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  • The English dub of S1 E2 has Holo almost choke on a potato. And from that, comes this:
    Holo: Stupid potato! *Eats another potato*
  • Seeing Holo get upset any time Nora is around Lawrence is a sight to behold. No matter how hard she tries to make it out to be wolf's honor for having a distrust towards shepherds you can tell it is really because she doesn't want Nora to claim Lawrence. Talk about a wolf being territorial.
  • The last episode of season one, Holo demands to know whose name Lawrence called out, her's or Girl of the Arc Nora the Shepherdess. Seeing that it's almost the top of the hour, and they're standing right underneath a bell tower, he times his answer with the sound of the bells. For the next minute all sound is drowned out, and we are treated with normally calm Holo in a fit of RAGE, yelling at Lawrence while he acts as though nothing unusual is going on. Matter-of-fact, he even does the 'What? Can't hear you!' routine, which infuriates her even more, clearly having her shout "IhateyouIhateyouIhateyou!", in poundings if not words.
    • Even funnier in the manga - he deliberately sneezes to answer her question. The followup below is still the same.
    • "I'm pretty sure I called your name...because your name is a little shorter than hers is." Cue more RAGE.
  • Episode 11 of season two, Lawrence and Eve are chatting, when the latter brings up the former's relationship with Holo, leading to this gem:
    "Just try to keep it down in the inn all right?"
  • From the dub of season 2's first episode...
    Holo: You are an ass! You are an ass! Where? He is there! There is the ass!
    Lawrence: Holo, I think you should drink more.
    Holo: You are forgiven.
  • Holo teasing Lawrence towards the end of episode six after revealing that she heard his question to Diana about whether there were any legends about pagan gods mating with humans.
  • This image is chuckle worthy. Wolf!form Holo looks so sheepish!
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  • Holo's terrible hangover.
  • Volume 6: Holo persuades Lawrence into agreeing to be Col's mentor (master) by tugging his ear and elegantly accusing him of only bringing her along as eye-candy, and then asks Col if he wants to be Lawrence's pupil. The narrative then offers this gem: "The puppy like Col could surely tell who was master of whom, just like a real dog could."

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