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Funny / Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon

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  • Pretty much any scene where Mari and Ouka are bickering with each other is guarenteed to get a few laughs.
    • In volume 3 after the climatic battle with a dragon.
    Mari: "How is it? Being saved by magic which you hate so much?"
    Ouka: "...guhhhhhhh."
    As Ouka made a dissatisfied expression, Mari puffed up her chest looking completely full of herself.
    Mari: "Now, you can finally understand the greatness of this Mari-sama right? Shall we end the feud between us now? However, you need to call me Mari-sama from now——"
    Ouka: "Shut up you fuel tank!"
    Mari: "——F-fue... what did you say?!"
    Ouka: "Aren't you a fuel tank! You just delivered some magic power to Kusanagi! Why are you acting so bossy, you damn red plastic tank!"
    Mari: "M-m-my magic power isn't kerosene!"
    Ouka: "Being a gasoline stand is perfect for you!"
    Mari: "It's not gasoline either——!"
    Ouka could no longer bear without fighting back, and it turned into a quarrel after all.
  • Mari's antics whenever she gets frustrated with her lack of progress with Takeru often turn out hilarious. Special mentions goes to volume 6 where she thinks she'll be able to get a lead on the other girls but is left alone for a month and then the majority of the romantic development goes to Lapis instead.
    Mari: "?! Y-you...! I wasn't bothered by that earlier, but isn't that quite an attack... from now I'm going start looking at you as an enemy woman!!"
    Pointing her finger at Lapis, Mari made a declaration of unknown meaning.
    Takeru looked down at Lapis who clung to his arm, and with a finger on his cheek he smiled.
    Mari: "Wai... Takeru?! Why do you look a little happy?!"
    Takeru: "No... because she kinda avoided me ever since we came here, it's true that I'm a little happy to interact with her as usual."
    Mari: "You're happy?! Y-y-you lolicon!"
    Takeru: "Don't misunderstand, she's umm... something like my partner. If I'm hated by her there will be a lot of problems..."
    Mari: "P-partner...? Life partner...? I can't win if it's like that!"
    Takeru: "Don't add 'life' in there on your own... what kind of match are you having here? Why do you have tears in your eyes?"
    Mari: "UuuuUUuuuUu! I don't know you any more!"
    • Then there's the time after Takeru manages to earn Lapis' affections and Mari walks in on one of their moments.
    Mari: "...while I'm doing my best to fulfil the mission entrusted to me by you, why did you two turn lovey-dovey...?"
    Takeru: "Lovey-dovey you say... don't misunderstand, she's not really——"
    Mari: "What 'misunderstanddd'! Get away from Takeruu!!"
    Furious, Mari tried to pull Lapis away.
    However, Lapis moved her body even closer to Takeru and tilted her head.
    Lapis: "We are lovey-dovey, so?"
    Mari: "?!"
    Speechless, Mari wound her hands around Takeru's neck.
    Mari: "WHYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYY?!"
    Takeru: "I h-have properly reconciled with her why do I have to be blamed for that...?!"
    Mari: "I'm asking why do you look like a loving couple! 'Lovey-dovey' she said, 'lovey-dovey'! How did you make a Magical Heritage so drunk with love!"
    Takeru: "I just spoke with her, told her that that for me and you she is very important...!"
    Mari: "Then what's this newlywed aura?! This girl's expression has completely turned into that of a woman, or rather, into that of a bitch in heat!"
    Takeru: "Don't call a girl 'bitch'! I don't get it, but isn't she expressionless!"
    Mari: "I'm in heat too so I can tellll!!"
  • In episode 5, Usagi attempts pull a Baby Trap on Takeru, in a desperate attempt to have him marry her instead of Reima. The other girls then walk in on them, and each of them has the same shocked look on their face when they see Usagi naked in front of Takeru. Ikaruga's reaction is particularly funny, because she's mad that she wasn't invited to watch the two have sex, whereas Mari and Ouka act in a Clingy Jealous Girl manner.
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  • In episode 10, Ouka is pursuing two criminals on a motorbike, and lists their crimes:

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