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Despite being an action/sports manga, this series has some incredibly funny moments:

  • Just Inuyama. Especially with how he interrupted a conversation between Ikki and Simca.
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  • Akito's class introduction. What makes this hilarious is that Mari's scared shit of him due to his Agito personality. Also, the guys don't like him since the girls find him cute.
    Mari: "Class, this is Akito Wanijima. He's a psychopatic killer... I mean, a nice young boy. Everybody, please be careful around him. He's very dangerous... I mean, different. He's just a little different. So uh, try to be nice okay?"
  • Ikki's classmates play up the yaoi tensions between him and Akito.
  • The initial formation of Kogarasumaru
    (Ikki then starts to tell Kazu and Onigiri that he's friends with them for years before he tells them their positions)
  • During the Behometh match:
  • After winning their match against Behemoth, Kogarasumaru does their victory pose, which isn't all that funny in and of itself. Except, Agito is taking Akito's place in the formation and is obviously embarrassed by it, and Ikki is unconscious, yet still in the victory pose's formation because his friends insist on holding him upright.
  • Ikki making a reference to Dragon Ball in a hilarious way
    Ikki "That's right! I am powerless in my current state. Like a space monkey incapable of using a kamehameha."
  • Ume offering Ikki some custom made A-Ts she made for him: a slipper taped to the top of a remote-controlled toy motorbike.
    Ikki: "Wrong!" (smashes it with a baseball bat)
  • Ikki extorting Ume by offering her matsutake muchrooms and then holding out on her in order to get her to fix his AT. In case you don't know, Ume is an elementary student. Says a lot about our protagonist's moral compunctions.
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  • When Ikki is trying to start up his own A-T team, he asks Kazu and Ongiri to join. Kazu is all for it, but Onigiri declines because he's found a girlfriend. Because he's a gonk, Kazu tells Ikki that it must mean Onigiri's girlfriend loves him for the better parts of his personality and not for his looks. When Ikki asks him what "positive traits" he's talking about, Kazu can't think of any.
  • After Kogarasumaru is officially founded, they try to make the school their territory. However, they find some other group has already taken it. Their response? Beat up the other team and forcibly take the territory back. When Ringo discovers this, she compares them to the Skull'saders and Ikki has a sort of Heel Realization. Which is killed when everyone else on the team chews him out as well, and he angrily shouts that they were doing the exact same thing only moments before.
  • The next chapter has Ikki give a recap of the last chapter, one that more or less paints himself as an ideal hero and the other group as, in his words, an "evil, makeshift, sly, and violent crappy team". The other group pretty much shouts, "LIAR!!" and despair that readers who started on that chapter without reading the previous one would actually believe him.
  • This little number:
    (Aeon just made Ikki fall asleep with incense, making Agito question why)
    Agito: "What's this?"
    Aeon: "Well... With all the colossal battles we've been having lately, Itsuki-sama seems very fatigued... it's only natural. I thought that a restful sleep would do wonders, that's all."
    Aeon: "OH S*** !!!!"
  • In episode 21, when Kogarasumaru tries to defend its territory, Ikki attacks a group of Storm Riders including Hanged Man, who punches him out with one hit. The dub gives us this little gem:
    Ikki: "Don't wuss out on me now! I don't care who they are, if they want to mess with our area, the-" *Gets knocked out with one punch*
    Kazu: "No Way! He pounded him like a little bitch!"
  • Yoshitune's method for teaching Kogarasumaru how to wall-ride. Taking them to the tallest building in the area and having Benkei throw them off it.
  • When on a mission to retrieve Akito's bank book from the RV he used to live in, they get busted by Kaito... while the RV was still in motion. When Akira asks Who Is Driving?, Kaito simply says "you are." Cue massive Oh, Crap! from Akira as he rushes to the front of the RV. Who Is Driving? at it's finest.
  • From chapter 196, we have Agito saying to an unconscious Yayoi, "In the past, there was only one type of magic that could awaken the princess", leading the readers into thinking he's gonna kiss her. Agito the proceeds to do CPR through a bamboo pipe. And from the following chapter, we have Agito (really Ikki) telling Yayoi (Whose clothes are currently drenched):
  • Ikki then punches Agito out because he's pissed the latter got some alone time with a girl.
  • Kilik is rating Ikki during their first meeting, and adding ad deducting points for serious things, like: "You stepped right into the enemy's lair: -10 points. You're worried about your friend: +5 points. However, you have an inability to read a situation: -20 points." Then Ikki throws his shoe at Kilik's head, insulting him and demanding to know who he was. Kilik's response is this: "Nice shoes. You have good fashion sense: +5 points."
  • Ikki makes a mad dash to sign Kogarasumaru up for the Gram Scale Tournament, only to realize, at the last moment, minutes away from the deadline, that he screwed up and that Kogarasumaru won't get a seed. His reaction is hilarious. His team's reaction is even better.
    Narrator: "The Baby-Face Hero had been lynched by his friends."
  • When Ringo, Mikan, Kururu, and Ume invade Aeon's company, Aeon confronts them and tells them that he knows why they care about Ikki: They're raising him up to be the perfect love slave. While Mikan is outraged by the accusation, Ringo just looks ashamed and embarrassed, and mutters "busted." under her breath. Kururu is shocked.
  • Kaito's reaction to Shalott calling him an old man. And then the scene after when Kaito mentions Shalot has some pretty strong balls (and that he was actually TRYING to crush them) and Shalott responds with "I train them!". Arthur's reaction is priceless.
  • Agito's reaction to Kaito being his dad and one of his personalities being his mom.
  • Kanon points out how Kogarasumaru's invasion of Genesis' Aircraft Carrier did nothing but play them directly into Sora's hands as now, stranded in the middle of nowhere on a ship that's falling apart, Kogarasumaru can't join up with The Sleeping Forest. Ikki's response?
    • And afterwards, you can see Kanon rolling about in pain in the background, and then, two panels later, you can see him about to whack Ikki over the head with his guitar case, complete with a Face Framed in Shadow.
  • Right before the simulated battle between Kogarasumaru and the Old Sleeping Forest, Sora and Kilik decide that they won't fight because they'll just curb stomp Kogarasumaru, but Agito and Ikki want to fight them so they can get a feel for their abilities, so Ikki places Agito's hands on Rika's breasts. The looks on everyone's faces are priceless.
  • When Kilik agrees to help Kogarasumaru in its battle against Sleipnir, Ringo declares that they need to have some kind of merging ceremony. Kilik mutters something about Santa Fe before Ikki tells him not to step on the energy of their youth. The members of Kogarasumaru all start screaming and top it off with their typical "Kogarasumaru! Crush! Kill! Destroy!" The scene cuts back to Sleeping Forest, with most of the team clearly exasperated, Ringo cheering and obviously enjoying herself, and an extremely embarrassed Kilik with his fist half-cocked in the air, desperately trying to figure out how he can go along with Kogarasumaru and maintain some dignity at the same time, and failing miserably.
  • When Agito is telling Kogarasumaru about the members of Behemoth, in the dub, this is all he has to say about Aeon clock:
    "This is Aeon Clock. For the record he controls time and has a thing for under aged boys. That's all you need to know, and if you end up fighting him try to die gracefully, alright? Good, the next one is..."
  • During Ikki's final battle with the Big Bad, the Big Bad hits Ikki with a massive amount of air pressure by simply walking towards him. All of his allies watching the battle freak out until Buccha tells them to calm down because things like this always happen but Ikki always comes out on top in the end. While Agito agrees, he points out that he's never seen Ikki look the way he does. Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" and delightful Face Faults from Buccha, Inuyama, and Gonzo.
  • Chapter 342 shows us how Inuyama manages to maintain that ridiculous pompadour, and why the damn thing is hard enough to be used as a weapon: there's actually a couple of bones in it, which break when he tries to hit Buccha on the head.
  • Black Burn is one of the few people to see Rika's full power. How did he see this, you ask? Well, he was drunkenly using his powers to tingle the nipples of random women with static electricity. Rika saw this and went all out in punishing him. He later reveals that old habits die hard, and that this had happened at least three times. His son is so embarrassed that he wonders if it's possible for them to sever their familial ties.
  • Chapter 325 gives us Black Comedy/Mood Whiplash double whammy. After the emotionally harrowing conclusion of an extremely difficult battle, we see what it has done to Nike: his body has been utterly ruined and his sanity is falling away, and even Benkei, who personally witnessed Nike killing Yoshitsune, can only feel sorry for him and set aside her anger, believing the Gem King has suffered enough. She even addresses Yoshitsune, asking if he agrees with her... Then something massive and heavy falls on him.
  • In Episode 16, Agito and Crescent Mask's battle.
    • Crescent Mask accidentally calls herself Swimsuit Mask before hastily correcting herself.
    • One of the people Agito had beaten up laughs at her appearance, before coughing because it hurt to laugh.
    • After she leaves, Agito wonders who's she's fooling with the Paper-Thin Disguise, and then wonders if she actually thinks that she is. Arrow points to her, she does.

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