    • Rudolph's face when Fiona dumps an entire shaker's worth of salt into her cup of coffee.
    • The reason Moonbay and McMann broke up:
      Van and Irvine: (incredulous) BECAUSE OF HIS MUSIC!?
  • Episode 38: Van and Thomas are fighting a rogue gang of Zoids. Unfortunately, the enemies have a type of scrambling device that throws off the aim of Van and Thomas's shots. Also not helping is Thomas constantly ignoring Van in an attempt to impress Fiona. What clinches it is that Thomas attempts a Macross Missile Massacre... only to unintentionally lock on Van. The Blade Liger itself gets an Oh, Crap! face!
  • Episode 39: Van and Thomas are about to be executed by Hiltz's men in one episode and intend to pull off a plan to get themselves out of the jam. Before they can initate it, however, Fiona jumps in on Zeke dual wielding machine guns Rambo style and Zeke is armed with a Badass Bandolier of explosives. Despite looking completely ridiculous, the bandits surrender their weapons anyway. It would have been Crazy Enough to Work if Ambient hadn't swooped in and knocked Fiona off Zeke... which causes her to spray bullets at Van and Thomas by accident... which lights a fuse on one of Zeke's explosives, causing the group to run for their lives to get away from the soon to be exploding Organoid (thankfully Zeke was able to lose the explosives on time). Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Episode 43:
    • Van, Fiona and Thomas are guarding Emperor Rudolf during his vacation, and Thomas works with Marianne to confess his love to Fiona. When he finally musters up the courage to declare his love for her... he accidentally confesses to Zeke. Zeke responds rather positively.
    • Thomas gives Fiona a present as a sentimental gift of his love. So how does Fiona react? To say thank you and then happily run over to Van to show him the present she just got. Fiona grew up but she's still a Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
    • Zeke keeps screwing up Thomas' confessions, so after the last one Marianne ties him up to a tree so he can't interfere. The whole time that Thomas is flubbing his confessions you can see Marianne reacting appropriately while Zeke struggles in the background.
  • Episode 44:
    • Dr. D spitting out his coffee. Why? Because it had sugar in it. He then asks Fiona to make a fresh cup with salt in it. Irvine of course is disgusted.
      Irvine: Do me a favor and shoot me if I ever get to be like him.
    • Irvine nonchalantly mocking Moonbay's song when she reunites with her friends.
      Irvine: I'm a transporter, of the wasteland... I'm just, making it up... (normally) As I go?
  • Episode 56: