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     In General 
  • There's loads of awesome and heartwarming that happens when Genos keeps studying and learning from Saitama like a glimpse of his true power or Saitama's heroic actions despite only a few people witnessing or recognizing them. It becomes hilarious, though, when it's shown just how thorough he is about everything there is to learn, such as the angle of Saitama's reclined position while reading a book. As if that's a factor in his powers.... OR IS IT!?
  • Any time Saitama casually defeats the Monster of the Week and treats it like it was no big deal, especially when in his non-serious look face. Made more hilarious if said villain defeated other heroes prior to Saitama showing up.
  • Whenever Saitama ditches his "lazy" art style and voice and gets serious over something, it's such a big change that it's hilarious on its own. Sometimes it's over something anyone could relate to, but it's even funnier when he's displaying genuine emotion over something that most people... wouldn't.
    [after watching a news report on the terroristic Paradisers] "Bastards! Those thieves! THEY STOLE MY LOOK!"
    [after punching a criminal into and through a wall] "Don't you ever go around stealing people's french fries again!"
    [upon realizing that he's missing a sale in the middle of a fight] "I SCREWED UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!"
  • The first opening, THE HERO!!! ~Set Fire to the Furious Fist~, ends with the sunlight shining off Saitama's bald head

Introduction Saga

     Saitama Introduction Arc 
  • In the first episode, the fight with Beefcake, the "strongest man in the world". Saitama jumps onto his shoulder, and his brother Oldface on his other shoulder commands him to "squash the guy on your shoulder". Who does he crush? Oldface. His reaction at realizing he just killed his brother is priceless.
    Beefcake: [beat] NIIIIII-SAAAAAN!!! / (Dub) BROTHER, NOOOOOOOO!!!!
    • The short cutaway to Saitama while Beefcake is ranting, during which he has a blank, shit-eating grin on his face. Bear in mind this is right after Beefcake smashed his brother into bloody paste.
    • The first episode's dub also has a priceless one-off line, temporarily interrupting Saitama's monologue with Crablante:
    • Crablante's motivation for sparing Saitama: "Your eyes are cold and lifeless. Just the same as mine. Since we have that in common, I think I'll let you off the hook this time!"
  • The face Saitama makes when he found the big-chinned brat Crablante was hunting down.
  • The reason Saitama gives for stepping in against Crablante:
    Saitama: "In this age of declining birth rates, I can't just let you kill a kid."
  • After it turns out that Saitama's epic battle against the numerous "Subterranean" army was All Just a Dream, he gets his hopes up when he hears about the real Subterraneans breaking through. In the dream, they ambushed him while he was in his sleep, were gigantic, and managed to draw blood from him. The actual Subterraneans are goofy compared to that. Saitama stomps on the King, and the next scene is them surrendering. "Sorry about that."

     House of Evolution Arc 
  • The first episode of the anime shows us how overpowered Saitama is. Then the second episode shows us that even his godlike power has limits as he faces his greatest opponent yet: a mere mosquito.
    • On that note, there's the opening lines on the current mosquito problem:
    Mosquito "Expert": Obviously they're a new species, so I obviously can't tell you anything about them. / (Dub) These mosquitoes belong to an entirely new species. Therefore, I honestly know nothing about them.
    Reporter (pissed off): Seriously? What the hell man? Then get off my show! / (Dub) Aw, come on, what good are you?! Get off my show!
  • When Genos met Saitama:
    Genos: (I should put an end to this as soon as I can.)
    Saitama: GET BACK HERE, DAMN IT! (Genos is caught off-guard, cut to a furious Saitama chasing the mosquito with a bug spray) YOU AND I AREN'T DONE YET, YOU LITTLE BASTARD!
    Genos: (Who is this idiot?)
  • Genos asks what the skin-colored armor that Saitama wears on his head is made of. Saitama answers that it's called "skin." And then it becomes about Saitama's baldness...
    Genos: What kind of parts have you installed on your body, Master?
    Saitama: Don't use any.
    Genos: But what about the skin-colored armor on your head?
    Saitama: Yeah, that's just my skin, dude.
    Genos: That's odd. You appear far too young to already be bald.
  • Genos' backstory.
  • The House of Evolution scientists are watching a recording of Mosquito Girl's failure when the obvious question comes up upon witnessing the circumstances of her defeat.
  • When the House of Evolution begins their attack, a praying mantis monster crashes through the ceiling. Before he can say his name, Saitama does his thing.
    "Pay for the ceiling!...Can't you guys just come through the door?" / (dub) "You're gonna pay for my ceiling!...Don't bust people's ceilings...Enough, okay? There's a front door for a reason."
  • After seeing the lion get turned into a messy pulp by Saitama, the mole rightly runs like Hell. However...
    Saitama: found you.
  • After Genos deals with Armored Gorilla:
    Genos: You will answer the question or you are going to be eliminated. Your choice.
    Armored Gorilla: It is you who will be eliminated. You blithering fool. I am the third-most powerful fighter in the House of Evolution. At your power level, you will never beat the Beast King, the second-most powerful fighter. You will be destroyed.
    Saitama: Is this the guy you mean?
    Genos: I believe it is.
    (AG menacingly stares for 5 seconds.)
    Saitama: Wait, what happened to your hi-tech robot voice?
    AG: Sorry about that, I was just trying to sound cool...
  • Genos' afro.
    • The anime even gives it a continuity nod in the next episode when Genos is being repaired: his hair is back to normal, but his afro is visible in the background.
  • Asura Rhino/Carnage Kabuto smashes Genos into the wall. Saitama's response is delivered completely seriously.
    Saitama: You turned Genos into a piece of bad modern art.
  • The Reveal of Saitama's training regimen. The anime really takes the Serious Business Up to Eleven for what would, at best, count as some decent cardio training in Real Life. And the best part is the first one to call him out on it is Genos.
    Genos: are so...FULL OF CRAP!
  • Saitama vs. Asura Rhino/Carnage Kabuto. Asura Rhino activates his berserker form and says it will last an entire week. At first, Saitama sounds worried about stopping him, but he works out what next week is and realizes that today was the special sale he was looking forward to and punches Asura Rhino's entire head off.
    • In the anime, Genos' reaction makes it even funnier, running up to Saitama to tell him that they have 4 hours left to be there and they can still make it in time, with a serious and excited tone, like it was a matter of life or death.

     Paradise Group Arc 
  • The Paradisers, a terrorist group of bald men who are effectively too lazy to work, want to destroy the building belonging to the richest man. Not only do they initially destroy the wrong one, but they miss the fact that their target has a literal Golden Turd (a parody of the Asahi Beer Hall).
  • Saitama wakes up from a nightmare:
    Saitama: Huh...? What a dream...
  • Saitama watches television and sees the Paradisers cause chaos, led by a B-class criminal who has a reputation as a One-Man Army? Boring. The local law enforcement can handle this. They're all... bald? Unacceptable! They stole his looks, and he'll be treated as a villain because of them!
  • Sonic flings a kunai into the back of Hammerhead's head and he falls down like a plank of wood.
  • We get to see poor Speed-of-Sound Sonic's balls greeting Saitama's fist in action. It. Is not. Pretty.
    • Extra points for Saitama's nonchalant delivery:
      Saitama: Checkmate.
    • The anime makes it even funnier by putting up a faux Technical Difficulties screen shortly after.
  • Saitama explains to Genos why he's been troubled lately: "I'm not famous."
    • Not to mention how he found this out:
    Saitama: "No, no, it's me! Me! The guy who's a hero for fu-"
    Sonic: "Never heard of you."
    Saitama: (with a sad look on his face) "Oh. I see."
    • Sonic is offended by Saitama's ability to read his attacks, promising to defeat him for the slight. Saitama can tell by his "innocent smile" that he just wants to test out some moves on a powerful opponent.
  • When the Paradisers attack, Licenseless Rider bikes in to stop them. Cut to black, and we see him beaten to a pulp with a puddle of blood near his head & letting out a small whimper.
  • Hammerhead, his suit busted by Saitama but spared a killing blow, running for his life while naked and screaming.
  • Hammerhead survives both attempts on his life due to his abnormally tough skull.
    Hammerhead: (thinking to himself, in Tears of Joy) Thank you for giving me my thick skull, Mommy...I promise, I'll get a job!


Hero Association Saga

     National Superhero Registry Arc 
  • The Hero Association Physical Test Examinations.
    Random Hero Wannabe: I'm going home.
  • Saitama initially thinks that he wound up in class S, but when he pulls his score out of the envelope all the way, he realizes that the bottom half makes it a C. Cue Genos scanning the paper and providing his standard ultra-serious shonen exposition.
  • After passing the hero exam, Saitama meets the teacher Sneck, who, as you might expect, is a very Smug Snake. After hearing that Saitama and Genos are MUCH stronger than him, he goes off to disprove this by attacking Saitama while the latter is walking about, deep in contemplation. We see him throw one punch about to land... and the next frame is him buried headfirst in the ground, with Saitama carrying on as if nothing happened.
  • During Saitama and Genos' training match, it looks like Saitama is actually going to get serious and completely rock Genos' face-off... only to end his punch about an inch away and then flicking Genos in the forehead. He then does the goofiest little march away after declaring that they're going out for some udon while the panel cuts to show that the blowback from Saitama's punch decimated the entire mountain range behind Genos.
  • Later, in the anime version, Saitama and Genos both engage in a Super Spicy Mega Monster Udon Challenge while they're having dinner. Saitama loses to Genos.
  • Genos declaring he wants to room with Saitama.
    Saitama: Hell no.
    Genos: I can pay you rent. (smacks big stash of money)
    Genos: Yes!
  • Saitama learning the Hero Association has the power to assign hero names to its members based on their reputations. He worries he's going to be saddled with a crappy nickname like the "Caped Baldy" at some point.
  • Saitama discovers that C-class heroes get kicked out of the association if they're inactive for a week, after five days of slacking off. He spends the next two days running around the city only to find that it's finally peaceful for once. Tank Top Tiger then appears and tries to take him in, as Saitama running around is making people suspicious. Sonic shows up next and starts wreaking havoc in order to get Saitama to fight him, but Saitama initially refuses because he needs to find a bad guy. Then the penny drops:
    Sonic running around and destroying the surrounding area
    Saitama: Oh.
    Saitama pops up behind Sonic
    Saitama: Here's a bad guy.
    Sonic and the injured get carried off in ambulances. The last panel shows that the pavement has an imprint of Sonic's smiling face on it.
    • Tank-Top Tiger has the nerve to insult Saitama's baldness, clearly scoring an emotional crit.

     Rumored Monster Arc 
  • When Genos sees that Saitama brought home a large amount of kombu, he tells Saitama that kombu doesn't help in making hair grow, thinking that he bought this much for this purpose. Saitama is not amused with Genos' comment.
  • Saitama's doing a Spit Take when Genos reveals that he ranked #6 on the public popularity poll. Genos even reads the positive comments about himself with a straight face but brushes it off saying that the public only based their impression of him from his photo, leaving Saitama annoyed.
  • Fubuki doing the next episode preview despite doing an Early-Bird Cameo. Eyelashes regretfully reminds her that she and the Blizzard Group won't appear in Episode 7 despite her hopes.

     Giant Meteor Arc 
  • "Don't you dare touch this city....I LIVE IN IT!"
  • With Genos giving it his all to push the meteor back moments before its estimated impact, as Bang watches he tells him he sees the meteor slowing down.
    Genos: Really?
    Bang: Oh, no. It was just my imagination.
    Genos: You senile bastard!
    • The fact that Genos just cursed on his much older S Class senior makes it hilarious, although it's justified considering the condition they are in.
  • Saitama's lackadaisical demeanor as debris from the meteor engulfs the city in chaos.
  • Saitama getting pissed that the meteors creamed his favorite supermarket but spared the apartment complex where he used to live until a crabby old landlady threw him out.
  • After Saitama stomps the two Tank Tops who thought they could "newbie crush" him, he turns to the upset crowd and tells them that he destroyed the meteor, so if they want to complain to direct it at him. One guy pipes up and Saitama immediately snaps at him to shut the hell up.

     Sea Monster Arc 
  • The vocal rendition of Lightning Max's "ASDFGHJKL" reaction to the Sea King inexplicably sneaking up on him is glorious.
  • When Sonic and Puri-Puri Prisoner meet, Pri-Pri-Prisoner tells him why he was keeping himself in prison. Sonic remarks that he should stay in jail. Also when Pri goes "Angel Style" and declares that no one has seen him in that form and lived, Sonic thinks that he'd better go home.
    Sonic: He's naked. And he's definitely no angel. Nor is he human. Nor do I want to watch it. I'm out.
  • The Sea King's handling of Licenseless Rider in the anime. After blocking his first punch with an open palm, he performs what could best be described as a half-assed version of Metronomic Man Mashing, lazily swinging him by his arm against the ground six times before accidentally tearing his sleeve off and flinging him into the air. From how he's stood, he might as well have been trying to shake his hand.
    • And while it's some severe Mood Whiplash, Licenceless Rider gets rallied by the crowd... only to be given a One-Hit KO by the Sea King.
  • Also from the anime: The Sea King punches Saitama in the head, which does nothing but cause said head to waggle like a bobblehead.
  • The Sea King makes his speech about the superiority of sea life - and gets interrupted by Saitama, who tells him to rush the speech because it's raining and he wants to go home.
  • After Saitama delivers his signature blow, the Sea King's crown lightly topples to the ground.

     Alien Conquerors Arc 
  • Tatsumaki's anime-only segment in Episode 10 can be considered this. A giant Godzilla-like dinosaur monster starts attacking a mountain range, and Tatsumaki gets airlifted in to fight him. Just as she lands, however, she gets a phone call from the Hero Association calling her back, and she starts arguing with them, completely ignoring the monster. He starts speaking over her on the phone, and she gets angry and insults him and his chin before killing him. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    Tornado: HEY! Shut your snout! Can't you see I'm talking on the phone here?!
    Ancient King: [growls]
    Tornado: [hangs up] Ugh, I am so tired of this. I mean, who does he think he is? Annoying...
    Ancient King: [leaning down close to her] Are you done?
    Tornado: What's with the chin? Trying to be scary? Should I be shaking in my boots?
    Ancient King: Act brave while you still can, you annoying little runt!
    Tornado: Who are you calling a runt, you toad?!
    [Ancient King tries to stomp Tornado, who flies out of the way]
    Ancient King: Ah, so you aren't helpless. But to destroy me, a giant meteor is about the only thing that's strong enough!
    Ancient King: Don't make me laugh!
    [Ancient King starts to charge up his Breath Weapon, only to stop and notice an asteroid from space falling down to Earth. Cue a large crater containing what's left of Ancient King.]
    Tornado: How about another 300 million year nap?
  • Speaking of Tatsumaki in Episode 10, there's also her Art Shifts to ONE's webcomic style. Turns out seeing them animated is just what's needed to make them utterly hilarious.
    (After Tatsumaki finishes berating Saitama's presence in the HQ...)
    Saitama: (While pointing at Tatsumaki) Uh... What's with this sassy... Lost child?
  • During the meeting of all of the S-classes, the scene shifts to a sequence showcasing all of the S-classes in the order of their rank and their thoughts on the meeting... until it gets to Saitama, who, despite being only a B-class and not actually having been invited to the meeting, asks for some tea. The next chapter then starts off showing that yes, Saitama was given his tea.
    • Saitama asking for tea becomes funny later on as the S-Classes remember Saitama as "that B-Class who drank tea during the meeting".
    • A lot of the S-classes themselves are funny too, especially considering that this is the first time the readers see them. They've been set up as being the greatest and strongest of all of the heroes in the entire organization, but many of them are taking the meeting just as seriously as Saitama.
    • Metal Bat and Tatsumaki get into a childish argument that threatens to turn into a fight. Flash then asks the fight to stop by suggesting that Tatsumaki was going to kill Metal Bat if the fight was left to continue. Metal Bat is not amused and calls him "hairpin" in anger.
  • During his fight with Boros, Saitama punches Boros across the city-sized spaceship they were on as soon as the alien stops talking. Boros survived a full-on, serious attack from Saitama, but at the cost of his armor. The clincher? The armor acted as a Power Limiter.
    Boros: This set of armor, which was used to seal in my immeasurable, irresistible power, has now been broken.
    Saitama: (in a less detailed, cartoonish panel.) Okay.
    Saitama: Even telemarketers wouldn't think of that.
  • Tank Top Master decides that he doesn't want to be left out of the fighting, so he grabs the nearest chunk of rubble and chucks it at the ship. Tatsumaki then shows him up by grabbing dozens of pieces bigger than his (one of which he's standing on) and throwing them all at once.
    Tank Top Master: I give up!
  • After the invasion is over, Tatsumaki starts chewing out Saitama for rushing ahead into the spaceship and not respecting his lowly station as a Class-B hero, but most importantly calling him a "baldy" over and over again. Saitama then instructs Genos to tell her off. Genos tells her to shut up or he'll crush her. Cue Genos getting smashed into a giant pile of rubble.
  • The ending of episode 12 is this after the credits, showing a scene involving Saitama and Genos where Genos saves a child from a giant demon pig using a borrowed catchphrase to introduce himself and Saitama, who announces himself with a One-Hit Kill that reduces the monster to Ludicrous Gibs just like the opening of the first episode. Saitama's reaction is priceless.

     King Arc 
  • King doing a Double Take when he discovers Saitama inside his apartment.
    Saitama: Your window was open.
    King: This is the 22nd floor.

Human Monster Saga

     Garou Introduction Arc 

     The Blizzard Group Arc 
  • Blizzard, Eyelashes and Mountain Ape trying to intimidate Saitama is undercut by how obvious it is that he could not give less of a shit.
    • When Fubuki first introduces herself, she asks if Saitama knows who the Blizzard Group is. After a brief moment of thinking. He responds with the goofiest smile on his face saying he has absolutely no idea who they are. When she explains she's the 1st Rank Hero in B Class he congratulates her and simply asks "So?" with the same goofy ass smile on his face!
      Eyelashes: B-class rank 7, Saitama! We know you live here! Come out! The B-class rank 1, Miss Blizzard of Hell, would like to speak with you!
      Saitama: Hm? Oh, if it's about newspapers, I already have one.
      Eyelashes: We ain't selling anything! We're heroes with higher ranks than you!
      Fubuki: Nice to meet you, freshman. I am Blizzard of Hell... You know what that means, right?
      Saitama: Uh, nope. Who're you?
      Eyelashes: She is the B-class hero ranked 1st!
      Saitama: Oh, okay, good job. So?
      Eyelashes: (thinking) Argh... This guy's got some balls...
  • Really, the whole event could qualify as it is a textbook case of Mugging the Monster where Blizzard gradually realizes that Saitama is stronger than she thought. One notable moment is Genos learning about Blizzard trying to pull her stunt on Saitama and finding the whole thing funny.
  • We get the first look at the Mundane Made Awesome effect Saitama's "Serious Series" can have on basic moves with "Serious Consecutive Side-Hops".
  • The fact that Genos only refers to Speed-of-sound-Sonic as 'that pervert'. Sonic keeps trying to set himself up as Saitama's rival, and the two never take him seriously.

     Monster Raid Arc 
  • In Chapter 47, Saitama meeting Tank-Top Master in the hospital when he joins in on Saitama and Mumen Rider's conversation.
    Saitama: That guy... He just barged into our conversation, you know him?
    Mumen Rider: He's the S-Class hero, Tank-Top Master.
    Saitama: Ah yes, I heard it on the news! The guy who got his ass kicked the hardest.
    Tank-Top Master: At least mention that I didn't go down without a fight!
  • Saitama deciding to enter a martial arts competition by disguising himself as Charanko. Also Genos' reaction to seeing Saitama wearing a wig, which was to call Dr. Stench and try to get him to fix Saitama's baldness.
    • When buying the wig, Saitama runs into Garou, who believes Saitama is trying to make a name for himself by defeating him, and attacks not knowing that Saitama was actually referring to the wig. His blow doesn't even faze Saitama despite driving him up to the ankles in the pavement, and he responds with a single blow that knocks Garou out. On top of that, when Garou hits him, Saitama asks "Are you mugging me?" And the kicker? Saitama didn't know who Garou was, and was simply trying to talk to him while out shopping.
      • The anime makes the Oh, Crap! moment even funnier by having Garou's sweat go upwards when realizing his attack just had no effect.
  • The tournament announcer introducing Saitama who's disguised as Charanko:
    Announcer: He was reading manga in the waiting room and sent a note "Please do not hit me on the head"! Does he even know what this is about?! But anyone can enter as long as you have a ticket! This is Super Fight! "Water Polo Carbonated Fist" Charanko!
    (The audience boos Saitama)
    Saitama: Why is the booing already starting?
    • In the crowd, Genos is seen clapping loudly for Saitama with a stoic look on his face.
  • After Suiryu goes all out, Saitama finally starts to understand what martial arts is all about: "moving around in a way that's kinda cool." Suiryu's face is priceless.
    • Even though he'd already been disqualified by this point due to his disguise as Charanko being revealed, Saitama still (technically) wins when he accidentally knocks Suiryu clear out of the ring with a HIP CHECK of all things while he was trying to imitate one of Suiryu's moves! Yes, Saitama won by accidentally using a Keijo!!!!!!!! move!
  • Saitama asking the half-blown-apart Monster Bakuzen's corpse who he was before quickly saying "meh forget it."
  • When Suiryu asks why Saitama entered the tournament, he responds with the following statement with a completely serious look on his face.
    Saitama: I had the time.
  • Chapter 77, "Bored as Usual", is basically a string of these from beginning to end, as Saitama meets up with King on his way home from the tournament:
    • King thinks Saitama's feeling down over his baldness.
    • King makes an inspiring speech about what it really means to pursue heroism, impressing Saitama... except King's thought bubble reveals he ripped it off his manga.
    • King offers to play some fighting games with Saitama, but Saitama waves him off, saying he's just numb to it all. King says he'll give Saitama a handicap, playing with two fingers to stay at his level. Saitama flips his lid.
    • Garou stumbles across Saitama and King as they're walking together, and jumps at the chance to fight King, only for Saitama to boot him into a wall. Complete with a Garou-shaped hole in said wall.
    • This gets Saitama and King talking about what's been going on of late, including the "hero hunter" who's been running around. Saitama kinda identifies with him calling himself a "monster", like he started calling himself a hero, and has high expectations for him, entirely oblivious to the fact he just sent the "hero hunter" into a wall.
  • Sonic cooks a monster cell before eating it, because it is not healthy to eat meat raw. He even adds vegetable garnish and a bottle of wine and sits down as if at a restaurant. It gives him severe diarrhea instead.

     Hero Hunt Arc 
  • King gives a condescending victory speech to Saitama in manga chapter 83, after trashing him 81-0 at video games. Cross-Popping Veins keep appearing on Saitama's head as King makes his speech, leaving him a quivering mass of impotent rage by the end.
  • The combined efforts of Bomb, Bang, and Genos deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to Elder Centipede and effortlessly shatter its invincible exoskeleton, which begins cracking off and falling to pieces around them... revealing another layer of exoskeleton beneath, which hardens back into impenetrability before their eyes.
  • Fubuki goes to Saitama's place to discuss strategy, still considering him to be a subordinate. She is surprised to see Bang, Bomb and Genos relaxing at Saitama's place, while Saitama and King are playing a Pokemon video game. Fubuki gets annoyed at Saitama's nonchalance and starts shouting at him. Saitama decides to go out shopping and declares that he would find the Hero Hunter and beat him up.
  • In the webcomic, Saitama and Garou dine-and-dash out of the restaurant they ate in, Garou doing it first deliberately and Saitama chasing him in order to escape the place after he realizes he forgot his wallet at home. Saitama doesn't recognize the villain and knocks Garou out while thinking he's sorry for doing it. This gets expanded in the manga: Fubuki meets up with Saitama at the restaurant and as usual treats him like a subordinate, only for her to be tricked by Saitama into paying his bill. When Saitama eventually catches up to Garou, he tells him he's going to let him off the hook (for helping him avoid having to pay). Garou gets pissed off because he thinks someone's taking pity on him again, and grabs Saitama's shoulder so he can punch him, only for Saitama to panic and hit him in the face because he doesn't want to get into any more trouble.
  • When Garou dodges a Combination Attack by Narwhal, Showerhead, and Ultra Mouse, there's a loud crash and he gains an Oh, Crap! expression upon remembering that the incredibly strong Rover is down the hallway their attack just went.

     Monster Association Arc 
  • Before the Monster Association raid, we are shown what the missing S-Class are doing. They're hanging out in Saitama's apartment. Saitama cooks hotpot and sets it on the table, which the guests promptly fight for. Genos and Fubuki fight over meat while King is knocked unconcious by the scuffle. Saitama threatens to kick them all out, which creates another fight with Fubuki and Genos.
  • Narcisstoic, the 29th ranked A Class hero, is a self styled "beautiful" hero who was inspired by Sweet Mask. To demonstrate his graceful technique, he tosses a rose in the air... and then viciously and brutally bludgeons his opponent, face contorted into an enraged snarl, with whatever he can get his hands on, whether it be a concrete block or a street pole. It is not at all graceful... and then he catches the rose in his teeth, giving that same bishounen-wink from before the assault. Except much sweatier.
  • When Flashy Flash demands to know who hired Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame, they tell him it was Lantern Monk, kingpin of the slave trade, while asking if Flash thinks he could take on his criminal empire alone. Flash reveals they're lying because he already killed him. What follows is an Overly Long Gag where they keep naming dangerous people only for Flash to remark he's already killed them too.
  • When the group of heroes begins raiding the Monster Association, there's a chapter basically dedicated to showcasing the abilities of those who haven't had much time in the spotlight so far, where they go up against members of the organisation with similar powers or attributes and completely wreck them. The funniest of these has to be "The Great Food Tub", a monster who makes his debut bragging how he's going to swallow all the heroes whole, only to be immediately eaten whole himself by Pig God.
  • Puri Puri Prisoner runs into his fellow inmates who turned into monsters. While they are trying to express their undying, blistering hatred of the S-Class hero, he keeps expressing how he will "save" them and how much he loves them, much to their baffled annoyance.
    • During his fights, Puri Puri Prisoner gets multiple upgrades that are just plain bizarre. When his body shakes from exhaustion, he uses it to form a new style called Vibration Angel. Then he sprouts massive amounts of body hair he calls bristle armor, which he then uses to dive through a tiny crack in the wall to chase Nyan. Then he accidentally kills his former inmates when debris from crashing through the walls falls on them, with Puri Puri swearing he will avenge them... and the last remaining prisoner cursing him in his final thoughts.
  • King is on his own and comes across the kidnapped (rich) boy. When the boy comes close, King says that he should just drop the act and that he (child) should find another hero. In his mind, he's telling the kid to find a hero that can actually protect him for real, but unbeknownst to him, the boy is actually a monster in disguise trying to get the jump on him. The latter is so terrified of the belief that King seemingly sees through his disguise that he dies and literally melts away on the spot.
  • Nyan using his powers to slip into small places to come in and come out of Drive Knight's armor, resulting in his opponent hitting himself, is something coming straight up out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.
  • Saitama is bored while riding a mine cart and tells the monster with them she should at least act like a tour guide. The monster nervously starts to act like one before Flashy Flash tells her to ignore him.
  • King once again comes across one of the kidnapped kids. He seems to think this kid is like the monster before and tells him he sees through the disguise and he will not be able to sneak attack him. It turns out there is actually a monster that was hiding behind the boy with camouflage. Believing King was able to see through that he just excuses himself and runs away.
  • During the fight between Tatsumaki and Psykorochi, Tatsumaki manages to utterly fluster the monster by managing to get inside her body from the ground while she was distracted and travel all the way up to her main body...and ends up pushing out against Psykorochi's boob while commenting on how surprised she is it's hollow.
  • How does Psykorochi gain distance between themselves and Tatsumaki when she starts twisting them apart? By transforming into a fighter jet.
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner's method to try and motivate Superalloy Blackluster is to say that he'll give him a French kiss if he doesn't stand back up.
  • When the S-Class Heroes regroup, Atomic Samurai is the one who says they should work together. This surprises everyone, as he never wants to work with anyone (other than his disciples).
    Child Emperor: The self-centered Atomic wants to work with others...?
    Puri-Puri Prisoner: He's trusting us with his ass...?
    Zombieman: Did you eat something weird?
    Pig God: Shouldn't eat stuff off the floor, bud.
    Atomic Samurai: (very annoyed) Should I just slice you all to bits?
  • Bang's fight with Fuhrer Ugly. Bang has the upper hand, successfully creating holes in the other's body. Then Homeless Emperor shoots out his energy balls in his direction. Bang unsuccessfully calls time out and gets caught in the explosion
    Genos: Should we keep watching?
    Bomb: I'm sorry. I didn't think it would turn out that way.
  • The reason why Saitama is late: He was buried with Lightspeed Flash when Tatsumaki pulled the MA headquarters to the surface. Lightspeed Flash says that something will break and our hero thought it was his arm that was pinned under the rocks, so he had to manually move the rocks in order to remove it. But what Lightspeed Flash is referring to is his sword, which promptly breaks after Saitama accidentally breaks it after pulling it out in frustration.
    • What makes it even funnier is how it happened. Saitama punches Flash's head, which hits the back of the sword and it breaks in two. Flash's expression sells it even more.
    • In the manga version, Saitama tries to help Flash free his arm by clearing away the rocks, among which is a small cube he tosses away, landing in front of Manako, where it cracks the earth from the impact. Manako tries to pull the cube out, but can't budge it.
    • Also in the manga version, Tatsumaki basically turns the MA headquarters into a giant lance, allowing Flash to remove his sword Instakill... except he only gets half of it, as the rest is now embedded in the giant lance, much to Flash's horror.
  • Saitama calls Garou a fairly sweet guy right after punching the Hero Hunter, which resulted in the latter losing his lower half, both of his arms and parts of his face.
  • During the Garou fight, Saitama gets annoyed and says to Garou that basically he's not fun to fight with. Garou is not amused.
  • Garou smashing his head into a rock due to him not having realising he was upside down due to being thrown in the air.
  • At some point Garou thinks that to beat Saitama, he will need more... cue a list of several words that are crossed. At this current point, Garou realizes he has no idea how to deal with Saitama.
  • When Garou asks Saitama why he's a hero, there's a build-up of 4 full-page images of Saitama picking his nose before he just says "It's a hobby".
    • Followed by a literally faceless Garou drawn in the corner the next page. You could say he didn't see that coming.
    • And then, right after that Garou's epic meltdown follows. It's not new that people get mad at Saitama but Garou of all people takes it to a new level.

Neo Heroes Saga

     Psychic Sisters Arc 
  • At some point, Fubuki explains how psychic resistance is tied to willpower and thus how psychic powers won't work so well on Saitama. Cue a giant rock with a goofy Saitama face on it to illustrate the point.
  • Saitama and Tatsumaki pushing each other's Berserk Button.
    Tatsumaki: That was dangerous! Look where you're deflecting things! Baldy!
    Saitama: Ba- (Beat) The fuck you call me, midget?!
    • Even better when you consider "Baldy" is actually a part of his hero name.
  • Chapter 104, with Saitama and Tatsumaki.
    • They interrupt and resolve a dramatic confrontation between a nearly dead A-Class hero and the gang that deceived him just as tensions rise to their peak.
      Feather: I'm a hero and this is my climax!
      Saitama and Tatsumaki crash through the wall behind him
      Feather: NGOBH
    • Metal Bat is called to H City to take care of a rampaging monster, even though he would rather be at home taking care of his birthing cat, and plans to vent his anger on the beast. After a long trip delayed by backed up traffic, he arrives just in time to see the two one-shot the monster with their bickering.
    • When Saitama and Tatsumaki's fight takes them far away from their previous location, Saitama manages to get Tatsumaki to temporarily stop fighting until they get back to the Hero Association. When he asks her for directions, she gladly shows him the way by dragging his face through the ground.
      Saitama: Hey! Isn't this bad for my scalp?!
      Tatsumaki: Shut up!
    • Sonic spots the two and makes another attempt on Saitama's life, only for that attempt to fly back towards him. His speed and honed reflexes would get him out of this situation...except a dog did its business at the worst possible time and place. *slip*
      Sonic: CURSE YOU SAITA- *explosion*
  • In Chapter 105, Blizzard Group surrounds Tatsumaki and starts pulling out their weapons... Except none of them really carry weapons. While Eyelashes's eyelash curlers transform, we don't see anyone else with that ability. Some people pull out tantos or a telescoping baton or knives. Stuff that they could hide on their bodies with it being unnoticeable underneath their clothing. Then other people start pulling out swords, giant clubs, and even a pitchfork out of thin air.

     Neo Heroes Introduction Arc 
  • Genos has already shown to be distrusting towards the Hero Association, has been invited to join Neo Heroes and finally tells Saitama about it and asks if he would also like to transfer to Neo Heroes. Naturally, this is his response:
  • Atomic Samurai challenging King to a fight, with King walking away unscathed basically by spouting gibberish that neither Atomic nor his three disciples can comprehend until he caps it off with the summary that he doesn't want to fight because civilians could get harmed. Even though they don't get what he's saying until that point, they clearly hang on every word because of how much conviction he appears to be speaking with, even though to the reader it's obvious that he's just bullshitting.
    King: You've at least heard of the Dolzenabring Reaction right?note 
  • Atomic Samurai's ultimatum following this takes things a step further. By getting King to use a katana to cut an apple, he can understand what kind of life he's led. King spends 2 minutes and 40 seconds just sitting there staring at the apple before putting the sword down, too nervous to actually do anything, then walks away. Atomic Samurai becomes convinced that King cut the apple so fast that not only did he not see it, but the sword passed through the apple on a molecular level without causing even a single particle separation.
  • King thinks that his status as a Fake Ultimate Hero will ultimately be revealed, so he decides to become strong by going to Silver Fang. Humorously, his confession is not heard because his heartbeat was too loud, and the old martial arts master only hears King's last words.
    King: Um... I... Str... Stronger... [Silver Fang looks confused] Please make me stronger.
  • Despite King saying that everything about him is all lies, Silver Fang still thinks that King is not weak, at least on a physical level. Silver Fang only offers his defensive fighting style to the 'weak', and so recommends King to his brother Bomb. But Bomb figures that King has advanced beyond the need for his offensive style and recommends him to another dojo. Who then recommends him to another dojo. And another. And another. To the point that King ends up being seen either as a dojo destroyer or a ploy by the Hero Association to scare off other recruiters. His scary face doesn't help, either.
    • Keep in mind that Silver Fang wanted to teach Saitama said fighting style after watching him punch out a meteor and deal with the Tank Top brothers. On top of that throughout the series Silver Fang tried to recruit new students to his dojo and now he has someone who genuinely wants to train under him, but rejects him.
    • Charanko is surprised at King saying his strength is a lie, and begins questioning everything he knew. Such as King throwing a solar system-destroying bomb into a black hole, traveling into the past to destroy meteors so mankind could exist, the hidden messages in legends foretelling of King's arrival, and using the moon as a sandbag and leaving a crater on it.

     Ninjas Arc 
  • Saitama opens his appartment door to see Flashy Flash on the other side. Before Flashy Flash is done stating his business, Saitama closes the door on him. Later, Flashy Flash asks him to leave with him, but after he exits, Saitama just slams the door again on his back. Flashy Flash is not amused.
    • Saitama can't remember Flashy Flash's name. Makes sense considering who else came from his clan.
    • Genos rushing off to grab duct tape when Saitama is given a choice to pay for or repair Flashy Flash's sword.
    • When Flashy Flash pulls out a sword for a weapon match, Saitama thinks he should have brought a fly swatter.
  • Saitama's plan to get Flashy Flash a new sword is to let Sonic attack him, defeat him and confiscate his dangerous weapon as the good hero he is. Naturally, Genos is impressed at this and writes it down.
  • As expected Saitama defeated the Ninja Village Leader — off-screen no less — and pretty much stripped him of all his weapons, which even Sonic questions.

     Supreme Hero Arc 
  • Having witnessed Saitama's true strength, Amai Mask invites him to lunch and proceeds to make a lengthy speech about monsters and why humanity needs heroes, all to sway Saitama to his side. However, Saitama hasn't listened to anything as he's extremely annoyed that Amai Mask ordered a ginger ale for him whereas he wanted cola.
  • While talking to the other 3 A-Class heroes about getting recruited by a certain organization, Saitama himself gets recruited... by the "Hero Name Victims Association" which is comprised of heroes with terrible names. They want Saitama as their executive due to him having the most terrible name among the A-Class. Saitama legitimately thinks they are the association who will cause a major power shake-up and bides his time to tell Genos about it.
  • Neo Leader Zaedats shows off his battle suit which he spent 200 billion yen on and boasts that if the other suits are like "cars", his is a "space shuttle". He then gets defeated by a Demon-Level threat off-screen!
  • It is revealed that Saitama actually joined the Hero Name Victims Association, as their leader no less, and participates in their protest.
  • When Blue tries to confront Saitama, other members of the Hero Name Victims Association think they are the ones being addressed.
    • When he finally gets to Saitama, one of the other members says his name is Caped Baldy. Blue just asks him what his real name is because he isn't calling him that.
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner's method to overcome martial artists is to strip and cover his body in oil so that he will be too slippery for throws, grapples, and other advanced techniques to work.
  • After the fight between Puri-Puri Prisoner and Raiden is finished, the prisoners try to follow Raiden as they don't want to go back with Puri-Puri Prisoner.
    Puri-Puri Prisoner: Hey you guys! Don't just up and decide to follow someone else!!


     Bonus Chapters 
  • One of the bonus chapters features the first, and so far only, enemy to put a visible injury on Saitama: Torako, a housecat.
  • Saitama kills a car like it's nothing. Passersby, on the other hand...
  • The Volume 9 omake about the Blizzard Group pooling to get a car has a lot:
    • At the outset, we see the group heading for an impressive big black car... only for them to drive off in the tiny little rental hidden behind it.
    • After a week the group has pooled funds through part-time jobs. And then Fubuki walks in having snagged 2 million yen by herself. This leads to the group thinking she was getting it through... illicit methods. Turns out she was out bounty hunting, which was what she actually meant when talking about using flyers to get money quickly.
    • And then the car is pointless because they get stuck in traffic going after a target. A target which is powderized by Saitama who was going on foot.
    • There's even a frame where you see Saitama run past their car.
  • Fubuki's attempt to get Saitama to join her, spread across eleven pages. Fubuki dares Saitama into an unspecified challenge that Fubuki and Saitama's groups will compete over, and the loser must obey the winner's command.
    • The next day, Saitama casually comes with Genos, Bang and King, three of the S-class Heroes who are pretty much The Dreaded, and the face of Fubuki's underlings at the possibility of facing against them is priceless.
    • All four heroes sign the contract, and Bang volunteers to begin the challenge, confident in his abilities, but Fubuki challenges the group to a video game competition against a B-class Hero who's handy with them, who proceeds to stomp Bang because he never played a video game before, Genos because he doesn't know how to properly hold a controller without crushing it and thinks that pressing the buttons harder will make his character hit harder, and Saitama before he even started playing.
    • At this point, Fubuki pulls up an Evil Laugh, mocking the fact that Saitama's group must have been doing nothing but training to fight. Then King ominously steps up to play. Dramatic Irony at its best. Of course her guys get WALLOPED. Fridge Logic also indicates that at one point, Fubuki herself must have been humiliated by King in a match.
    • Then she has to treat Saitama and his pals to dinner. Which she delays by being finicky over counting calories.
  • Darkness Blade, during a costume contest, shows off the dangers of his Impossibly Cool Clothes: simply lifting his arm too high (in this case to wave at the audience) lodges his shoulder spikes into his head, causing some rather profuse bleeding.
  • The Volume 15 Omake reveals how King got the credit for defeating Vaccineman. He accidentally dropped his gal game there, which miraculously survived, and fell on a pool of blood during his search. The other heroes present see King covered in blood while being surrounded by Vaccineman's guts which they took as "proof" that he defeated him.
    • Another Omake also shows that Speed of Sound Sonic keeps a picture of Saitama in his toilet which he throws Kunai at of course.

The Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close
  • The OVA starts with Saitama watching a movie titled "Alien Vs Stalker".note  His comments after finishing it: "Man, stalkers are really scary..."
  • The fact that Genos has been stalking Saitama the entire time after the Mosquito Girl fight to research his strength before deciding to confront him.
  • Saitama going to a restaurant and ordering a plate of French fries because that's the only thing he can afford. When Saitama gets his fries, he complains that the portion is small, only one fry is long and soft and the rest is short and crispy.
    • Genos follows Saitama inside the restaurant and he seats behind Saitama. He uses a mug to cover his face to ensure Saitama doesn't see him.
    • After Saitama leaves to use the restroom, Genos takes the long fry to determine if the food he eats is the source of his strength. When Saitama returns and sees that the long fry is gone, he asks the waitress if she ate his fry.
  • When Saitama realizes that he's being stalked, he hides outside his apartment for two hours to see if his stalker appears, unaware that it's Genos. In the distance, Genos observes Saitama hiding for two hours and wonders if he's doing some kind of exercise.
  • When Saitama encounters a B-Class criminal known as Men's Esthetician Man, despite the criminal remembering Saitama for beating him, Saitama doesn't remember him. When the criminal mentions that he's been trying to find him, Saitama jumps to the conclusion that he's the stalker who stole his French fry and turns his face serious before one punching him into a wall. The criminal has an Oh, Crap! reaction before it cuts to black.
    Saitama: I don't care how many times you come back to challenge me. But let me just say this... Don't you ever go around stealing people's French fries again! If you're gonna come at me, come at me straight.
  • The credits have chibi versions of the cast. Saitama is dancing, Genos is playing the drums, Tatsumaki flies across the background, and Sonic is air-guitaring while Licenseless Rider gives a thumbs-up in the background.

The Pupil Who Is an Extremely Poor Talker

  • Don Pacino pretty much lampshades that Genos has No Social Skills complete with Title Drop upon hearing him give a long story about Saitama's keys.
    • He reprimands Genos for actually getting into detail in a conversation between him and Saitama where the two of them were discussing how to sing the Fa syllable. When Pacino complains about pronouncing the syllable, Genos proceeds to show him how to pronounce the syllable.
  • Genos is very passionate about singing the ending song. I suppose he does have perfect pitch, after all...
  • The poor clerk being pushed up against the wall who was totally having the hots for Genos still staying true to her duty instead of succumbing to Genos deserves a reward.

The Ninja Who Is Too Complicated

  • The beginning of the OVA has Sonic fighting a monster that looks like the Sea King and the battle about to end with a Groin Attack that causes the scene to shift and reveal that it was a nightmare... that Sonic had of Saitama. Considering how different Saitama looks from the nightmare Sonic fought, it's funny that he traumatized him despite his lack of effort in trying to fight him.
  • Sonic gets a pet baby boar during his training. His name for the boar fits it just as his own name fits him.
  • Saitama somehow being The Dreaded to a bear just as he is about to kill it while having the goofiest face ever.
    • Also the fact that Ino was more afraid of Saitama than the bear.
  • Sonic's version of the ending in the last lyrics has his voice drop in pitch as a Call-Back of the accidental Groin Attack he suffered from Saitama.

The Overbearing Bang

  • It's Bang's turn to be the stalker, which is every bit as hilarious as it sounds.
  • Bang keeps trying to get Saitama and Genos to come to his dojo, eventually resorting to bribing them with food.
  • Extreme Rock–Paper–Scissors, with a metal bowl to use as a helmet and a tiny hammer to whack the loser. The angry/enraged faces that Saitama makes when he gets into such a losing streak that when he finally wins one, he craters the floor and Bang barely dodges.

The Murder Case That Was Too Impossible

  • No one really cares too much about how Zombieman got stabbed since he's immortal anyway, so he just sort of shrugs it off.
  • Who stabbed Zombieman? Tatsumaki, after getting super drunk to spite Saitama. Her childish, drunk-off-her-ass face as the security footage shows her brutalizing Zombieman is oddly funny, partly due to how we know he won't be affected by it.

  • In the anime's opening, Saitama is seen One Punching a bunch of monsters in quick succession that are all ugly, monstrous and/or huge. But a couple frames show him destroying a cute (albeit knife-wielding) star-shaped creature, which was even smiling before getting shattered into dust by Saitama's fist.
    • Also, the moment where a lightning bolt strikes Saitama's bald head. He doesn't even react.
    • Despite how hot-blooded it is, his theme song is funny - it's essentially him complaining that he's super strong yet it's boring and he's unpopular!
  • Saitama standing next to the world's fluffiest Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • During Anime Expo 2019, Max Mittelman witnessed a Saitama cosplayer on a scooter.