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  • It's a small thing, but hearing Shadow's reaction to Hunter's glee at finding the Inner World.
    Hunter: I did it, Gramps! I found the Inner World!
    Shadow: Did you just call me gramps?
  • Most of episode 10 is full of serious events, but while Hunter fights Celpido, he tries to outsmart Celpido by taunting him and picking at his ego. It works, even if Celpido doesn't get the reference.
    Hunter: Ha ha! Come on, Scaredy Cat!
    Celpido: Who's a Scaredy Cat!? Uh, what's a cat?
  • So much of episode 19. Lumen keeps interfering in a disguised Grasshop and Beerain's plans to steal the Oracle Keys. It was great to watch Beerain do something silly for once, even if she didn't like it very much.
    Beerain: Of all the indignities to suffer through...
    • And later, Sparkle finds Grasshop in one of the castle net traps. He asks her to get him down, but he falls down a second later anyway.
    Grasshop: Uhmph! ...I fell on my keys.
  • "Hero Act" has to be the funniest episode in the series. The Spider Riders all decide to be actors. Then Grasshop shows up, and it gets worse from there.
    Hunter: The Hero Quake accepts your challenge, Grasshop!
    Grasshop: Can somebody tell me what's going on?
    • Hunter spouts his "I killed your evil spirit and not your body" bit to Grasshop.
    Grasshop (as he escapes the theater): Grasshop isn't lame. It's you humans who are lame! ...I don't even know what lame is...
  • Flame never speaks, something that Shadow lampshades in the ninth episode, "Hunter's Holiday".
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  • Corona's troubles in episode 21, especially her three alternate world fantasies. In the first dream, she’s a regular girl, but still beats up Invectids. In her second dream, she's still a warrior, and everyone respects and admires her, but Corona doesn’t like it much. In her final dream, she sees Hunter running towards her with flowers. She’s very happy about it, but Hunter runs right past her. He gives the flowers to Aqune, who seems to love them and in return gives Hunter a cake. As for Corona... she’s the object of Grasshop’s affections.
  • Just about anytime Grasshop indulges in his over-the-top villainous laughter is funny.
    • Or the time he got beat up by Princess Sparkle and her "Killer Yoyo of Doom".
    "You evil little elf!"
  • When Grasshop is caught in a lie by his wife after his latest screwup in episode 23, he runs off to drown his sorrows. Mantid's spymaster Dungobeet shows up at the bar and, after mocking Grasshop with false sympathy, sends out a messenger bug, causing Grasshop to panic. As it turns out, the bug goes to Mantid himself, who proceeds to laugh his ass off over his ineffective minion's antics.
    Mantid: His wife caught him lying about the Spider Riders? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And then he drank an entire vat of Worm Juice, huh? Well, that should keep him going for a long, long while. What would I do without foolish Grasshop to amuse me? Without him, I might not have the strength to claim the Oracle's power for my own. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • Grasshop's attempts to follow the Spider Riders to Fuushuwa in episode 28.
    • First he tries to stop them as they're going through a foggy field, but pops up from his hiding spot facing the wrong way.
    Grasshop: Ha-ha! End of the road, you fools! Give me the Oracle Keys and I may spare your...[turns toward a looming shadow] lives? AAAH! [gets Trampled Underfoot by the Riders]
    Hunter: Hey, did we just step on something?
    Shadow: I didn't notice anything.
    Grasshop: (groans) That's it, no more Mr. Nice Bug...!
    Grasshop: Oh no, he's gotten away! And he's taken my precious Oracle Keys with him! AARGH! How could it be any worse?
    Sparkle: No! They're gone! (to Hotarla) C'mon, let's catch up! [they leap away]
  • The truth of Igneous's greatest fear: ghosts.
    Igneous: If I can't see them, they can't see me! If I can't see them, they can't see me!
  • Episode 31 starts off with Hunter and his group stuck in the middle of a desert. Hunter asks who came up with the idea to trek through the desert in the middle of the day. We then get this exchange.
    Hunter: Whose idea was it to walk through this desert at high noon anyway?!
    Magma: That was your bright idea. We wanted to wait until nightfall when it was cooler.
    Hunter: And since when do you guys ever listen to what I say?
    • While Sparkle, Lumen and Igneous are talking, Grasshop tries to listen in on what they're saying. Sparkle is insisting Lumen and Igneous apologize to Grasshop, to which Lumen agrees. Grasshop meanwhile assumes the worst.
    Lumen: We will both apologize (to Grasshop). Igneous, you go find Grasshop for me.
    Igneous: You cannot be serious!
    Lumen: That is a royal command Igneous, from your Prince.
    Igneous: (sighs) Yes, your highness.
    Grasshop: I can't hear what they're saying, but I'll bet it's really bad. It's probably better to live with failure then submit to what they have planned for me.
  • The Spider Riders' less-than-professional first meeting with Queen Illuma in episode 36.
    Igneous: (with a lovey-dovey look on his face) It's a pleasure to meet you!
    Magma: Easy, Tiger!
    Igneous: Give me a break. I've no chance with a girl like that. I understand that she is a Queen. And what a beautiful Queen she is!
    Magma: Just try not to embarrass us, [Lumen walks up] like the Prince is about to do!
    Lumen: [strikes a silly pose before speaking in a sing-song tone] Oh Queen~! The Spider Riders are here to save the day~!
    [Igneous and Magma Face Fault as Hunter whispers to Lumen]
    Hunter: Lumen! Could you please act a little more stately?
    Magma: You can dress him up, but you can't take him anywhere!
    Illuma thinking: These are the Spider Riders of legend? They seem so young. They have a proud heritage to uphold.
    Grasshop, from offscreen: HEEEEELP MEEEE!!!!
    Guard 1: An Invectid has invaded the castle!
    Guard 2: Get him!
    [Grasshop is running frantically from the guards as they shoot arrows at him]
    Grasshop: PRINCESS SPARKLLLLLEEEE!!! [To the Guards] Please! Stop it, I'm delicate! Danger! Is this how you treat all your guests?!
    Sparkle: Leave my Uncle Hop alone, you bullies!
    Illuma: (confused) Huh?
    Hunter: Your Majesty, that Invectid is our ally.
    Grasshop, still running offscreen: DO SOMETHING!!! I COULD USE A HAND HERE!!!
    Illuma: I understand. [To her guards] Hold your fire! He is a friend!
    [the guards cease fire, and Grasshop finally stops running and tries to catch his breath...and one last arrow nails him right in the abdomen.]
  • "Not helping..."
  • Igneous spends all of episode 40 (after Queen Illuma unintentionally breaks his heart) standing around immobilized while spouting (bad) poetry.
    Everyone else, at the end of the episode: GET OVER IT!!!
    • Grasshop on Magma's seasickness.
    Magma: I'm going to be sick!
    Grasshop: Oh not again! Don't you ever get tired of the "Barf-O-Rama Shuffle"?
  • Episode 41, when Grasshop and Slate are "reunited" and Slate (understandably) tries to attack him.
    Slate: Nothing can save you from my wrath!
    Grasshop: Aha! Don't point that thing at me!
    Sparkle: Don't hurt my Uncle Hop!
    Slate: UNCLE!?!
    • And later, after Igneous is teased by the others over his fear of ghosts and crush on Illuma, and then finds out that his entire female fan club now have boyfriends (his own men from the Arachnan Army, no less) he retreats to his room and declares:
    Igneous: I don't need them. I don't need anybody! [collapses onto his bed, sobbing] YES, I DO!
  • In episode 43, Hunter asks Shadow about his idea of talking peace with the Invectids.
    Hunter: Shadow, do you think I'm a fool?
  • And at the end of the above episode, Hunter willingly decides to eat Corona's cooking, even saying that he likes it! Everyone else reacts accordingly:
    Magma: Did I hear you right?
    Lumen: Perhaps he got hit on the head again, and now he's lost his senses.
    Igneous: [prepares to knock Hunter out] Don't worry, Hunter! We'll get you a doctor!
    Corona: [Death Glare] What are you guys implying?
    Hunter: Look, they're just joking! Never mind them, Corona. Let's go eat now, okeydokey? [Walks inside nonchalantly]
    Corona: Um, okay.
    Corona: [catching up to Hunter] I hope you like it! I'm trying something new tonight!
    Magma: You said it.
    Igneous: I just hope he survives.
  • In episode 46 thanks to Aqune, Hunter meets Grasshop's family. While talking with them, Hunter notes that Grasshop has indeed proven his worth, then the scene skips back to Grasshop who... isn't quite living up to Hunter's expectations.
    Hunter: Yes, Grasshop has proven his courage.
  • While it was a little over the top, the dub's moment of Breaking the Fourth Wall during the end of the series finale was good for a laugh. It was so lame that it was actually kinda funny.
    Shadow: (scene freezes with everyone leaping into the air) Well, this is typical.
    Hunter: What?
    Shadow: You never look before you leap! And now we're all stuck in the air!
    Hunter: Well, if it was up to you we'd never do anything fun.
    Shadow: If by fun you mean falling off cliffs and getting smashed under rocks..
    Hunter: You're the grumpiest spider I know.
    Shadow: And YOU are the most irritating human I know!
    Hunter: Oh yeah?!
    Shadow: Yeah!
    Hunter: Oh yeah? (fade to black)


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