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Nightmare Fuel / Air Gear

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  • Fuumei Goshogawara, the Hekatonkheires Bomb. Bodies shouldn't work that way.
  • What happened to the members of Sleipnir. All four of them had their original personalities annihilated because somebody tried to get into their heads and rewrite their brains. Rika Noyamano's brainwashing, which turned her into a Brain Charger, implies that the process is Mind Rape.
    • What's worse is the reactions of the people funding the project: Praise. They're all borderline sociopaths.
  • Nottdagr and Thor from Team Sleipnir.
  • Gabishi. The man thinks skinning faces is having a good time. We even see the results.
  • What happens to the captain of the aircraft carrier that Genesis turned into their base. It's not pretty.
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  • The Corpse of the guy who fell down the Tower of Trophaeum with the Sky Regalia.
  • Nike. When he gets pissed, he's downright terrifying.
  • After Sora becomes the Sky King, he kills Kilik by kicking so hard that Kilik's head was ripped off his body. Later Sora is holding Kilik's head in his lap.
  • In Chapter 325, the way Nike being consumed by his need for victory is represented by the dead tearing him apart and dragging him into hell.

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