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"You're Always 10 Years Early!"

  • Dreamcast introduces herself by saying her favorite food is naruto, and goes on a rant about how ramen doesn't have it anymore.
  • When Mega Drive plays Sehagaga's school song. Said song is only two syllables long.
    Mega Drive: That's it.
  • Mega Drive brings up a video of a car crash in OutRun, revealing the driver had twenty years left on the loan for his Ferrari Testarossa.
  • Dreamcast asking Center-sensei what his favorite food was out of the blue.

"Connect Your Passions into a Combo"

  • With the lesson taking place inside Virtua Fighter, each of the girls are given a special move from the game to use. Saturn gets a punch combo, Mega Drive gets a knee attack, and Dreamcast gets Kage's down attack, a jump that sends her headfirst into her downed opponent... or the concrete. Guess what happens more often.
  • Saturn learns to block to keep her health bar from dropping... and that Akira's attacks still hurt a lot regardless.
  • Then it turns out Dreamcast's attack is a one-hit K.O., rendering the other girls' moves meaningless.
  • After a few successful bouts, they get weirder. They fight on a tiny ring they barely fit on, even one so high that they're off screen. Their opponents then come from different games, including numerous Palette Swaps of the Bad Brothers.
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  • The girls get hyped to fight against the famous Hercules Ricky Blue beetle, except that it's so small that none of their attacks connect. It later flies away and calls out its mother, a much bugger Hercules Ricky Blue. Dreamcast takes it out in one hit.
  • Sakura Shinguji makes a triumphant surprise appearance as the Final Boss, effortlessly wipes the floor with the Hard Girls and even engages Dreamcast in a Sword Fight. But even our beloved Lady of War learns the hard way that not even her Kohbu is safe from Dreamcast's flying headbutt.


"Center-sensei's Center Exam"

  • Poor Saturn doesn't get a Blast Runner, meaning she has to move through the large canyon arena entirely on foot.
  • Dreamcast's inability to use her Blast Runner, which left her unable to help the others fight the enemy Blast Runners. Half the time she ended up shooting at Saturn instead.

"Shine! The 54th! Shock to the Brain! No Spillage, But We'll Destroy the Barriers of Spillage-obsessed Youth! Sehagaga Academy Culture Festival!"

  • The girls propose a haunted house exhibit featuring Mega Drive's dancing to scare people. She initially agrees until she realizes she's the butt of the joke.
  • The girls losing in a beauty contest due to the judges awarding Bongo (a gorilla) as the winner.

"Weapon Enhancement Succeeds at a 50% Rate, but It Sure Feels Like 15% to Me"

  • Dreamcast doing the introduction while running late for school.
  • As soon as they enter Chain Chronicle, the girls are welcomed by a connection error message.
  • When the girls went to the nearby pub to recruit members, they weren't able to do so since the pub's visitors were either cramming, partying, eating or just drinking to pass the time.
  • In the following battle, a huge line of enemies appear. Dreamcast tells them that it's not the line for a new ramen restaurant that everyone's talking about. The enemies immediately wander off.
    Mega Drive: They really did mistake it for the ramen place's line.
  • When Dreamcast and Saturn are damaged fighting against the boss, Mega Drive performs her special healing spell, which grants them one measly hit point.
    • How Mega Drive defeats the boss.

"Broken Jet Set Radio"

  • Mega Drive's handicap skates. She can't control her speed and goes straight into a wall. She later goes airborne, landing in what appears to be the ocean.

"Dream Rappy, Saturn Rappy, Mega Rappy, ?? Rappy"

  • The various weapon ideas the girls come up with, such as wielding an irritated wife, a mother-in-law, ice cream, a backscratcher and other things. Considering PSO has a tradition of having Joke Weapons to fight with, it makes it funnier when you think about it.
  • When Dreamcast dances and sings the Beast King Financial theme song. Her chipper tone while singing it is what sells it.
    "Money is everything in this world. Money can buy you out of hell!"
  • She later tries the same song and dance as a peaceful resolution against the boss they encounter, with disastrous results.
  • The very fact an actual Rappy was the one that slayed the boss is priceless.
  • The episode ends with Dreamcast fighting another and even bigger dragon boss... IN SPACE!!

"I Heard We're Graduating Sehaga"

  • The wall of text that describes the epic journey through Black Asobin's tower: His recoloring was great for the show's budget, Saturn suffered a Wardrobe Malfunction during a battle, Dreamcast got homesick and cried, and nothing interesting happened with Mega Drive.

"We'll Always Be Connected!"


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