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Awesome / Zoids: New Century

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  • Episode 1, the rematch between the Blitz Team and The Tigers Team. The third damaged Sabre Tiger/Zaber Fang uses a long range cannon to snipe the Blitz teams Zoids immobilizing Leena's Dibison. Then, just as Leena is surrounded, Bit and the Liger Zero make an impromptu reappearance. Bit then takes charge and breezes past the other two Saber Tigers, taking down the sniper with the Liger's Claws. He then takes out the leader with the newly-unlocked Strike Laser Claw, with Brad finishing off the remaining member.
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  • Episode 3: After the Blitz Team finish up a battle against some Helcats and a Sabre Tiger. Bit manages to salvage the Sabre Tiger's shock cannon, managing to equip it to Liger. Finally giving Liger a projectile weapon. Even though the barrel was cracked, leaving with only a double-barrel weapon. Bit and Liger still manage to use the shock cannon to great effect against Harry later on.
  • Episode 4: In a Pity the Kidnapper moment, Leena's bashes up Major Polta's men whilst kidnapped, forcing said Major to hold his ransom call to the Blitz Team to help his men restrain her. Of course, he was beaten worse to wear afterwards. You got to give him points for not losing his composure afterwards.
    • Leena's epic escape. After tricking, beating up a guard (featuring a priceless Comical Angry Face) and stealing his uniform afterwards, she proceeds to escape from the Whale King with Jamie's Pteras whilst scaring off the remaining guards! Doubling as a Moment Of Funny.
  • Episode 6, one for some of the minor characters. After Stoller and Sanders of the Backdraft Group hijack the rematch between the Blitz and Vipers teams, the Vipers team shows some moral fortitude in refusing to fight in an illegal battle. True their Zoids are destroyed as a result, but at least they stood by their standards.
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  • Episode 7: Leena managing to take out the majority of the Sand Stingray gang's Sinkers with her newly acquired Gun Sniper LS (Leena Special) to save the day.
  • Episode 13, the first appearance of Jamie's "Wild Eagle" alter ego. Pierce tries to take him on, but her Zabat just can't compete with his new Raynos. After he shoots her down he flies the Raynos straight into the Whale King's hatch and attacks it from the inside, damaging it until Altile orders the attacking Zoids to be jettisoned.
  • Episode 20, Brad's escape from the Backdraft Group with the Shadow Fox.
    • Brad and the Shadow Fox taking out Jamie and his Raynos, then Leena and her Gun Sniper in under thirty seconds.
    • When the Judge gets Extreme Mêlée Revenge on the Dark Judge:
    "Evil... shall... falter... and Justice... shall... always... prevail!"
    "Decisions made by the Zoid Battle Commission are FINAL! Those who defy the commission shall be punished according to the law! NO EXCEPTIONS! FIRE!"
    "My word is the law on the battlefield!" [poses in front of a kabuki background]
  • Episode 26: The final battle between Bit and Vega in the Liger Zero and Berserk Fury.
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  • Each of Liger's different armor sets gets one for its debut, but the Panzer definitely takes the cake. It withstands a brutal barrage by the Elephander before blasting clean through its energy shield with its Hybrid cannons and quickly follows it up by destroying several dozen of the Backdraft Group's Zabats with its Burning Big Bang attack.