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Funny / Ai Yori Aoshi

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Being of the Supporting Harem genre, Ai Yori Aoshi has its fair share of funny moments.

  • In episode 2, Kaoru wakes up from a Bad Dream to a sleeping Aoi next to him and holding him. All while asleep, Aoi inflicts Marshmallow Hell on him and almost kisses him. What really seals this as funny is that Kaoru accidentally turns on the TV while this is going on:
    Kaoru: No! Please stop! Anywhere but there!
    Announcer (on TV) Oh, the champion has thrown in the towel!
  • Episode 8 has quite a few funny moments:
    • When Tina reveals the tackily-decorated cage she bought for the ferret, the others are taken aback by it, and the ferret actually hisses at it. The background music even starts out triumphant at the reveal... and then just randomly slows and tapers off.
    • Also an in-universe example of funny; in episode 8, Kaoru and the others discover Miyabi's fear of bugs when she freaks out at the sight of a "cockroach" the ferret has caught... which turned out to actually be a loose button.


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