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  • All of Mrs. Yaguchi's antics from the first volume are a riot and have to be seen to be believed.
  • During the runaway arc, Akira gets Haruo to stop by a coin operated photo booth so they can take a picture together. As Akira selects parameters for the photo and starts to smile for the camera, Haruo mentally dreads about how embarrassing it is to be screwing around with such a girly machine. He makes a funny face for the camera, which Akira catches immediately and headbutts him for mid flash. Despite the botched photo-op, Akira still looks at their photo of her headbutting Haruo admiringly.
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  • Haruo's date with Akira while Ziiya the Oono butler and Namie Yaguchi are trying to figure out how to help Akira and Haruo deal with Moemi Gouda show's off Akira in a more defrosted state while they play in their old arcade. And then she starts to zero in on the fighting games:
    Haruo: As expected, Oono's playing as a grappler again. She must really have a thing for big guys and throw moves. Just when I think she's being demure, there she goes wreaking havoc.
  • Chapter 37:
    • Haruo is playing Tokimeki Memorial to study girls in general and better understand Ono in particular. Over the course of the chapter, Haruo's mother, Ono's sister, and Hidaka start watching Haruo play and alternatively advise and heckle him.
    • The chapter ends with Makoto giving Akira a Virtual Boy she borrowed from Haruo. It makes her physically ill almost immediately.

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