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  • Mutta mistakenly assuming that the food shortage was caused by a secret order instead of Serika just eating too much.
  • Mutta asks Butler to watch his flight at 6:30, where he performs a vertical climb roll in order to prove that he wants to be an astronaut. He also asks Serika to watch him draw a heart in the sky at 6:33, in an attempt to win her over. However, Serika is late and doesn't see anything, however Butler sees it an takes it as a sign that Mutta is declaring feelings for HIM...
    • The way Butler treats Mutta after the incident is even MORE hilarious. He is jumpy and nervous in his presence, and blushes when he misinterprets a college's comment about him and Mutta, shouting "There's nothing between us!"
  • Mutta, during neutral-buoyancy training, descends into the water and quotes Terminator with the iconic thumbs-up.
    Mutta: I'll be back.
    Furuya: He doesn't say that in the last scene!

Alternative Title(s): Uchuu Kyoudai


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