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    Chapter 1 
  • Juliet's expression after the Love Confession, which comes during a battle, in the middle of the night, mere hours after she was ambushed and pepper-sprayed by Maru. It comes off less like surprise than 'Oh what the fuck now?'

    Chapter 5 
  • Romeo's gleeful expression as he makes Char squirm for blackmailing him.

    Chapter 6 

    Chapter 7 
  • Hazuki's reaction to the Secret Relationship.
    • Then, as Romeo explains the situation to her, she calmly places a ceremonial robe on him for his seppuku. Romeo doesn't even notice until she picks up the Towan ritual sword.
  • "How did you go from showing sincerity to getting chased around?"

    Chapter 8 
  • Scott retaliates against Romeo with surprising strength, explaining:
    Scott: I shall never yield to a scoundrel like you! (cue background montage) Percia-sama saved me when I had strayed from the straight and narrow...Yes, if she had not been there-
    Romeo: Shaddup already.
    Scott: What?!
    Romeo: Don't you try to drag us into a flashback! I don't give a crap about your past!
    • And the art obligingly switches back to the present day.

    Chapter 14 
  • When Char drags Inuzuka into a lingerie store, she initially picks out a thong...causing Inuzuka to fluster and suggest full covering underwear with a goofy bear print on it. Char initially calls it lame...only for her to pause at an Imagine Spot and think they should actually try it.

    Chapter 24 

    Chapter 29 
  • Both Romeo and Char, previously fighting over a ticket to the autumn festival's lamp event, both mentally knowing that they can't tell Percia they were fighting over her. Percia ends up suggesting they tour the festival together, and both parties agree they can't...only for Percia shyly admitting she wants them to get along, causing them both to change their minds.

    Chapter 31 
  • On the way to the camp, Maru denies being excited about the camp...only for Kento to notice Maru has a pack of Uno cards with him, causing Maru to yell at him embarrassed.
  • The White Cat headmistress Flipping the Bird and ranting back at the Black Dog headmaster for how he can only talk normally when he's badmouthing others...only for one of the White Cats to remind her she's letting her true colors show again. She proceeds to go right back to her prim and proper facade, leaving the White Cats uneasy.
    • Just the fact it's implied the headmistress is a much cruder woman than her prim appearance says.
  • The White Cats having somehow brought tablecloths and a tea set to the camp.
  • Char goes to sleep the instant she gets off the bus, while everyone else is working, in a bed that isn't even hers.
    • The fact that Scott reveals some of them prepared the extravagant camp quarters for Percia days before the camp and Percia doesn't mind Char using the quarters...because she doesn't want to sleep in a flashy tent.
  • The entirety of Drunk!Hasuki, who is rendered in chibi form half the time and constantly tries to fight people.

    Chapter 32 

    Chapter 36 
  • Cybelle's bear panties.
    • Even better, according to the author in an extra, he confesses that he struggled with the storyboards for Cybelle's chapters and only was able to finish on time right at the deadline...when he came up with the idea of the bear panties and proceeded to complete the character and the entire storyboard in one sitting.

    Chapter 43 
  • Hazuki's attempt to pep up Romeo, which he realizes too late isn't optional.
    Hazuki: Wanna join the parade with us?
    Romeo: Hasuki...sorry, I-
    Hazuki: Secure him!
    • And then her posse force him into a dog suit.

    Chapter 48 
  • Juliet's increasingly desperate attempts to pretend she knows anything about Towa.
  • Romeo and Hasuki worriedly discuss the "watchdog" awaiting them at his house, leading Juliet to wonder who they could be talking about.
    Elsewhere: A kimono-clad Yamato Nadeshiko kneels elegantly on the porch.

    Chapter 50 
  • Romeo adopts a serious expression as- unbeknownst to Shuna- he is shoving Juliet underwater so she doesn't blow her cover.

    Chapter 85 
  • The sheer nonchalance on Reonn's face as her minions hide the teachers she's drugged.

    Chapter 87 
  • Maru explains his allegiance.
    "I'm just being a friend, bitch!"

    The anthology 
  • Juliet switching between kuu and dere in Chapter 1 for incredibly petty reasons.

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