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Fridge Brilliance

  • Lawrence and Holo do a great deal of traveling but there is seldom a description of the places they go to. The landscape, the towns, it's all minimalist and practical. This is because it's a merchant's perspective. Someone with Lawrence's pragmatic and profit minded viewpoint would naturally notice the extremely well maintained entrance to a church before any of the religious art, if he noticed it at all.
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  • Diana Rubens is a mature, wise woman who gathers tales and legends, and can transform into a giant bird. While the exact species is never clarified, it is apparently covered in white feathers, and could very well be a Sebastopol Goose. She could be the original ''Mother Goose''.
  • Lawrence gets better at responding to Holo's teasing as the series progresses, even taunting and flustering her on occasion. In particular, he first began to needle her near the end of the gold smuggling arc, shortly after Holo gives Nora some advice regarding men. Said advice was to never be too generous with your affections, even toward a someone you truly love, so that they never take your devotion for granted. Lawrence must have overheard and taken that lesson to heart, as he began to hassle her for the first time shortly thereafter. He effectively turned Holo's own advice against her.
  • Holo's love for alcohol and apples could tie in with one another; in the wild, animals sometimes become "drunk" off of fermented fruit, and some of the smarter ones (like Crows and Wolves) will even zero in on these treats after they learn that such food can give them a "buzz". While acting as the Spirit Wolf of the Harvest, Fermented Apples were probably the only real intoxication Holo could get without stealing from or tricking the local population.
    • By extension, this could also explain Holo's gluttonous behavior when traveling with Laurence; After living a substance existence out in the woods for years, she'd of course be eager to splurge on all the everyday luxuries that humans take for granted.

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