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  • Zatch's existence.
    • Suzume Mizuno's existence.
    • Naomi's existence.
    • Folgore and Kanchome's existence. Beware the Nice Ones, though...
  • Zatch/Gash and Kiyomaru are chasing after a nun's partner a rabbit/monkey looking Mamodo boy, Momon by name. Kiyomaru encounters him by the river bed where he pantses him. Zatch/Gash gathers friends and they go looking for him, or rather he finds them and lift Tio's skirt. Not only does he get to look at her undies once, but twice. When they capture him she breathes a sigh of relief that Kiyomaru and Zatch (who the former she has a crush on and latter may or may not) did not see them.
  • The look on Demolt's face when he realizes that he's not looking at Gash, but Kanchome. When a guy like that starts sweat dropping, it's impossible not to laugh. Also a Moment of Awesome.
  • From the dub: Kiyo sees that the river is frozen in the episode where the Ice mamodo Reycom appears. Zatch remarks that the river is filled with 'fish popsicles'. The look on Kiyo's face when he screams "FISH POPSICLES???!!!" is priceless. In fact, a lot of facial expressions from both the anime and the manga are priceless.
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  • Take your pick. Folgore's "Chichi wo Moge"/"Hey Hey Let's Dance All Day" moments. Just about anything Victoream says ("Very melon!"). Folgore and Victoream together usually result in insane moments of hilarity, and it happens twice on the show, the latter being an entire episode where Folgore talks about a movie he is planning to make about Victoream.
  • Folgore's entire introductory episode is just one big montage of "What in the heck did I just watch?", especially in the dub.
  • The chapter/episode where Kiyomaru goes camping. Just... the whole thing...
  • Umagon getting pissed when Kiyomaru cuts the rope harness for his book. He began ranting presumably about how his mother made that rope harness for him. Of course, the only thing he can say is "merumerume" numerous times the whole rant, and Kiyomaru bluntly says he has absolutely no idea what Umagon is saying.
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  • The basis of Kiyomaru giving Umagon his name. "-gon" is the kind of suffix you'd put on the name of a kaiju monster, like Baragon. Basically, Kiyomaru's reasoning was "since you're a horse and I think you're a monster, your name will be Horse Monster". No wonder Umagon was pissed at the name.
  • Sunbeam's "attempts" to communicate with Umagon. He tries to tell Sunbeam his birth name of Schneider, but like everyone else, Sunbeam thinks his actual name is Umagon.
  • In the final battle against the Millennium Demons, the heroes are trying to make their way to the chamber with the moonlight in it. The only one who knows the way, Laila, remembers several hints about the hidden entrance... but when the heroes attempt to find them she remembers each of them is booby-trapped just as the trap keeps getting sprung. When she finally remembers the correct one, she laments that even if they try to get through they'll just be attacked as soon as they touch the statue... and then realizes she can just break it with a spell. Then, when she tries to lead everyone up the hidden staircase...
    Laila: Okay, let's go, everyone!
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  • The simple fact that Papipurio made it to the top 10. The rest of the top 10 consists of the main villain+ henchmen, the protagonists and their Worf friend, and then...Papi.
  • Bari's first encounter with Zatch. Specially because he thought that the weeping child who was getting pursued by a little girl couldn't be the one he heard rumors about so he assumes Naomi has to be a mamodo.
    • Then Naomi makes the stupid mistake of insulting Bari. His response? He kicks her, making her run off crying.
    • Danny's first encounter with Zatch as well.
  • Somewhere between this trope and CMOA is the greatest demon head of all time, which Kiyo takes to astonishing levels when he returns from the dead and curbstomps Rodeux with little effort.
  • During the first filler arc episode where Shion Hibiki, a new transfer student is introduced, her cat which she brought to school pops out of her bag, the teacher tells her off for this and says she can't bring a cat to school. Her classmates are quick to jump to her defense, and one of them points out (pointing directly at Kiyo) that "there are even those who bring children to class." One then mentions the teacher often brings his wife over to school. Cue said wife peering in from the door entrance.
    • The teacher allows her to bring the cat to school with that. Next day, everyone who got a crush on the new student tries to one-up Kiyo and brings to school either an animal (including a horse and stealing Ponygon from Kiyo's house) or a young child (including Naomi) predictably, the whole classroom turns into a mess.
    • In the following episode there's all of Shion's laughably inept attempts to take Zatch's MacGuffin, which culminates in a scene in the caffeteria that can only be described with "Everyone, protect your Yellowtail!"
  • Dr. Riddles bringing Big Boing along to an exposition drop for the sole purpose of trolling Kiyo by having her show him her new dance. Watching Riddles crack up is hilarious enough even before Kiyo's (predictable) response:
    Kiyo: ZAKERU!
  • At one point in the Manga, Ruupa and Papipurio come across Ted and Jido inside of Faudo. They try to play dumb when asked what are they doing there. Ruupa pretends she's an alien by doing a bizarre, but hilarious impersonation of ET.
  • Kiyo's reaction when he walks in on the man in the fish costume.
  • "Just so you know, I don't usually do this kind of thing."
  • Tia learning a new spell out of anger at a mamodo that kept touching her panties. The fact that it's also her strongest attack spell doubles the hilarity.
  • Penny's Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship with Zatch before her Heel–Face Turn.
  • A large majority of the battle with Victoreem.
    • "With the dashing beauty of the Johnson located in my crotch!"
  • Zatch and Kiyo's battle against Kanchomé and Folgore in KIYO'S BEDROOM. With Suzy sleeping though the entire thing.
  • The dream Kiyomaru had after the Faudo events. It can only be described as an LSD trip of insanity with characters brought into weird costumes to slap him silly, jokes that honesty don't translate well for the US, and a cameo of a certain V-shaped Mamodo. And what did that dream do, he woke up and lost his Answer Talker ability....
  • Kiyo's face when he sees that Mizuno has been taken hostage is priceless.
  • The Magnificent 12's "fight" against the Thousand-Year-Old Demons entirely.
    • The Magnificent 12 in general. They'd probably be fine if they were dealing with ordinary human criminals. Well, maybe not...
  • The whole episode where Kiyomaru, Megumi, Gash, Tio, and... Mizuno help Sunbeam and Umagon settle in to his new place. Mizuno was less than helpful, to say the least.
  • When Pamoon first meets Kiyo. That stone Kiyo did all those weird things to? That was him trapped in the stone and he's not happy about it.


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