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Awesome / Zoids: Chaotic Century

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  • In order to takes down some flying Republic Zoids, Van and and Irvine work together by jumping off each other's Zoids to propel them up to a height to swat them from the sky. It's a skill that Van maintains for the rest of the show and lets him take out fliers in a freaking Shield Liger.
  • Colonel Krueger in general. He may not have been seen piloting a Zoid personally, but nonetheless he was a brilliant tactician. Examples include the plan to self-destruct the Fort Cronos base along with triggering an artificial volcanic eruption at Mt. Osa, wiping out the enemy forces.
    • During the Time Skip he personally trained Van to be a talented Zoid pilot!
  • Van finally getting the upper hand on Raven after losing to him for several episodes and destroying his Zaber Fang.
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  • The first time the Blade Liger's swords unfurl and Van uses them to cut Stinger's Zaber Fang clean in half. Mid-Season Upgrade says hello.
  • Van defeating Raven when his Blade Liger was repaired from Zeke and Fiona's intervention.
  • Thomas manages to take down his Brainwashed and Crazy brother without injuring him. Keep in mind his brother is not only a respected officer and pilot but was also in control of an Iron Kong, one of the strongest Zoids in the empire's arsenal.
  • When Raven comes back in Guardian Force and has Van on the ropes, Moonbay drives her freaking Gustav into the battle to block a shot from the Geno Saurer's Wave-Motion Gun.
  • The moment when the heart of Irvine's Command Wolf is able to fully integrate into his new Lightning Saix. The Power Limiter restraints break off, its eyes change from green to the Command Wolf's orange, and it proceeds to break the sound barrier as it kicks into overdrive.
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  • Van takes on an entire squad of bandits while injured and piloting a hijacked Rev Raptor, a Zoid that is mostly considered cannon fodder. Even the bandits are amazed at the feats that he's able to pull off in that thing.
  • Thomas and Irvine take out Hiltz's Kill Sat in modified, high altitude Storm Sworders. What makes this victory especially awesome is that their ranged weapons don't work on Hiltz at first, so they have to resort to their swords and the Storm Sworders can barely maunever at that velocity and altitude. Thomas and Irvine manage to take down Hiltz by charging him with their blades and dodging his return fire by inches.
  • Van manages to take down an army's worth of Zoids while Thomas and Irvine go after Hiltz in orbit. He's then able to take on Reese shortly after.
  • The Gravity Cannon, every time it's fired. Special note to its first firing though, where the weapon is tested by firing it into the ocean. This is a weapon that fires shells which create black holes. There's nothing not awesome about that.
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  • Van rushes off to the Valley of the Rare Hertz to save Fiona and has a one on one fight with Hiltz in the Death Stinger, a super Zoid that has been hounding the heroes for half a dozen episodes and required at least three people to fight on somewhat even ground. Van actually manages to hold it off, prompting a This Cannot Be! from Hiltz until he retreats.
  • Raven takes down three Geno Saurers in his Geno Breaker all on his own. He even kills the third one without Shadow's help.
  • The Geno Breaker penetrating the Death Saurer's energy shield with its Charged Particle Cannon, giving Van a clear shot to finish it off. This took a few tries, and only worked when Shadow merged with the Geno Breaker one last time. Until this point, nothing had done any damage to the Death Saurer.
    Raven: Go, Shadow! PUNCH IT!
  • Van defeating the true Death Saurer after being shot out of the gravity cannon. He does all of this without Zeke or Fiona either, showing just how far he's come from when he defeated the Death Saurer the first time.