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  • Not that it should matter because he's cool, but how DID Omaha become president if he's from Africa?
    • A lot of Americans don't even know this rule.
    • Faulty translation, perhaps? In the Italian translation he says "I was born in America, but for a while I lived in my father's home village in Africa," paralleling Barack Obama, who was born in America but spent most of his childhood away from the States.
  • I thought this manga was supposed to be about high-tech roller blades? How did it suddenly become a battle manga with aircraft carriers, guns, the spirit of Barack Obama, and... and... oh God, I need a drink.
    • It was never about them, so much as the people and society that uses them. The whole story has been building to the upcoming confrontations. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the escalating Limit Breaks and Fanservice.
      • Why wouldn't the military get involved? Even ignoring the initial military funding, tiny, incredibly powerful and efficient motors are definitely something worth going to war for. Not to mention its established that there is a huge conspiracy revolving around A-Ts, the technology, and the gravity children/brain chargers. Plus, Ikki is fighting specifically to stop A-Ts from moving farther away from the skating roots. That's the whole point. Have a drink anyways, but come back and re-read it when you're sober.
  • Just exactly what is the story? As in, the plot?
    • Start with your standard To Be a Master plot (Ikki seeking the top of the Tropheum in the early chapters,) then gradually add military conspiracies, gambits for power, et cetra. Sprinkle Ecchi throughout. Enjoy. ...If you want the whole actual plot, grab a drink first. That'll take a while.
  • This has been bugging me for a while, when Rika and Ikki have their match, how in the hell did Ikki win? I mean it was pretty clear from the lipstick scoreboard that Rika had (I'm not very familiar with Japanese numbers) a solid 10-20 point lead on him, he scores once and somehow wins? For that matter how were they determining the winner in the first place, was there a time limit? or did they just do a series of matches until Ikki finally won one? that really confused me because from what I saw Ikki should have handed over his treks right then and there. Maybe did she surrender after that?
    • Something like that. She realized that she would never be able to hold him down, and he showed her that he could go as high as he needed to. She sort of came to the realization that anybody could fly if they really wanted to, and Ikki wanted to fly more than anybody.
    • And then there's the fact that the Thornier (or Sonia, whichever you prefer) Road is murder on the rider's body, and she was getting it double, maybe even triple, because she wasn't using A-Ts. Even if she hadn't given up, she would have been out for the count, and it was shown that Sora and his dogs were easily a match for the other Noyomano sisters.
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    • The other point is that in the Disk match, which the teams were playing only one person on each team could "score." So it doesn't matter if Ringo and the others could get the disk to the score zone if Rika wasn't holding it. And if she can't move... She can't really score. Sora points this out in a round-about sort of way at the beginning of the match when he chastises Ikki because the latter can't keep up with the King and Queen level riders and the dogs.
  • Another Rika related question, way back when she gives Ikki those 60 pound weights to wear and throws away the key, we see a few times that he is pretty much always wearing them, even in the bath. So my question is, why doesn't he ever take them off, after all he can just get a new key made can't he? Considering that 60lb is literally half his normal body weight, if he took them off, all the muscle mass accrued from wearing them, not to mention his suddenly 1/3 lighter weight would make him like twice as fast, so why do they stay on? After a while they really aren't limiting him anymore except to serve to slow him down. I guess they increase the momentum on his punches and kicks, and I suppose to guard his gut, so I suppose it makes sense to wear them sometimes, but why not ditch them before a race, or any time he needs speed more than mass?
    • It has quite a bit to do with Ikki's mentality: he wants to fly. That's his final goal. Everything that he has to do, from fighting Behemoth to the Devil's 33, is just training for that- a hurdle that needs to be jumped over. Given how those weights are for training purposes, he's not about to take them off until the real deal. We would find them impractical, but he would see taking them off as a waste. He finally loses them at the beginning of his fight with Ringo, who cuts them apart so that he would have no handicap. If she hadn't, he would probably have continued to wear them right up until his fight with the Sky King.

  • In the manga when kazu joins some cult, what was ikki doing as the leader? Its odd he would be doing something like that.
    • It says he was doing it as a part time job to make money.
  • How is it that the characters can survive being hit with all those regalia attacks ? Besides from the gravity children, the other characters are normal humans so they shouldnt be able to survive attacks that look like they came out of a fighting game.

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